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The Homeless Girl

Isadora-Episode 31

Val’s side of the story continues from the previous episode

‘’one more thing’’ Isadora softly breathed as we trekked back her house from the village square. She stopped and smiled while I equally stopped and looked at her curiously.

‘’why do you still wish to marry Jane?’’ she asked. I looked down, very uncomfortable with the question.

‘’you know the answer already. She’s pregnant for me and I can’t abandon her. Remember I once wanted us to run away together but you refused’’ I softly muttered.

‘’you can very well take care of her and the baby without getting married to her. I can’t allow a good guy like you to be involved with someone so deceptive and pretentious like her. She and her family sent that lunatic to murder me. I knew it. They killed my biological and adoptive parents. You can’t be involved with such character’’ she pleaded solemnly while I breathed deeply.

‘’but we don’t have any evidence yet to prove your accusations. We don’t’’ I stammered.

‘’fine, go ahead and marry her then but don’t cry when they start involving you in their mess.’’ She replied a bit angrily and made to walk away but I strongly grabbed her hand, stopping her.

‘’I love you Isadora’’ I heard myself breathe, drawing close to kiss her but she broke away before the kiss could get deeper.

‘’respect yourself, we are in my village or do you want to get burnt?’’ she asked with a smile


I spent almost all day with Isadora and got back to my house late in the evening to meet my mum and Jane already having dinner. I pretended not to notice their angry stares as I greeted them and walked into my room to rest and think over my future. Yes Isadora made me promise that I would break up my marriage plans with Jane that fateful evening. A promise I reluctantly made but willing to go on with.

It really was a difficult moment for me. I couldn’t tell how Jane would take it. Luckily I didn’t have to wait long before she joined me in my room.

‘’I can’t believe you spent all your day with that girl. What has she done to you? What charm is she using on you?’’ she asked as she sat beside me on the bed.

‘’that girl is your cousin and she has a name’’ I replied with a smile.

‘’whatever, so tell me what happened down there?’’ she asked curiously

‘’someone was sent to kill her but the village vigilante foiled the plot and caught the man. He confessed before getting burnt’’ I lied, watching her reaction but she gave out nothing.

‘’so what was his confession?’’ she asked curiously.

‘’that he was sent by someone to murder the poor girl. Isadora however failed telling me the person’s name but she assured me that the police are already involved’’ I answered with a smile while she instantly looked worried.

‘’but how would the police be involved in such a thing? They dished out jungle justice to the guy and I know very well that the police don’t get involved with such things. I doubt she’s telling you the truth. She’s a great liar and actor’’ she muttered thoughtfully. I reached for her hands while she looked up at me curiously as I held her tightly.

‘’I want to cancel our wedding but I’m proposing something better for you and I wish you accept it’’ I softly opened up. She held her breathe and stared at me.

‘’I don’t want to get married to you yet. My mind is still not strong about it but as for the baby I will sponsor your trip to the United States, you can leave any day you want and stay as much as you like over there. I will take care of the expenses’’ I added. She furiously snatched her hands from my grasp.

‘’this is what she asked you to do right? That silly girl is now controlling you. She’s now using your head huh? I can’t allow that. I thought we already settled this issue. Your mum even begged you’’ she screamed and ran out of my room.

Of course I knew it was going to be difficult.


Isadora’s side of the story continues

Same evening,

After dinner I called my siblings together to discuss with them about our future. I already had thought over everything and now out with a decision. A very strong one.

‘’the death of our parents made you guys adults. You are all adults and will start behaving like one. You should also learn to watch each other’s back because together and united no one can harm any of you. You have seen the situation at home. In few weeks if nothing is done we will run out of food. Your school fees and other essential stuffs are equally very vital and I can’t stay here and watch you suffer. So I have decided to risk everything and head back to the city. I’m returning to my uncle’s house to stay and take over what belonged to my biological parents from them. You already know my story and getting my inheritance back is the only way we can survive, the only way you can get the education you need. All I need is your prayers.’’ I opened up to them. The youngest started crying while the eldest held my hand.

‘’isn’t there another way than walking into the lion’s den?’’ he curiously asked.

‘’no my dear a battle is not won by defense. I have to show that I’m not scared. I have to go live with them and I believe they won’t harm me if I’m under their roof. Moreover we need the money and there isn’t any other easy way out and we can’t be depending on other people to survive’’ I replied.
‘’I really hope you are right’’ they all breathed.

‘’me too’’ I replied, but deep down I was very skeptical and scared. Nevertheless I had no choice than to go back to the city.

‘’I will leave for Enugu city tomorrow morning’’ I added with a faint smile.

It was time for the final confrontation.

To be continued

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