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Story: THE INCARNATE - Chapter 9 (Blood and Tears)



the incarnate - Chapter 9 (Blood and Tears)

Written by

Danny Biitka

Dorcas and Barrister were not having a smooth relationship after they were released from captivity; Barrister was finding it difficult to trust Dorcas because He felt the damsel was hiding a lot of stuffs from him
Dorcas: Look, whatever secret I have has nothing to do with you okay
Barrister: If it has nothing to do with me, why can’t you just tell me?
Dorcas: Because is not your business okay, why can’t you just forget about it, it wouldn’t benefit you anyway, and am not your client to be examined okay…this isn’t a court room Lawyer
Barrister: Look, am going to take a break from this, I’ll get back to you when I get over this
Dorcas: Nope, I’ll leave, this is your house…You can come over to Chief’s place when you get over with this.
Dorcas was angry and sad at the same time, she thought Barrister would have been a guy who will understand her, but he turned out to be someone who wouldn’t just mind his business.
“Look, I love you, but since we got together, everything around us began to smell like death, you have being warned, kidnapped and etc…and let me tell you this, if we continue like this, you will find yourself in deeper sh*t,I have a lot of secret I’ll reveal when the time is due…Just stay away from me, I don’t want you to get involved in anything that will harm your life”…She said tearfully before running into her car..
Barrister was more confused now; “What secrets is this girl talking about?”…He asked himself as he poured himself a glass of Jack Daniels to wash away her sorrows.
Biitka was impatient, he assigned one of his guys to monitor Kelly’s movement, Spider, the ring leader of the gang was not too happy the way Biitka was taking things
Spider: Boss, so what you go do am…Kelly!!
Biitka: Lef am gimme….assay follow inn tracks give me k3k3…he komot house p3 follow am den tell me where he go go
Spider: Okay, but make you no finish am, people go suspect, because Chief die two months ago. Why inn kiddie too go die follow am so
Biitka: Make you no bore me, go do your job den stop the nonsense you dey speak for here
Spider: Roger that Boss!!
Milly was behind the door listening to the convo, even though she wasn’t a fun of Kelly, she also had some feelings for him…she wanted to lay the guy so badly, but what prevented her was that, Kelly was her stepson, and also Kelly was a stubborn guy, He is the guy who wouldn’t easily fall for the seduction of any woman, even if you turn out to be a Jezebel…He has eyes for only Sena, his fiancĂ©…
It’s not his fault, he grew up without a mother, all he did, he did around guys, attending boys school and all that, he kept a distance between himself and girls…but later Sena used the magic wand to get his attention at the University…and he has been loyal from there…
Milly also knew if she had being of behavior and dedicated to Chief, and played the role of a stepmother to Kelly, she would have had a stable life. But this is the case she had to perform dirty works in other to get paid.
She was dressed in her bikini and packing her stuff for the journey when Biitka got in, he watched her from his position and immediately got a hard on,Milly’s shape and curves were not just what a guy will see and look away easily, Biitka went straight to her and felt her boobs from the back, she freezed..
“I have to pack up; I have few hours before the flight takes off”. She tried to protest
Biitka: You will definitely go, but not until I catch some orgasm you know
He went ahead to kissing her, she had no option than to follow the rhythms, she herself was already wet and in for some kind of relieve, and Biitka was just her savior at the right time.
As planned by the two, Kelly and Sena were soon on their way to the Osu Frankie’s, they laughed and teased each other, they have not taken notice a car tailing them from behind….They soon pulled up at the Ice cream shop, and the tailer parked some few distance away from their place..
Spider: Boss, dem enter the Osu Ice cream joint, we dey der rydee
Biitka: Okay, I dey go drop Milly for the airport, make you no loose tracks
Spider: I hear that Boss, but make you no ch3
Biitka: Vim!!
Biitka had dropped Milly at the airport, he gave her the package and helped her to board the plane without going through the security check point, he had paid his way through, he was a regular customer and no one dare checked his luggages,he had strong links with the airport management.
His clients in Colombia wouldn’t have problem receiving their package too, they had the same links with the airport management at their country…
”Drug Lords are never arrested, if you are arrested transporting drugs, then you probably didn’t pay well”….Biitka once told a friend.
Biitka soon left the airport after Boeing 474 departed the Kotoka Airport…He was out to remove an obstacle
Kelly was trying to convince Sena to tell him whatever she wanted to tell him early on. But his plea fell on deaf ears
Sena: I said I will tell you when we get home, relax
Kelly: What if we don’t get home
Sena: No, we will get home
Kelly: Just tell me, am too curious, why are you keeping me in suspense?
Sena: hahaaa, why am I “Kumkum Bagya?”You, let’s go home, I’ll tell you after I eat all this ice cream
Kelly: Whatever,
Sena: Give me the keys, I’ll drive
Driving through the hectic traffic wasn’t easy, Sena wished she hadn’t offered to drive them home, but she’s already behind the steering wheel…
Kelly asked her to drive through a short-cut road that might help them escape the traffic, the road was without lights and few cars plied the road, when they were half way through the road, a black Camry sport car raced passed them, Sena shivered but kept driving, then she applied the brakes with a lighting speed, the car that just sped past them had blocked their way….and coming out of the car was this stout man wielding a pump action gun

To be continued

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