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Story: THE INCARNATE - CHAPTER 6 (The widow)



the incarnate - Chapter 6 (The widow)

Written by

Danny Biitka

Dorcas was the first person to locate Sena, Sena was frightened and couldn’t say a word, Dorcas went straight to Chief, and there He lay with his mouth foaming with some white substance and traces of blood, Kelly knew His father was prone to die, but He also knew this wasn’t the right time.
He was lost of word, and all He could do was lean his back against the wall and watched as Dorcas covered the remains of Chief with a blanket.
Everyone was in tears, Kelly called in an ambulance which conveyed the Body to the hospital, and after prove confirmation, and He was deposited at the morgue for autopsy.
Milly Brown was with them, she sat in the couch silently, and the tears she shed were enough to fill a bucket.
Dorcas went to her room, she had mix feeling now, and her heart was beating beyond normal
“Did I murder him? Buh but the first time I gave him the drug nothing happened, why now? What have I done? “She said to herself as tears ran down her cheeks.
Kelly was seated with Sena, who couldn’t control her tears when Biitka came in, He went straight into the room where Chief used to rest, closing the door behind him and smiling to himself.
“Every King will one day loose his Kingdom in one way or the other “He said majestically;
Looking round the room, He went through the wardrobes in the room, and there He saw the treaty Chief had with Barrister Tay, He kept it in his pocket and walked out with this faked mourning face;
Biitka: Errmm, Kelly, I will go and tell the family about Chief’s demise
Kelly: Family?…Which family?. Chief never mentioned anyone to me except you…
Biitka: That does not mean He had no family
Kelly: Look, I don’t want them anywhere near Chief, just leave them out of this, the body will be taken care of
Biitka: Leave them out? Look, we grew up in a traditional home, where we follow customs. The right procedure will be used to give Chief a befitting Burial in the village
Kelly: Village, Chief told me how he wished to be buried, and it has nothing to do with your whatchamacallit traditions and culture
Biitka: And how do you intend to bury?
Kelly: He asked me to leave that to the secret society He belonged to, He wants to be cremated
Biitka: Whaaat? Secret society?…Cremation?
Kelly: Looks like you really don’t know much about your late brother…And hey, don’t try to play smart, they are dangerous and powerful more than you can imagine
Biitka: And who are those people?
Kelly: Chief belonged to this Society who had their secret beliefs and rituals, He called them The Widows.
Biitka: The Widows? And how will they know he is dead?
Kelly: I don’t know, but they just called me an hour ago to take charge of the body, they don’t perform funerals
Biitka: No funerals?
Kelly: And also, don’t challenge them, else you’d be dead by sunrise
Biitka was confused, which kind of society could this man belong to, Chief cut ties with his family when He became successful in the city, which He Biitka never understood, He just got to know of a part of Chief He never knew..
Kelly: I will be going back to the hospital tomorrow for the autopsy, you can tell the family about his demise, but they should stay off the body, please
Biitka: Autopsy Soo early?
Kelly: Yeah, I asked for an express autopsy
Biitka: Oh okay. I will be on my way
Kelly: Okay
Biitka immediately called one of his errand guys, Spider to kidnap Barrister Tay; He was now convinced that, Barrister Tay has in his possession something valuable.
After this He went straight to the hospital, the nurses in charge recognized him as the brother of the late Chief.
Biitka: Errmm, are you done with the autopsy?
Nurse: Am not sure, but the one doing it is in the room over there, Room 22…Call him Frank
Biitka: Thank you
Biitka went to room 22 and asked for Frank, He was directed to an inner office
Biitka: Mr. Frank?
Frank: Yeah Sir, welcome Sir
Biitka: I hope you know who I am?
Frank: Oh yes I do
Biitka: Are you done with the Autopsy?
Frank: Yeah am done with it
Biitka: And what does it say?
Frank: There are traces of this powerful substances in his blood stream, it bloated all his organs and led to internal bleeding
Biitka: Good, I want you to fabricate a different autopsy now
Frank: Fabricate? Why will I do that? It’s against my profession
Biitka: Why will you do that? Because I have $500k here in this bag. Deal or no deal?
Frank was confused, He knew fabricating the whole stuff can be done in split of seconds, and He also knew the amount in question could change his entire life…What if am caught?…Okay well…Let the risk take care of itself….money first….
Frank: What if am caught?
Biitka: I will get you tickets to leave this country by tomorrow
Frank: Okay, deal. Have a seat; I’ll be done in few minutes
Biitka: Good Boy
Spider had successfully kidnapped Barrister, they blindfolded him and knocked him out, He woke up in this peach dark room in the middle of nowhere, He shouted but the reply He got was the echoes of his own shrill voice.
Spider: If you want to live, just stay calm and quiet
Barrister: Please where am I?
Spider: You are actually on the bridge that divides Life and Death
Barrister: Please, am rich, just tell me how much you want please
Spider was tired of his words, He went ahead to knock him out again…
“I think this will help”…He said
Biitka gave Frank the money in cash after He gave him the original copy of the autopsy….He made sure the fabricated autopsy report that, Chief died from the Tumor.
He promised to fly him out of the country, but before then, Chief had taken picture of Frank, He whatsapped them to another killer.
“Hit and Kill, retrieve Cash and Mobile phone, make sure He is dead “He smiled as He signed the death warranty of Frank.
Biitka: Give this new autopsy to the nurses, leave here by five, I don’t want anyone to take this cash away from you, take the Pineapple street, that place is safer.
Frank: Okay Sir
Biitka: Good.
Frank was confused, He gave the Autopsy to the nurses on duty and took the pineapple street, He was moving in haste, and then suddenly, an SUV without registration number knocked him, masked men appeared and took the bag and his mobile phone, the man who seem to be the leader of the group shot him again before they drove off.

To be continued

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