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The Homeless Girl

Isadora-Episode 24

The next evening at Val’s family mansion,

Jane’s side of the story continues
As I dressed up to meet Val in his room, my phone rang, gaining my attention. It was mum calling like I expected.

‘’hey mum what’s up?’’ I greeted.
‘’I brought bad news my dear’’ she replied calmly while my heart froze as I wondered what could be the issue.

‘’Isadora didn’t die in the crash. She survived once again. But two of her companions died, so you have to be careful. She’s still in the hospital though and your father is making new arrangements’’ she informed me. I bit my lips unhappily.

‘’just carry on with your life. Leave us to bother about the miserable girl; she’s never going to leave that hospital alive. You deserve to be happy. You deserve to be with val. Make him happy like I taught you’’ she advised but my mind really wasn’t in her advice.

‘’which hospital is she at? i mean Isadora’’ I asked
‘’UNTH my dear. Don’t bother about the set back. We still have things under control’’ she assured me. I breathed deeply, dropped my phone and checked out myself before heading to Val’s room to make him happy.

Just like my mother advised the previous day, I shouldn’t sit all day waiting for him to please me, I equally could make him very happy in my own way.


The desire in Val’s eyes as he saw me walk into his room in my seductive transparent short sleeveless was enough to make me smile with satisfaction. I climbed over him without saying a word while he stared at me with curiosity.

‘’what is this madness?’’ he breathed.

‘’shhh silent’’ I whispered, bringing down my face to bit his lips as my hands quickly unbuttoned his shirt.

‘’I beg of you stop this. Stop this’’ he protested weakly. I smiled, lowered the upper part of my nightie and revealing my erect bosoms. He swallowed hard as he gasped at them as if he hadn’t seen them before.

‘’I want to take you to wonder land my love. I want us to know what it feels to be with each other once again’’ I breathed as I lowered myself and worked all over him with my mouth, ending up on his pipe which I heated up to the highest degree while he moaned with great pleasure.
Afterwards I rode him for sometime before he roughly pushed me down and took control of the ship, ramming in and out of me with great energy.

We soon lay totally exhausted, gasping for breathe.

‘’this is how it should always be my love’’ I breathed in his ear while he closed his eyes.


‘’I have an interesting news for you. I wouldn’t want you to hear it from another person’’ I soon muttered as I played with his chest.

‘’is it about our wedding? I should have known that’s what this charade was all about’’ he muttered.

‘’keep quiet and listen. It’s about Isadora’’ I replied while he opened his eyes, full of attention.

‘’she came to my family house with some strange people, claiming to be my cousin. She claimed she’s the daughter of my father’s late brother and dad agreed to go with her for a DNA test confirmation on Monday. But unluckily for her, she and her friends had a very terrible crash on their way back to wherever they came from. i heard two people died but I can’t tell Isadora’s condition’’ I softly narrated to him while he quickly sat up and stared at me.

‘’which hospital?’’ he asked.
‘’UNTH’’ I replied. He fell back on the bed saying nothing while I smiled deeply. I could tell he was extremely confused and his reaction proved he knew nothing about the whole situation.

‘’my mother is making the remaining arrangement concerning our court wedding. Before the end of next week we should be married and afterwards you are free to do anything you wish with your life. You are even free to make the silly Isadora your mistress’’ I hissed, jumped out of his bed, grabbed my things and headed out of the room feigning anger as another idea got into my head.

Yes my mum warned me to stay away from Isadora but I just couldn’t. I just felt that moment that I could have better luck taking out the girl myself. All I needed to do was to find a way to get to the hospital before everyone else and end her life. I had never killed with my bare hands but I was determined to do it for myself and for my family.


Isadora’s side of the story continues

I opened my eyes to find myself lying on a hospital bed. Slowly the events that led to that moment played back in my head as a female nurse quickly came over to my side.

‘’what happened?’’ I managed to ask, trying to move my body but couldn’t.

‘’you were involved in a very ghastly accident. You are lucky to be alive my dear’’ the nurse sweetly said. I tried to move my hand and legs again but couldn’t.
‘’I can’t move my body. I feel nothing?’’ I breathed with great fear while she shook her head and smiled once again.

‘’am I paralyzed?’’ I asked myself over and over.

To be continued

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