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The Homeless Girl

Isadora-Episode 22

Two days later Jane’s family house.

(Jane and every member of her family are seen seated in the family sitting room for an impromptu meeting)

Jane’s side of the story continues

The atmosphere in the sitting room was a bit cold as we all sat down waiting for my father who summoned everyone for an emergency meeting. He soon appeared from his room looking a bit disoriented. The look on his face showed how nervous he was. There wasn’t any doubt he called us together to break some bad news.

‘’I got a call yesterday from my late brother’s lawyer. I can’t tell how he managed to get my number but that isn’t the problem. The problem now is that he’s with the witch of a girl Isadora and he kind of mentioned all we already know. He’s bringing her here on Friday with the plan of introducing her to us and placing her above everyone’’ he breathed while I bit my lips.

‘’come on dad, that’s ridiculous. Alright we can accept her as our cousin but that doesn’t justify her taking everything from us. How about the collective effort we put in developing the business you got from her late parents. We can’t just hand over everything to her’’ one of my brothers protested.

‘’who’s talking about handing anything to the little girl huh? All I want you guys to do is to keep quiet and observe things. On Friday I will want every one of you to be present and behave like family. Welcome her well, treat her nicely and give no room to suspicion. I have my own plans and we can’t risk exposing ourselves with a silly attitude from any of you’’ he explained while I shrugged in resignation. There wasn’t any doubt as the father of the house he fully wanted to be in control for the first time and I had no problem with it. Moreover I still had my problems with Val to take care of.

All I had to do was to calmly wait for Friday to approach.


Isadora’s side of the story continues

Tuesday morning, the good old lawyer showed up once again with news that we would be going to meet my father’s brother on Friday for introduction. Not only did he bring the news, he equally brought along a mobile phone for me plus twenty thousand naira which he jokingly said he was lending me. I was in high spirit as I waited for Friday to approach.. Yes I equally couldn’t tell what to expect.

Friday arrived more quickly than I imagined and by 12:15pm the lawyer, my adoptive parents, my good savior the hunter and I were already seated inside the big mansion of my father’s brother. Surprisingly every member of his family were present, seated and waiting for us when we got in, including Jane and her mother and we all acted as if we had never met before. Though it wasn’t my intention to act that way but their attitude made me to, Moreover I was equally surprised to see that they weren’t shocked to see me which kind of proved that they already were very much aware of my identity long before that moment.

Was I uncomfortable seeing them?
To be frank I was very nervous sitting in the same room with them. Moreover no matter how bad I felt towards Jane, I still was grateful to her mother for helping me when I needed it the most but I equally knew she wouldn’t have helped me supposing she knew who I was back then.

Jane’s father soon appeared smiling broadly. Even a child could tell he was forcing out the smile.. Nevertheless I nervously got up and greeted him.

‘’so you are my late brother’s lost child?, I can’t believe you have grown into a woman’’ he smiled as he hugged me strongly, trying to make me feel at home.

‘’I brought her for you to see for yourself; afterwards we can go for a DNA test whenever you are free to clear every single doubt. Once that is done we shall begin the lawful process of reclaiming her rightful position in the family’’ the lawyer breathed, gaining the man’s attention once again.

‘’come on barrister, I have already accepted her. Of course I believe the story of how she was rescued from the inferno that killed her parents. Did I argue with you when we talked days back?. Come on she’s already part of the family and whenever she’s ready she can have anything she wants. She’s my daughter as well’’ he replied with a great deal of humor, surprising us. Of course I expected a cold welcome and not something like that and somehow I felt a bit relaxed.

‘’now let’s go eat and discuss on the possibility of changing your last name plus when you are moving in with us’’ he added happily, stunning us more. No one could tell what exactly was in his mind and I equally couldn’t help but notice the look of surprise on his wife’s face even though she tried very much to hide it.

‘’ahhh come on sir, there is still lots of time for that. As her lawyer I won’t allow her yet to move into this house till her real identity is confirmed by everyone and recognized by law’’ the good old lawyer interrupted, leaving the man shrugging with resignation.


Jane’s father’s attitude really put all of us in great suspense. We came fully prepared for argument and possibly fight, but to our surprise met the opposite of what we expected and on our way out of the house, couldn’t say much to each other as we all reflected on everything we witnessed.

‘’next Monday we go for the DNA test. Please don’t get your hopes up yet with the attitude your uncle displayed today.’’ the lawyer advised as he drove. It was his first statement after we left the house. I smiled and breathed deeply, very close to tears.


Jane’s side of the story continues

I couldn’t believe my dad could be so soft and calm with the visitors. He just acted as if he was scared of them. I couldn’t believe myself. I felt so ashamed but couldn’t do anything than watch him display his stupidity. He even accepted on following them for the DNA test on Monday, something I found hard to believe.

‘’come on what’s going on? What’s happening?’’ my mother who really more angry than I attacked him as soon as the visitors left. He simply smiled, licked his lips and fetched his phone from his pocket, dialing a number.

‘’Tony are you there?’’ he asked over the phone, turning on the loudspeaker as the man at the other end of the line replied.
‘’yes boss I’m here’’ the man replied.

‘’take care of my visitors that just left. Make it look like a car accident. I want a clean job’’ he ordered while we all gasped with disbelief.

‘’yes boss, I’m on it. Just turn on your TV and wait for the breaking news’’ the man answered and hung up, leaving us with a smile of satisfaction, a ray of hope.

‘’ a truck will run them over in few minutes. They will all die together, ending the miserable chapter’’ dad assured us with a faint smile.

To be continued

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