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The Homeless Girl

Isadora-Episode 33

Val’s side of the story continues

‘’I can’t believe this. What’s wrong with you? What are you doing there? Do you want to get yourself killed? I sent Jane out of my house to pave way for you to come over. What are you up to now? I don’t understand you’’ I asked breathlessly with great concern after Isadora told me over the phone that she was in her uncle’s house. The girl was just good at doing things her own way and the information which came as a shock really pissed me off. It was something I never expected.

‘’this was something I had to do. I had to get close to them. I couldn’t continue staying away. I had to confront my fears and future. I believe I’m safe here. Nothing will happen to me’’ she answered like a naïve little girl.

‘’I’m coming over to the house to get you’’ I offered quickly
‘’there won’t be any need for that. I’m very fine here. Moreover this is what I want. I need to get close to them to get what I want’’ she insisted while I breathed deeply.
‘’I’m still coming over to see you. I can’t relax until I see your face’’ I offered faintly, knowing full well that going to the house could result in a direct confrontation with Jane and her mother, something I would give a lot to avoid.


Isadora’s side of the story continues

I barely had dropped my phone after speaking with Val when my uncle’s wife walked into my new room, smiling broadly.

‘’I guess you have rested enough?, let me show you around the house’’ she offered politely. I quickly stood up, smiling back.

‘’that’s kind of you ma’’ I muttered softly
‘’you can call me mum’’ she replied as she led the way while I quickly followed her.

The compound really was a very large one, larger than I thought. The grounds, the rooms, garage and even the swimming pool were all exquisitely designed with great taste. It was such a lovely home and I loved all I saw.

‘’one more thing. You have to avoid the small garden at the far end of this corner’’ she added as we got to the backyard. I followed the direction of her gaze and noticed a small garden which looked like a resting place.

‘’my son Chuka always stays there. Please avoid that place’’ she added, smiled and led me away without explaining further, getting me totally filled with curiosity.

I had this urge to check out the garden and soon after our walk was over I quickly made my way back to the small garden where I quickly perceived the smell of hemp as I drew closer. I then realized the reason I was asked not to go there.

Nevertheless I still made my way to the garden with a pounding heart. Of course my curiosity always had this way of taking control of my senses no matter the risk involved.

I had no difficulty spotting Chuka engrossed with his bad habit, smoking away his life span and I breathed deeply as I took a step closer, taking a good look at his young face.

Suddenly he sprang up and faced me, shocking me with his quick reflex. I froze as our eyes met. It really wasn’t our first time of meeting because the last time I was at the house with my people he was there with his family but we never got to talk.

‘’what are you doing here?’’ he asked suspiciously.

‘’I was warned not to step foot here but I got curious and decided to check the place out. My name is Isadora. I will be staying with you guys’’ I muttered quickly.

‘’I know who you are. My unwanted cousin’’ he breathed innocently while I smiled.

‘’yes and you will get to see me every day ’’ I added bravely, surprising him with my words.

‘’I guess they are yet to tell you about my exploits huh? You are my cousin, you better stay away’’ he advised.

‘’I have survived a whole lot of stuffs and I guess I can survive you too’’ I replied playfully while he smiled.

‘’The unwanted cousin and the prodigal son hmmmm’’ he breathed.

‘’do you smoke?’’ he surprisingly asked.

‘’no I don’t but can I sit with you?’’ I asked as we stared at each other silently.

Yes I really wasn’t very comfortable being close to him but he looked more honest and open than the rest of his pretentious family and I felt this bond with him. Deep down I felt he was just paying the price of bad upbringing and I had this zeal to help him out, to turn him to a good fellow.

I really couldn’t believe I was willing to help him but perhaps because he appeared different from the rest.

Meanwhile Jane’s mum could be seen peeping at the two young adults from her window, smiling faintly


Jane’s side of the story continues

I was busy checking out the TV channel to focus on when I noticed Val walk into the living room. At first my heart jumped in jubilation as I noticed his presence but suddenly I remembered that Isadora was equally in the house and he could be really there for her and not for me.

Without thinking twice, I angrily stood up to face him while he took a step backwards and started at me suspiciously.

‘’I’m here to talk with you and your mum. We have to settle things amicably. We have to resolve things. Don’t you think so?’’ he asked with a smile, taking a step forward to touch me but I failed to buy his excuse.

‘’finally Val you are here. It’s time we have a serious talk. You can’t be playing with my daughter’s emotions and expect me to keep quiet. You are going to marry my daughter as scheduled and that’s final’’ mum quickly interrupted as she walked into the sitting room, gaining our attention and surprising us with her presence. I really wasn’t expecting my mother to fight for me but I needed her help very much. I felt grateful she was willing to talk sense into Val unlike in the past when she had always blamed my weakness.

‘’traditionally my daughter is already your wife. The scheduled court wedding is just a formality to set things right in the eyes of the law. And the best you could do now is to take your wife home before this boils out to something you can never get out of. Or are you willing to reject your child as well?. Rejecting my daughter means rejecting the child she’s carrying, your blood. I need not to tell you the consequences do i?’’ my dear mother quickly added, not giving him the chance to talk.

To be continued

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