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The Homeless Girl

Isadora-Episode 27

Val’s side of the story continues

‘’now listen and listen well because next time I come for you, you won’t have bruises on your face but a bullet in your head. Stay away from the homeless little sh.it and stop involving yourself in something that doesn’t concern you. You have a beautiful woman, go ahead marry her and enjoy your life. I won’t warn you again’’ the masked man threatened, released his grip and jumped on a motor bike which pulled up that exact moment.

It really took me a while to recover from the shock and scare and by the time I was calmer few passersby were already by my side asking questions I wasn’t ready to answer.

‘’sir are you alright? We saw what happened from a distance, should we call the police? Who are they?’’ many questions were instantly thrown at me but I couldn’t say anything. Of course what was there to say? Moreover my attacker left me with a bleeding broken nose and a swollen face.
I really was scared of dying. I was too young to die but the threat I just got wasn’t enough to deter me from helping Isadora. I only swore to be very careful with my movements.


But unfortunately for me, my mum and Jane were just in front of the house garage when I drove in. it really looked as if they were waiting for me to come home and there just wasn’t any way to dodge them.

I couldn’t help but regret coming straight home and I felt so ashamed because of the bruises on my face. My mother was the first to notice my swollen face.

‘’oh dear Lord! What happened to your face?’’ she screamed with concern while I forced out a smile.

‘’I was attacked on my way home but I’m fine. It’s nothing’’ I replied, smiled again and headed to my room while Jane dutifully followed me.

‘’my love you are badly hurt. I have to get water and ice to clean you up’’ she offered as soon as we were alone in my room. I breathed deeply and faced her.
‘’let’s just stop the pretence my dear. I know everything. You and your family don’t want Isadora alive and you guys are all out to frustrate the poor girl and everyone who wants to help her. I knew you orchestrated her disappearance from this house. I know everything’’ I attacked her for the first time while she suddenly grew pale, drew close and grabbed my hand like someone wrongly accused of a crime.

‘’you believe I’m capable of hurting anyone? You really think that of me?’’ she asked softly, looking into my eyes and appearing so innocent and harmless.

‘’you really do think so lowly of me don’t you? You now use every moment to despise me. I bet you can never defend me in public. Everything about me is bad’’ she breathed softly while I tried my best to harden my heart but I just couldn’t.

‘’we have been together for a long while. We have respected each other and planned things together but everything changed the moment that little girl stepped foot into this house. She instantly became your missing Cinderella while I became the villain. It’s all good. You are free to think anything you want about me and yes I have every reason to hate the girl but I never did. I tried making her happy the little time she spent here with us. Now you feel I’m responsible for the bad things happening to her? What would be my gain since our marriage is already a sure thing?’’ she asked breathlessly, turning the whole thing around and putting me in a defensive position.

‘’I know you feel pity for her. I understand. She’s now claiming to be my cousin and not a single person in my family is opposing her claims. My mother was even the person that picked her from the street and gave her life a meaning but now you think my family and I are blood suckers?’’ she poured out, slightly raising up her voice.

‘’I never said so’’ I defended quickly.

‘’I’m not dumb. It’s all cool’’ she breathed, turned and ran out of the room while I called after her but failed to stop her.

‘’God I need your wisdom’’ I prayed as I fell on my bed, not really knowing how to follow things up. Of course just like Jane said, our marriage was already a sure thing. I just had to be very wise with my decisions.


Jane’s side of the story continues

I left Val’s house in anger and furiously drove my car into town. Yes I was angry with him over his unchanging attitude but I equally was angrier with Charles for leaving him so messed up. Our deal was for him to only threaten Val but he ended up using the opportunity to destroy his face. I really felt very hurt seeing the bruises. I equally felt very responsible.

Lately I had been thinking about my life, about Val, about Charles. Yes Charles was a macho man, a superman, a king in bed and everything but then life wasn’t all about strength but character, dignity and self respect which were something he lacked and Val had. Moreover I knew in few years his strength and macho qualities would die off and then what else?

Just like my mother advised sometime back, marrying Val would guarantee my future and equally provide a strong base for my life and good foundation for my kids. Charles on the other hand really couldn’t be trusted with money and even though he appeared to be very much in love with me at the moment, there wasn’t any guarantee that he wouldn’t abandon me once we got rid of Val and his mother and I equally couldn’t help but think that I stood a better chance to survive with Val. My only fear was that I had lied too many times and did terrible things that couldn’t be changed and I just couldn’t stop but continue.

However I needed no telling that breaking up with Charles would be suicidal and things were already getting much more complicated and difficult with him getting more involved in the family secret. Isadora was just a she devil who came at the very wrong moment of my life.

‘’what then could be more perfect than using Charles to get rid of Isadora one final time, once and for all and then set him up and let him hang for the crime. A perfect conclusion. A super way of killing two birds with one stone’’ I concluded with a smile

To be continued

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