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The Homeless Girl

Isadora-Episode 26

Isadora’s side of the story continues from the last scene of the previous episode

I couldn’t help but cry over and over as soon as Val left with my friend (the hunter). The death of my adoptive parents really left a deep scar inside me and even though they weren’t the best parents anyone could have, I never wished them a horrible death.. I couldn’t help but recreate the crash scene over and over in my head as I prayed for my dear old lawyer to survive. Yes I felt very terrible and responsible.

‘’dear Lord when will this end. I’m tired of all these bad happenings’’ I couldn’t help but pray aloud.

‘’it will end once you leave my family and I alone’’ I heard a familiar voice answer, taking me by surprise. I quickly turned towards the direction of the voice to see Jane smiling down at me. I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t tell how long she had been standing there. I was so preoccupied with my thoughts to notice her presence and she was the last person I expected to see that moment.

‘’what are you doing here?’’ I asked with a slightly raised tone
‘’I came to see you as soon as I heard news about the crash. Have you forgotten we are family?’’ she replied with a mockery tone. I just felt like getting on my feet and snapping life out of her.

‘’get out, please leave me alone’’ I softly screamed while she rolled her eyes.

‘’my dad has arranged to move you to a suitable private ward reserved for special people. I believe by tomorrow or next you will be discharged and free to go home. You weren’t hurt much, Just hang on’’ she added with a smile, ignoring my outburst.

‘’get away I don’t need your help’’ I screamed, drawing other people’s attention.

‘’hey calm down cousin, you won’t be needing psychiatric attention would you? Or of course the car crash affected your mental health’’ she asked musingly while I bit my lips and kept quiet as I realized what she was trying to do.

‘’If the crash did affect your head, then as your closest relative we will have to take you into our custody and care don’t you think so?’’ she added, licking her lips while I swallowed hard and kept quiet.

‘’no matter what you do my dear; you will still end up badly unless of course you disappear from our lives. I wouldn’t be here advising you if I don’t feel for you. If its money you need to disappear, just figure out the amount and tell me when I show up here again. You have to go away. That’s the right thing to do. You can’t keep hurting me and my family and expect God to keep you safe ‘’ she suddenly stopped, shrugged and walked away while I closed my eyes in frustration. I couldn’t believe she said all that. I equally couldn’t make sense out of all she said.

Few minutes later, three nurses showed up.

‘’we have orders to move you to another ward madam’’ one of them addressed me, smiling dutifully.


Val’s side of the story continues

Mr. Simon was the private investigator I finally contacted to help on Isadora’s case. I got to know the man from an old course mate who joined the DSS some years back. Mr. Simon worked with the DSS for a good number of years before retiring to open his own security outfit which was very reputable for solving hard cases. Yes his fees were known to be very outrageous but he always delivered.

Driving down to his office that very afternoon I was full of hopes and excitement. And when I got there he wasted no time in attending to me. I had to tell him everything I knew about Isadora and the events I was told that led to the car crash. He promised to start work that same evening.

‘’but you know a case like this takes time to solve, first we have to get the story right, track down the people behind it and then gather as much evidence as we can. So please don’t expect magic from me but I will surely deliver the results you need’’ the old man assured, leaving me with a contented smile.


Few minutes later

I barely had driven up to ten poles after taking a short lonely route from his office when I noticed I had a flat tire. I stopped the car and began changing the bad tire, cursing and fuming all alone in the lonely neighborhood. I hated the strenuous work of changing car tires and was only doing it because I had no other choice.

But few minutes to the task and out of nowhere I felt a loud thud at the back of my head which sent me down with great force and before I could recover from the shock, three heavy blows landed on me plus a strong grip on my throat as a masked man tried to strangle me. It was my first time of being attacked in such vicious manner and I was scared as much as I was shocked. I couldn’t even fight back. I was just so defenseless before the strong man.
I felt it was my last moment on earth. You can’t imagine the scary feeling I had.

‘’Mr. Val do you want to live or die?’’ I heard the masked man ask I struggled to breathe.

To be continued

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