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The Homeless Girl

Isadora-Episode 23

Val’s side of the story continues sameday as the previous episode

‘’mum I wish to confess something to you’’ I slowly said to my mother as we had lunch together. She looked up at me curiously.

‘’what is it my son?’’ she asked while I breathed deeply.

‘’it’s about Jane. I really don’t know if I can go ahead with the wedding. My heart is no longer in support’’ I confessed.

‘’you are no longer in love with her?’’ she asked. I shrugged.

‘’I no longer feel strongly for her’’ I answered.

‘’are you in love with another girl?’’ she asked. A question I hesitated to answer.

‘’it’s not about that. I’m just developing cold feet over the marriage thing. I think marriage should be a union done with pure heart. I don’t think I can live happily with her mother’’ I confessed.

‘’has she done anything to you?’’ she asked.

‘’nothing really’’ I muttered.

‘’you know cutting off your wedding plans at this stage without any valid reason is very wrong. How about her feelings and heart?. Moreover she’s pregnant for you and you have to protect her dignity by doing the right thing. Secondly you have our family honor to protect’’ she advised.

‘’I know mum, I know all that’’ I breathed.

‘’then go ahead with the wedding’’ she concluded strongly.


mean while Isadora and her people are seen in the lawyer’s car heading back to Nsukka that same minute,

Isadora’s side of the story continues

‘’I really pray everything works out fine. That’s all I ask for’’ I breathed as our car headed out of Enugu city center.

‘’everything will work out fine my dear. For you to have survived till this stage means God is very much at your side’’ the lawyer replied pleasantly as he slowly increased the car speed but then suddenly it was as if a great force hit us from behind, sending the car into a ditch with full force, but instead of getting stuck in the ditch the force of impact sent our car somersaulting and crashing with a heavy thud. Everything instantly went silent. I couldn’t tell what happened or what hit us. It happened so fast. Slowly my eyes shut..


Jane’s side of the story continues

We all nervously waited in the sitting room for news from dad’s man. We all knew everything could go wrong. It had happened before and so we just sat there silently waiting for the man’s call.

‘’the silly gateman made a big mistake by siding with that little girl. Assuming he needed more money all he could have done was just ask. But that fateful night before the fire incident, I made sure he was very drunk and after the deed I couldn’t locate him. He left his family and just disappeared like a ghost. I could have known he took the girl with him. Not only will he pay for this but I will make every member of his family disappear’’ dad swore as he gulped a cupful of spirit. We all looked at him unable to say a word. Really I used to think he was the weak one in the family but he was proving very much otherwise.

After few minutes, his phone rang, heightening the tension in the room. He quickly picked it up and set it on loudspeaker.

‘’how far Tony?’’ he asked curiously.

‘’it has been done boss. We ran them over and their car somersaulted many times. You need to see the wreckage. No one can survive it.’’ Tony announced over the phone while we all heaved a sigh of relive.

‘’where are you guys now?’’ dad asked

‘’we are at the warehouse. We got out before people could gather’’’ he replied.

‘’we will meet this evening for your settlement’’ dad breathed, ended the call and glanced at all of us with a smile of victory.

‘’so what do we do now?’’ mum asked quickly.

‘’all we need to do is wait. The police could be here and so you should continue to be in your best character and know how you talk.’’’ he replied and left for his room, leaving my siblings and I with my mother.

‘’I guess we should all now focus on your marriage with val. Which city are you guys planning to go for honeymoon? I suggest Paris’’ mum asked while I brought down my eyes and frowned.

‘’I don’t think we are going anywhere mum. My relationship with Val isn’t going very well. He’s just forcing himself to marry me’’ I confessed.

‘’then you should learn to make him happy the way I made your father. Come let’s go to my room. You need to learn some useful secrets that will be very much useful to you as the future lady of that family’’ she muttered with a smile, stood up and grabbed my hand. Together we headed to her room.


Meanwhile back at the crash scene, rescuers are seen struggling to put off the fire that engulfed the lawyer’s car. By the side of the road lay the unconscious body of the lawyer, the hunter, Isadora and her adoptive parents. No one could tell if they were all dead or alive. A federal road safety ambulance soon pulled up as officers and paramedics jumped down to attend to them

To be continued

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