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The Homeless Girl

Isadora-Episode 34

Isadora’s side of the story continues

Living with my new family really ushered in a new chapter of my life. Everyone in the house all appeared and behaved cool towards me, including Jane who tried her best to keep her distance as much as she could.

To be candid I wasn’t very much comfortable in the house but because of my plans had to try my best to cope with my new life and situation. My uncle on his own part tried to make me feel at home by making sure I had everything that would make me comfortable in his house but anytime I tried talking about my late parents and inheritance he always had this way of brushing my questions aside. It just seemed as if he only wanted to keep me in his house without any motive of telling me about my parents or giving me what belonged to me. Nevertheless I still played the fool and observed his moves without giving him cause to suspect that I wasn’t very happy with how he was acting towards my interest. Moreover my lawyer advised I give him little time and observe.

Val on his own part tried his best to reach out to me but I never gave him the opportunity. It just wasn’t time for love in my heart. I wasn’t ready to give in to his advances and romance. I had other bigger problems that were occupying my mind but he never really understood my position. He just felt I was being too difficult.

However one thing I was happy about was that his scheduled court wedding with Jane never held. The day came and went unceremoniously. I bet it was the worst day of Jane’s life.

The only true cousin or should I say companion I had that period was Chuka and yes he seemed like the wrong person to have as a companion but then he was very open and free with me unlike his siblings. The only bad thing about him was his bad habits which I tried my best to get him out of. Yes it wasn’t easy trying to get a chain smoker to quit but I had this zeal to change him into a better person and luckily he reluctantly was willing to change.

‘’see Isadora it’s not as if I don’t know that smoking is bad and all that but I can’t really help myself. I have done lots of terrible things due to my bad childhood and smoking is the only way to calm my emotions down and get rid of bad memories. I have done terrible things and I belong to a very dangerous group’’ he had confided in me one fateful evening when I tried talking more sense into him.

‘’sometimes we can’t help the bad choices we made in the past but two wrongs can never make a right. You can atone for your sins by following a good path’’ I had advised him.

‘’I can’t really get my life back. I can try to quit smoking but I can’t clear the bad things I did in the past from my conscience neither can I leave my group. I belong to a very deadly group and I can’t change my life. There is no way out for me’’ he poured out, getting me to see his own view.

It really was a very tedious task trying to change him but since I had nothing to do in the house, I spent most of my time with him and slowly my influence started getting on him. The change was soon noticeable and he barely left the house unlike in the past.
But I never expected what was to come with the change.

One late afternoon Three weeks later, he rushed into my room heavily bleeding all over. His entire body, shirt and trouser were soaked in his blood. I had never seen so much blood in my entire life and gosh I felt a great chill ran through me as he fell on me.

‘’what’s wrong?, what happened?’’ I asked breathlessly.

‘’I tried to quit. I tried to back out but I wasn’t allowed. It only got me this. I pray God forgives my sins’’ he stammered as he gasped for breathe. I really didn’t know what to do nor tell what he tried to back out from. I couldn’t equally figure out where he was attacked, if it was in the house or outside. I was so confused on what to do to help him and before I could get my phone to call his mum, he stopped breathing, leaving me totally terrified. We were the only ones in the house apart from the gateman at the gate.

What do I do now?’’ I wondered as I tried to revive the lifeless body of the only true brother I had in the house. Deep down I had this feeling I was in a way responsible for his misfortune.

What do I do now?

To be continued

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