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Story: THE INCARNATE - CHAPTER4(Clash of power)



the incarnate - Chapter4(Clash of power)

Written by

Danny Biitka

Dorcas was the first to rise from bed, she rushed into Chief’s restroom to check whether He is okay, she checked his pulse and body temperature and was very relieved when the old man showed signs of life.
“Ahh, Thank God”….She said to herself
Chief: Thank God for what?
Dorcas: Oh, you’re awake, am just thanking God for another day; you know He deserves our gratitude
Chief: Yeah, hope you doing well?
Dorcas: Yeah I am, you?
Chief: I feel the same
Dorcas: Let me prepare some breakfast
Chief: Oh yeah, go on
Dorcas was a bit relieved, she had had sleepless night, her conscience didn’t serve her right, and she vowed never to give out prescribed drugs to any patient.
The household were soon gathered at the dining table to take breakfast when Biitka came in, He greeted everyone with this bossy look, and the responds sounded like that from starved prisoners, Everyone except Chief wore this crazy look on their faces, Kelly motioned the rest to leave the dining table, He positioned himself to face the two men like someone ready to be advised.
Biitka: Kelly can you excuse us?
Kelly: Nope, any business you are here to talk about is part of my business,so why do you think I should excuse you?
Biitka: It has nothing to do with you, just leave before I grow mad
Kelly: grow mad at who?
Chief: Heyyy, you two should shut up now, I forbid it…Kelly, go inside
Kelly: Daaaad?
Chief: Go inside now.
Kelly was not comfortable leaving, if this is about his father’s business, then he should definitely be welcomed there.
Dorcas: Hey, relax okay
Kelly: Hmm,I wish I can
Dorcas: I know how much you detest him, but let Chief handle this himself
Kelly: Hmm,I hear, I’ll be in my room
Dorcas: Am going to get some foodstuffs, will you like something?
Kelly: Not really, but maybe some Pizza
Dorcas: Alright, catch you later
Kelly: Okay
Dorcas made eye contact with Biitka immediately she came into the living room; she looked at him like he ordered the crucifixion of Christ, and all that went her mind was like “wicked man”.
The convo between Chief and Biitka was a long one, Chief queried him for reshuffling his workers without permission, He asked Biitka to step down from his position as Estate Manager until further notice, Biitka did not take this lightly, and He pushed away the table in front of him, walked out of the door and banged the door behind him.
Kelly: What was that for, Has He gone bananas or what?
Chief: Possibly yes
Kelly: What did you tell him?
Chief: I just told him to step down sometime
Kelly: You did?
Chief: Yes I did
Kelly: Do you think that was a good decision to take
Chief: For now yes, but He will be getting his salary in full…
Kelly: Oh okay, lemme take you back to your room, I want to visit the Barber’s shop.
Chief: Is anyone home?
Kelly: Actually nope, but Sena will be here in few minutes
Chief: Alright
Dorcas was with Barrister Tay when Biitka walked in, she tried to hid from him, but the man was too fast, He walked straight to their table, faking a smile
Biitka: Hii Dorcas how are you
Dorcas: Am good
Biitka: And you Sir
Barrister: Am doing well, Call me Barrister Tay
Biitka: Oh well, I am Biitka
Barrister: OH wow, Biitka as in the Biitka a Vintage Group of Companies
Biitka: Wow, how did you know that? Dorcas?
Barrister: Oh nope, Chief is a good friend, I was at his place last week
Biitka: A friend, but Chief never mentioned a friend lawyer to me
Dorcas: Not all that a friend, Barrister actually came to visit me, not Chief, I just introduced him to Chief and that’s it.
Barrister: Can you two excuse me; I’ll be back in a jiffy
Biitka: Sure
Barrister was confused as to why Dorcas lied about the visit He made to Chief
“But I went there because of Chief, not you Dorcas, so why lie about that, what relationship is between the two, she told me I am his first man, so what is all that about? ”He asked himself
Meanwhile Biitka was seriously exchanging harsh words with Dorcas
Biitka: You want to play smart?
Dorcas: Smart about what?
Biitka: The guy said He is a friend to Chief, and you immediately caught him off?
Dorcas: And what is wrong with him being a friend to Chief?
Biitka: Oh nothing,am just surprised you are behaving weird
Dorcas: Can you leave now? Don’t ruin my date please
Biitka: Date?….I thought doctors don’t fall in love
Dorcas: We do fall in love, but only with people with right conscience
Biitka: Whatever am gone….You will hear from me later
Biitka met Barrister at the Bar where He had gone to buy some drinks
Biitka: Hey Barrister, you are a smart guy
Barrister: Why do you say that?
Biitka: Just complimenting you
Barrister: Oh thank you anyway
Biitka: And hey, ask Dorcas what happened between us before we broke up..
Barrister: Whaaat?
Biitka walked away looking victorious; He knew creating chaos between the two was just the beginning of Dorcas’ woes
Barrister did not take that lightly, He walked straight to Dorcas and looked straight into her eyes
Dorcas: What
Barrister: Who is that Biitka guy to you?
Dorcas: Nothing, He is Chief’s younger brother, why, what did He tell you?
Barrister: He said you guys broke up
Dorcas: Broke up?….Well, it’s your choice, who are you believing?, me or him?…….Listen, I acted that way because that man can’t know you, Chief gave you the will because a few of the people around him know you…Kelly is not even aware Chief gave you the will…Letting Biitka know who you are is disastrous
Barrister: Well, Biitka does not know me either…
Dorcas: He just did, because you told him, and he will get back to you. I will advise you to take a low profile from now forward
Barrister: Why should I
Dorcas: Because that guy has eyes everywhere
Barrister: Spare me that and let’s leave; it’s getting dark already
Dorcas: You better take my advice
Dorcas’ phone came to live immediately she entered her room, it was Biitka
Dorcas: What is it you want from me?
Biitka: Did you give him the drugs?
Dorcas: Yes I did….and He will die soon as you wish
Biitka: Heyy, watch your tongue young lady, I didn’t tell you that was supposed to kill him, did I?. But you went on to give it to him anyway right?
Dorcas: I did that to save myself and protect my job….I had no option
Biitka: So why is He still alive?
Dorcas: I think you should be asking those who manufactured the drug, not me…Mtcheeew
Dorcas switched off her phone and fell face down into her bed; she let tears flow out of her eyes
“What have I done to get myself involved in such a deal with this devil, Oh lord help me “She said as she continued weeping into her pillow

To be continued

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