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The Homeless Girl

Isadora-Episode 30

Isadora’s side of the story continues from the previous episode

I woke up to find myself in the village health center surrounded by my siblings. They all smiled on seeing me awake while I smiled back at them, happy they were all alright.

‘’what happened after?’’ I asked softly, yawning.

‘’you fainted and Chidi helped get you here with his father’s car’’ the eldest replied

‘’I’m glad you are all safe. How about the guy that attacked us, what happened to him?’’ I asked curiously.

‘’they took him to the village square. They must have burnt him by now’’’ he replied.

‘’noooo not yet, I must talk to him. I have something to ask him’’ I quickly breathed, jumping out of the bed.

‘’but you are not strong yet to leave the hospital’’ they begged while I smiled reassuringly.


Minutes later we got to the village square where a huge crowd gathered to deal with my attacker. Some chanted thief, thief, thief! while others chanted rapist, rapist, rapist. The tension was so high and the crowd very much overwhelming. I knew that moment that nothing could be done to save the big idi.ot from getting lynched and burnt.

I badly wanted to question him. I badly needed a confession out of him but I was a woman and there wasn’t a way I could get close to him nor get people to listen to me. They already have condemned him to death and only divine intervention could save him. The guy on the other hand was already very close to death. He was barely breathing and equally bleeding all over. Seeing him in that condition, firmly tied to a strong old tree while the villagers bit and stabbed him to their pleasure was really a terrible sight to behold and a very terrible end for a man. He virtually was skinned alive. A slow painful death it was for him. Not a single person pleaded beg on his behalf and it was mostly because he was a stranger and no one could identify nor tell where he came from. Secondly he attacked the house of defenseless teenagers who recently buried their parents, something very much unheard of.

‘’Light him up, light him up, light him up’’ the crowd soon chanted as a man brought two car tires and a gallon of gasoline to the scene. I breathed deeply and closed my eyes for some seconds. It really was a very horrible scene to witness.

‘’we have to go now. I can’t allow you guys to witness this’’ I informed my siblings.

On getting home I called Val and invited him over.


Val’s side of the story continues

We were almost done with breakfast when my phone rang. I checked the caller before throwing a quick look at mum and Jane.

‘’hi Isadora’’ I greeted as soon as I picked her call.

‘’someone tried to kill us last night but we were saved by the village vigilante. They apprehended the guy and he’s about to be burnt. Can you come over please?’’ she asked,

‘’sure I’m already on my way’’ I replied and got on my feet while my mum and Jane curiously stared at me.

‘’someone tried to murder Isadora and her siblings last night. The village vigilante got him though and he’s about to face jungle justice as we speak. I’m heading to Nsukka right now’’ I explained, leaving the two women speechless.

‘’but do you have to be there? What’s your business?’’ Jane quickly tried to object.

‘’I promised her my dear’’’ I answered, smiled and headed to my room to dress up.

Before 12noon I was already in Nsukka where Isadora took me to the village square to see the charred remains of her attacker which lay like roasted goat. Really a very terrifying scene.


Jane’s side of the story continues

I couldn’t believe my ears when Val told his mum and I that Isadora was attacked in her village. My mind instantly went towards Charles and I tried my very best to hide my feelings. As soon as Val left the house, I went outside and called Charles’s phone number to confirm my fears and just like I feared it was switched off. I tried his number throughout the morning and still failed to get him. Deep down I knew he was the attacker Isadora reported to Val but I chose not to believe it yet. I couldn’t believe Charles could be so stupid and desperate to commit such blunder.

Around noon I drove over to his apartment and found the place locked up. None of his neighbors could confirm seeing him since the previous evening and I needed no telling that I had lost my right hand man.

‘’if only he had killed the dam.n girl before getting caught. If only’’ I breathed over and over as I headed to my family house to talk to my mother.

Of course things could get messier from that moment and I knew Isadora would soon be back . I couldn’t tell what the future had for me.

‘’what do I do now

To be continued

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