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The Homeless Girl

Isadora-Episode 21

Jane’s side of the story continues

I quickly rushed into Val’s room to confront him. Of course I couldn’t bear the information I just got nor pretend I never heard it. Perhaps I really cared about him more than I thought I did or maybe I was only fighting for my own interest.
‘’I heard Isadora was in this house today? So you knew where she was all along?’’ I asked Val with a raised tone as I barged into his room. He simply gave me an askance look and kept quiet, provoking me more with his silence.

‘’maybe you even planned everything with the sl.ut so that you can be having free moments with her while putting us in a big trauma’’ I shouted.

‘’you better stop getting yourself worked up because I owe you no explanation. You are not my wife. We are not yet married’’ he replied arrogantly as if I meant nothing to him. I felt like smashing his big head that moment. I was so filled with anger.

‘’and what did you do with her when she got here?’’ I asked breathlessly, but I knew better not to expect an answer from him. After standing for a minute, I walked out of his room and headed to his mother’s room to talk to her.

‘’what’s the shouts all about?’’ the old woman asked as soon as I walked in.

‘’mum you can’t believe Isadora was never missing. She and Val planned the whole thing. She was here when we all left for church. Martha told me and he isn’t denying it’’ I reported breathlessly
‘’oh good lord’’ the old woman gasped.

‘’you have to calm down my dear. I will talk to him. Don’t let anything ruin your wedding’’ she pleaded calmly.

‘’mum this is getting too much. Your son no longer loves me. He’s getting weirder every passing day. I can’t endure anymore. I don’t even want a big wedding anymore. I feel like losing this baby I’m carrying’’ I sobbed. She drew close and held me.

‘’just calm down my dear. A pregnant woman shouldn’t talk like that’’ she pleaded.

‘’mum I’m tired of everything. I can’t risk having a big wedding with the way Val has been behaving lately. He could end up embarrassing me. I prefer a court wedding with few people present. Mummy all I want now is a court wedding or nothing’’ I proposed with tears in my eyes. Of course nothing suited my plans perfectly well than a court wedding. I was making good use of the opportunity that presented itself.
‘’alright if that’s what you want, I will talk to my son and I believe he won’t object’’ she promised. I hugged her and left for my room to talk with my mother on phone. I had to inform her of the latest situation.


‘’I really can’t believe that girl is out to frustrate everyone. So now she’s attempting to steal your man huh?’’ my mum scoffed over the phone after I narrated everything to her.

‘’yes but I’m very much ready for her trust me’’ I breathed strongly. I still had Val under my control no matter what he might think and there really were a thousand and one things I could do to him if the need arises.


Val’s side of the story continues

I definitely knew I was going to have a long day that Sunday. Jane’s attitude equally never came as a surprise to me and when my mum showed up minutes after Jane left I knew she was there to talk the same thing.

‘’my son I heard the girl we all have been looking all over town for was here to see you. So you knew all along where she was?’’ my mum asked curiously.

‘’mum it’s a long story but believe me, I didn’t know that she was in town till today. I don’t want to talk about this for now mum. Please I want to be alone’’ I begged.
‘’fine but your fiancée is not happy. You are obligated to her which you know. You have to be very open with her in everything. And now she’s no longer interested on wedding you in church. She believes you no longer love her and is only going ahead with the marriage because of the child you are having together’’ she added while I looked at her curiously.

‘’really mum?’’ I asked while she kept quiet for some seconds.

‘’she wants a court marriage’’ she finally breathed as we stared into each other’s eyes.

Isadora’s side of the story continues

I returned to the house to discover that my adoptive parents, the hunter and another well dressed old man were all waiting for me. My heart jumped seeing all of them waiting for me.

‘’I gave you instructions not to go into town why did you disobey my instruction?’’ the hunter asked angrily.

‘’I’m sorry but I had to go get my pendant. It’s very valuable to me’’ I apologized.

‘’and where is it?’’ he asked
‘’I couldn’t find it. Someone took it’’ I replied.

‘’you mean you got into that house undetected’’ he asked.
‘’not really, It’s a long story’’ I breathed while they all exchanged glances.

‘’anyway I brought your late parent’s lawyer to see you. His name is Mr. Maduko and he’s more than delighted to represent you after I told him your story’’ he added while I threw a happy look at the lawyer who slowly stood up.
‘’yes my dear I will be more than pleased to represent you. Your parents were very good people. But you know this isn’t going to be easy. First we will have to meet your father’s brother and equally go for a DNA test to prove you are really who you are said to be. Then afterwards we can begin the process of getting back your inheritance and finally bringing up the case file of your parent’s death. It’s going to be a long process and I pray we all make it out alive in the end. The attempt on your life might not be unconnected with everything and so it means they are already aware of your threat. You have to be very careful with whatever you do from this moment or else you late parents won’t get justice’’ he addressed me softly while I gave out a deep breath.

Surely a big fight was ahead. And for the moment I only knew just two of my enemies. I didn’t really know the rest, especially my father’s brother.

To be continued

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