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The Homeless Girl

Isadora-Episode 25

Isadora’s side of the story continues from the last scene of the previous episode

Just relax my dear. it’s just the effects of the drugs we gave you. They would soon wear out and you will be fine. You were lucky to survive and that’s all that matters’’ the nurse replied softly putting my heart at rest.

‘’are you sure I’m alright?’’ I asked once again.

‘’calm down and rest. The doctor will soon be here to talk to you’’ she quickly replied with a smile as she injected me with another drug. I had no choice than to close my eyes and mutter quick prayers. Of course I was lucky to be alive even though I still had this strange feeling that all wasn’t really well. I however couldn’t think much as sleep took control of my body.


The next day,

‘’my love, my dearest’’ I heard Val’s voice rang in my ears. I couldn’t tell if I was dreaming or not. I opened my eyes to meet his gaze. He just stood right by my side watching over me like my guardian angel. I didn’t know when I smiled at him. he drew closer and held my hand.

‘’I got here as fast as I could. Jane told me everything’’ he muttered quickly as I silently stared back at him, wondering how Jane got to know about the car crash.

‘’how did she find out about it?’’ I managed to ask but instead of replying, he smiled and caressed my hand.

‘’that shouldn’t be your worry now my love. I just want you to know that I will never leave your side ever again. God gave you another chance to life for a reason and that’s all that matters’’ he muttered while I breathed deeply.

‘’you will never leave my side but you are marrying Jane?’’ I asked, not really expecting him to answer.

‘’you are a very strong girl and I think I should be the one to break this news to you’’ he softly muttered, seriously looking into my eyes while I seized my breath. But before he could say anything further, my friend the hunter limped into the room, looking very sad. I instantly imagined the worst.

‘’how about my parents and the lawyer?’’ I suddenly asked breathlessly.

‘’your parents died in the crash my dear and the lawyer is still battling with his life. I’m very sorry’’ he replied softly while Val tightened his grip on me.

‘’I do feel this accident was arranged. This was no ordinary accident but then it happened so fast and we have no prove’’ the hunter added faintly while I sobbed. I couldn’t believe things could get this worse.

‘’I guess you already know everything. I tend to bring bad luck to everyone around me. Just let me be please’’ I cried.

‘’my love, I’m ready to get involved and help out. I have an old friend who works as a private investigator. I will bring him over to talk to you and I believe he could help track down the truck that crashed your car and equally track down the people after your life with the evidence you need. I know it looks difficult right now but trust me. I already got the whole story. If only you had gotten me involved from the beginning it wouldn’t have been this bad’’ Val quickly promised, giving me hope with his words.

‘’you would do that for me?’’ I asked with eyes filled with tears while he nodded.
‘’one more thing” I added faintly.
‘’don’t marry Jane’’ I pleaded solemnly.


Meanwhile Jane and Charles are seen inside a small canteen beside the hospital waiting for the right moment to finish off Isadora

Jane’s side of the story

‘’I can’t wait to suffocate the poor i.diot with my bare hands’’ I breathed with desperation while Charles grinned.

‘’easy my doll. You really won’t find it easy. But I love your spirit. You have to grab your destiny with your hands’’ he encouraged me. But then no matter how badly I wanted to get rid of the girl I knew I needed a good plan. The hospital was a very busy one and carrying out such a deed without being detected needed great caution and plan. I either had to disguise as a nurse and inject poison into her system or pose as a family member and then suffocate her with the slightest opportunity I got. I was scared but eager.

@the other side of the town Jane’s father is seen seriously discussing with his lawyer over the legality of Isadora’s claims. He was determined to stop Isadora with any available means. The old hunter and the girl were still very much alive; the only one indisposed at the moment was her lawyer. He couldn’t believe the wrong people died in the crash he paid so much money for.

To be continued

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