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Story: THE INCARNATE - Chapter 13



the incarnate - Chapter 13

Written by

Danny Biitka

It was an early morning when Barrister pulled up at Chief’s villa, he looked all smart and was wearing a broad smile, Sena could see him from her room, she went out to meet him after telling Dorcas about his presence. They changed pleasantries, but Dorcas made no attempt to look into Barrister’s face, look like they had had a brawl overnight.
Barrister: Good morning ladies
Sena: Hi, hope you well
Barrister: I am, Doc? What about you?
Dorcas: Am well
Barrister: Okay, Errmm I think I got the message from the codes
Sena: Really?
Barrister: Yeah
Dorcas: And what is the message?
Barrister: Is talks about the Will, but am not sure is one person who has it
Dorcas: Whaaat?
Barrister: Yeah, Is actually talking about this Widows or something
Sena: Widows?, did you just say Widows
Barrister: Yeah I did
Dorcas: Sena do you know anything about them
Sena: A bit, but they seem to know more about us, we those in this house…
Dorcas: How?
Sena: Widows is this secret society Chief belonged to, they have been here a couple of times in your absence…They look powerful and dangerous to mess with
Dorcas: And?
Sena: They came here just this week to confirm whether Kelly was really dead or not, one woman amongst them knew I was pregnant, I don’t know how she got to know that, but she told me to protect the baby with my life, and they actually referred to Kelly as heir, which surprised me
Barrister: Heir?….wait I saw that too, Look like no other person can inherit the Wealth unless that person is in the Bloodline of Chief, his children and their children…..
Dorcas: So the Widows are those who can release them to you?
Sena: Maybe yes
Dorcas: But why have they ignored Biitka, haven’t they seen he’s in total rush fir the treasure?
Sena: I wished I knew why, but why did they refer to him as heir? I don’t think is only about inheriting Chief’s wealth, there might be more to that
Dorcas: Yeah I think so
Barrister: Look, Sena, you have to ask the questions the next time they come here okay
Sena: Questions? Those people? You only talk when they ask you to talk
Barrister: Do your best…
Sena: Hmm…
Chief’s relationship with the secret society was not all about himself, The Widows are rich and powerful because they helped each other achieve that through their grandmaster, so every Widow’s first child is automatically lured into the cult when their parent is no more, so roughly, Kelly was supposed to replace Chief, but he also died, so Sena’s unborn child is the next big thing…..But not all children are accepted, the birth of certain kids cuts them off the Cult.
Milly was back from her first mission, she delivered a packet without knowing what she delivered, she soon learnt about the demise of Kelly, and she didn’t need to ask heavens what happened to him, she was angrily and cursing Biitka right in his face
Biitka: Are you accusing me of killing my own nephew?
Milly: Why can’t you?, who else would like to see him dead
Biitka: You want to get the wealth, so you probably hired someone to kill him, what about that?
Milly: I didn’t, you are much aware you sent me somewhere
Biitka: So? You better stop talking nonsense and stay out of my way
Milly: Mission complete, Pay time
Biitka: Hahahaa, pay time? I pay you, you dint f**king tell me what to do
Milly: Mtcheeew whatever
Sena had called Fletcher to come drive her to the hospital for a scan, he arrived long before time, and Sena invited her to come sit inside as she was yet to take her bath…
Sena: Seriously?
Fletcher: Seriously what?
Sena: That cat you are cuddling
Fletcher: Can’t I cuddle or play with your cat?
Sena: Not that, I have never touched that can’t, not me or any other person in this house, except my dead fiancĂ©…that cat has always been mean. No matter how good you treat it
Fletcher: So what are you driving at?
Sena: it’s strange how it run to you and how you picked him up….and how did you know his name
Fletcher: Oh C’mon, there is a name tag around his neck
Sena: Mmmmm….
Fletcher: You have to go prepare
Sena: Alright
Immediately Sena went inside, Kelly looked around to make sure no one else was around; he tiptoed to Chief’s room, and opened a secret drawer nobody could ever know of, he took out some diaries and envelopes, left them on the bed and came running back to the seat. If Sena wanted to know more about the family, The Widows, that was what would she needs.
Dorcas just came from town and met Fletcher; he got up and introduced himself before they shook hands…
Dorcas: Hope you are okay
Fletcher: Oh yeah
Dorcas: You sure?
Fletcher: Do you doubt that?
Dorcas: Your body temperature is below normal…you feel very cold
Fletcher: Yeah, the air conditioner, I have a condition called Cold intolerance
Dorcas: Oh that? I have never encountered anyone like that in my practice as a Medical Doctor
Fletcher: Oh you are a Doctor
Sena: Oh yeah she is, we should be going now
Dorcas: Going where?
Sena: Scan
Dorcas: Don’t you think it’s too early for that?
Sena: You think
Dorcas: I am the Doctor here; you can only scan or check out if I tell you to
Sena: I have the driver here already waiting for me
Dorcas: Look, the scan can affect the child now, you have to wait for some time okay, and we will pay Fletcher in full
Fletcher: Oh nope,am cool…You know Dorcas is right, you have to wait for some time…And am not getting paid for doing nothing….Just call me if you need anything..
Dorcas: Thanks for coming. See you later
Fletcher: You too.
Fletcher had won their hearts he belived,he just has to play wise and tell them whatever he has to, without them suspecting or anything…About him being cold beyond normality…He could do nothing about that.

To be continued


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