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Story: THE INCARNATE - CHAPTER 2(Awakening)



the incarnate - Chapter 2(Awakening)

Written by

Danny Biitka

Kelly woke up the next day feeling soo tired, He remained in bed as his eyes watched straight to the ceiling of the room, He soon got himself thinking deep.
“What is this man trying to do, take control of this company when he knows am around? Or what does He take me for? The fact is, He will achieve that over my dead body….Biitka? He should be ready for a bout…Am taking none of his nonsense.”
Sena: Kellyyy!!!
Kelly: Ah, you didn’t tell me you were coming
Sena: Do I have to tell you before coming over?
Kelly: I didn’t say that, did I?
Sena: Mtcheeeew…you better leave that bed before I pure water on you…Lazy guy
Kelly: Sena, hmmm, Biitka has started playing games, He has taken control of everything.
Sena: Yeah, Dorcas told me that over the phone, so what are you going to do now?
Kelly: Hmmm…I’m thinking really hard.
Sena: Listen, pay attention to Chief first, be by him as always, you can always get back to Biitka at the right time, you know He has no authority to do that…so relax.
Kelly: Hmmm…I hear
Sena: Now come over for breakfast
Kelly: Ok, will be there in few minutes.
The two were done taking breakfast and Sena was sleeping on Kelly’s arms in a sofa, Dorcas joined them and they spoke on random issues
Sena: Hey, but I have not seen Milly Brown today
Kelly: Why do you care?
Sena: Am just asking to know and nothing else
Dorcas: She left the house yesterday between the hours of 8Pm and 9Pm
Kelly: To where?
Dorcas: As usual, business trip
Kelly: Business trip? Wait, which kind of business does she engages in that involves trips every weekend?
Sena: Ah, what kind of question is that? You know she sells this jewelries and stuff, so maybe she goes to take purchase them.
Kelly: Oh spare me that.
Dorcas: Hey Kelly, can you talk about her politely, remember she’s your Stepmom.
Kelly: Good, Stepmom…not Mom.
Dorcas: Hey, I’m going to see someone, I don’t know when I’ll be back…Sena, I prepared some food, remember to serve Chief when He is awake wai
Sena: I wouldn’t forget that.
Dorcas: And Kelly, remember He takes his drugs
Kelly: Ayoo Doctor:
Dorcas: Good, catch you guys later
Sena: Stay safe dear!!
Chief had woken up and had had his meal and drugs; He went back to bed because the drugs made him dizzy.
A car soon pulled up in the parking lot of the house, it was Biitka.
Kelly saw him through the window of his room and the anger that rushed through his body was enough to crash any obstacle, Sena calmed him down.
Kelly: But who invited him here?
Sena: He is your Uncle, and this is not the first time He’s coming here
Kelly: I know, but I don’t need him around Chief
Sena: Let me go and meet him downstairs
Kelly: Tell him am not around in case he should ask about my where about
Sena: Okay
Biitka was seated in the living room, Sena appeared and greeted him with this shy voice, and He quickly rose from his seat and greeted her like a gentleman should.
Biitka: Sena, hope you are good?
Sena: Am well, hope you are fine too?
Biitka: Am fine
Sena: Will you like to take anything?
Biitka: Mmmm, am quiet hungry, yeah!!
Sena: Okay, I’ll be back in few minutes.
Biitka: Okay, but where is Kelly?
Sena: Am not really sure where He is.
Biitka: Oh ok
Biitka was done eating and walked towards the restroom of Chief, Chief was fast asleep, He looked straight at the feeble old man with this kind of wild look, and He wished He were gone, but anything could happen.
Biitka was not ready to murder his own blood, He was looking for a way to eliminate Chief, but it seem impossible, hiring an assassin was just out of context, the security at Chief’s house was just tight, an idea quickly dropped into his head.
“I think Dorcas has her fingers under my teeth, she’s the one who can do this work perfectly, if she refuses to, I’ll have to expose her”. He said to himself.
“Dorcas some months past after her employment to be Chief’s caretaker had administered the wrong drug to Chief, this led to the tumor growth in Chief that was killing him slowly, she knew what she had done, but it was too late, Biitka invited a friend doctor, who later discovered the cause of the tumor in Chief but instead of Biitka exposing her, for some kind of unknown reason, He kept it a secret, He wanted Chief dead anyway”.
“She must clean up the mess, she must complete the process she started”, He told himself as He walked out of the room.
Sena: Oh Biitka , I thought you were gone?
Biitka: Nope, was checking on the old boy
Sena: Is He awake
Biitka: Nope, He is fast asleep
Sena: Alright, I’ll be in the kitchen
Biitka: I am leaving immediately; I have some businesses to attend to
Sena: Soo early?
Biitka: Yeah soo early, say Hi to Kelly when he returns
Sena: Will do just that, safe drive
Biitka: Thank you.
Kelly appeared from the inner rooms immediately Biitka drove out, He had this fierce look across his face
“Lemme check on Chief”. Kelly said as He went towards Chief’s restroom
Sena: He’s asleep
Kelly: Did you check to confirm he’s sleeping?
Sena: Nope, your uncle did
Kelly: I’d rather trust the devil than to trust that man
Sena: Ah?
Kelly: Ah what?
Chief was awoken by Kelly, He wanted to really check whether his father still drew air, He was very relieved when the old man woke up
Chief: How long have I been asleep?
Sena: Two to three hours now, or more
Chief: Ahhhhh, the medics I know…
Kelly: Biitka just left
Chief: How long was He here?
Sena: Not too long
Chief: I called him to come over, so why didn’t He wake me up when He came?
Sena::He actually came in here, but rushed out in the name of business meeting.
Chief: Business meeting?
Kelly: Hmmm, Dad, I don’t trust that guy, If you want to talk to him, do it when am around
Chief: hahahhaaa, Son, don’t be scared, my days are numbered
Kelly: And I wouldn’t live to see someone cut those days off
Sena: Kellly!!!
Chief: Sena. Its ok, Kelly, I understand you okay, just calm down
Kelly: I will Dad
“Kelly help me to the summer hut, Sena, I need some fruit juice and remember to come with the ludo game, we are all going to sit there till night falls”…Chief said

To be continued


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