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The Homeless Girl

Isadora-Episode 28

Jane’s side of the story continues from the previous episode

‘’I asked you to threaten Val and not disfigure his face. How dare you rough him up like that?’’ I furiously asked Charles as soon as I got to his apartment. My question really surprised him. He speechlessly stared at me for a while as if I had lost my senses.

‘’I asked you a question, didn’t i?’’ I asked with the same loud tone. He drew close to hold me but I angrily pushed off his hand.

‘’I had to make the threat look real my love. Moreover when did you start caring about his looks? I thought you cared only about me?’’ he replied and asked curiously.

‘’I’m getting married to him and so I do care’’ I fired angrily.

‘’calm down baby. You know very much I’m your one and only true husband. Val is nothing but your stepping stone. You still know that. 
Don’t you?’’ he asked, trying to kiss me but I quickly blocked his effort.

‘’do you really deserve to be my husband? Tell me one thing you have ever done successfully for me? You always screw up everything. In fact it’s over between us Charles. Just move on with your life. I’m tired of your failures’’ I breathed seriously, looking into his eyes while he strongly held me.

‘’you know I can’t take that baby. We are meant for each other. We are meant to be together. I’m ready to do anything to achieve that. Have you forgotten our plans?’’ he poured out quickly, showing how anxious he was. I slowly backed him and smiled with satisfaction.

‘’fine then you will have to prove your commitment. If you really want us to get back together, if you really want things and our plans to be back to what it used to be, then prove yourself useful. Prove yourself to me. Prove your worth by ending Isadora’s life. We can only get back together if the girl is dead. And the longer it takes you to get it done, the longer I get to be with Val and the more I get attached to him. So you have to hurry. My wedding is very close and if you really want us to be to be together and carry out our other plans then you will have to make sure Isadora disappears very quickly for good’’ I softly proposed and faced him while he looked down like someone given a very heavy task.

‘’but you wanted to take her out yourself? You told me you wish to strangle her with your own hands? And I remember your dad equally ordered his boys for the same task?’’ he asked curiously.
‘’I changed my mind. My dad asked his boys to lay low for the meantime. Now you do it for me and we get to be back together with Val’s money and everything’’ I answered with a smile. He swallowed hard and shrugged.
‘’fine I will try to deliver this time. I will do anything for our love and for the money’’ he softly accepted, leaving a smile of satisfaction on my face.

‘‘Setting him up would definitely be easier than I thought and all I needed was to come up with a good set up plan to ruin him for good, thus absolving myself and my family from the crime’. Yes I had great feelings for him but then I had to sacrifice him for good.’’ I smiled to myself as my thoughts ran wild.

‘’now get your acts together. We don’t have time’’ I added with a smile, pecked him and headed out of his apartment without another word.


(days later, burial ceremony of Isadora’s adoptive parents)

As the priest prayed one last time for the late couple beside their graves, family members, friends and onlookers are seen gathered round the scene. Isadora is equally seen on black crying beside her adoptivesiblings who were very much younger than her. Val soon approaches them with Jane dutifully by his side.


Jane’s side of the story continues

‘’you are now the mother of this family. You are now responsible for your siblings. Don’t cry much for their sake. You have to hold them firmly. I promise to assist in every possible way to make sure you guys never lack anything’’ Val promised like a gentleman while I nodded in support with fake tears. Though deep down I never wanted her adoptive parents dead because they did nothing to me but they just were at the wrong place at the wrong time and ended up sacrificing their lives for my unwanted cousin.

‘’Isadora dear, you are a woman and a mother now. Your place is with your siblings. Please don’t leave them alone’’ I managed to mutter softly as my eyes at the same time spotted Charles amongst the onlookers. I couldn’t believe he came all down to the village to witness the burial ceremony and I smiled as I realized he could be there looking for an opportunity to carry out my order.

I couldn’t help but wonder if he would be stupid enough to try taking out Isadora in the midst of so many people. Whatever it was his cross. All I wanted was for him to succeed with the task before getting caught.

To be continued

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