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Story: THE INCARNATE - CHAPTER 1 ( The Genesis)



the incarnate - Chapter 1( The Genesis)

Written by

Danny Biitka

Chief knew his days were numbered, is now obvious that surgery wouldn’t save him, the doctors advices He stays put until He is a waste off.
Chief is this wealthy man, who has been able to build a powerful empire of companies, He suffered from this heart seizure which mysteriously escalated a tumor growth in his head, Doctors did their best, but the harm was already done. At age 69, He feels he could have staged a few more years. He spends the rest of his days in bed with his only son, Kelly, who attends to his needs.
Kelly is this smart and intelligent young man who manages some of Chief’s businesses, He thought it wise to take leave and attend to his father, Growing without a mother was tough, His mother died when was He was seven, and since then, Chief played a double parental role in raising him up.
Sena is Kelly’s fiancĂ©, she works as an accountant at a reputable bank in Accra, she fears for the future, she feels predators are waiting to tear Kelly apart immediately Chief draws his last breath.
Sena: I am not comfortable here
Kelly: Where?
Sena: Here, in this house
Kelly: Since when?
Sena: Since that your stepmom started looking at me that way
Kelly: Ah? How does she look at you?
Sena: Like I’m some kind of woodwork
Kelly: Listen, don’t worry, she’s not your business here
Sena: Ayoo
Milly Brown is this goddamn gold-digger who successfully lured Chief to walk her down the aisle to swear the solemn promise, she wasn’t in this marriage for any good, all she needed was to milk Chief of his cash.
Everybody in the household knew that Milly Brown was materialistic, including Chief; He noticed the change in her after He fell sick.
Milly Brown wouldn’t sleep with him in the bedroom, she stays outside and appears when at her own interest, and her excuse is always the same.
“I went on a business trip” she always says.
Kelly and Milly Brown had had a couple of rifts since Chief got bedridden; Kelly was surprised his stepmom has no interest in the health of Chief.
Kelly: You, I know why you got married to my father, and lemme tell you this, you will leave this house the same way you came
Milly Brown : Remember, I am lawfully married to your father, you can’t evict me from this house
Kelly: No I wouldn’t, you will leave without realizing
Milly Brown : Mhmm, we shall see, show some respect, am your Mom.
Kelly: God forbid, I’ll curse myself if I dare call you that…Mom? You can’t even play the role of being a stepmom…and you are here claiming the title “Mom”.
Milly Brown : Look, I don’t care, I have a daughter who calls me Mom, I don’t need to get that from you to feel complete
Kelly: Stop deceiving yourself, am very aware you raptured your womb when you were in Shs; you have no womb to carry a seed….
Milly Brown : Shut up you fool, who told you that.
Kelly started walking away feeling victorious, He turned and smiled at Milly and responded
“Maybe you should start writing gibberish in your Diary, because I can read the language you use.
Milly Brown : You opened my diary?
Kelly: I have not told Chief yet, and I don’t plan to
Milly Brown : You better don’t…
Kelly: Anymore word from you will make me, so shut up and go your way
Milly looked silly, for the first time she felt defeated by Kelly, she stood looking at him like a zombie as he walked into his room.
“This guy is up to something, I have to tame him before he does” she said.
Apart from Milly, Biitka was another guy who has eyes preying on Chief’s wealth; He is Chief’s younger brother and an Uncle to Kelly.
He manages the Estate Company belonging to Chief; Biitka is a dictator, opportunist and always business minded. Apart from managing the Estates, He also got some dirty works he does underground, A drug lord…One of the biggest drug lords in the city who has managed to stay underground, That was the work He was doing until Chief called him to take up the role, He was just a supplier then…Now He is a lord.
Kelly has just gotten the information that there has been a total sweep over at the Board; He didn’t need to ask who did that because Biitka was the only person capable of doing that without the courtesy to notify either Him or Chief, He was soo angry and confused
Biitka has laid off a lot of workers, especially those who questioned him on the Board; those who kind of had good relationships with either Chief or Kelly were sacked or transferred from the Headquarters.
“What the f**k is he trying to do? How could he make changes without following protocols, who does that? He asked himself as he walked towards Chief’s rest room
Kelly: Chief, tell me you are not aware.
Chief: Heyyyyy, calm down, aware of what?
Kelly: I heard there has been a sweep over at the Board
Chief: Swept over by who, and under who’s authority?
Kelly: Under the authority of his royal highness, Biitka
Chief: No way, get me Dorcas immediately
Kelly: Okay, I’ll…But better do something before things gets out of hand
Chief: I’ll Son
Dorcas was the private doctor to the family; she stays in Chief’s house in other to attend to him.
Dorcas: Chief you called
Chief: Yeah I did, I want you to call Barrister Tay immediately, tell him to be here before sun falls
Dorcas: Okay, I’ll do that immediately
Barrister Tay was Chief’s lawyer, he excellence in his field as a lawyer has gained him the favour of powerful men in the city, Barrister arrived a little over 3Pm
Barrister: Hi Dorcas, you looking great
Dorcas: Thank you, nice suit there
Barrister: Thanks, errrhmmm, where is Chief?
Dorcas: That way, He is in here
Barrister: Thank you Doc., Hello Chief
Chief: Tay…Errmm Dorcas, can you please excuse us for sometime
Dorcas: Oh ya
Chief had documented his Will, He knew this was the best time to give it out to the lawyer he could trust.
Chief:Look,this is it, everything I own and worked for, everything is written in my handwriting and bearing my official seal, take it as it is, it should be opened once, the day you read it to the hearing of those whose names appear on the envelope, they should be present as you read the will.Here,take it.
Barrister:Thank you Chief.I promise to keep it as it is,unbroken till the day its meant to be read,as a respect to you and an allegiance to the codes that govern my profession.
Chief:Good,that’s it…now you are free to go
Barrister:Thank you Chief.
Barrister was about leaving the room when Chief called again
Chief: Errm Barrister, what prevents you two from getting to know each other more
Barrister: You mean who
Chief: You know who I mean, and I understand the kind of eyes you watch him with, if I were you, I’ll play smart before anything.
Barrister: Oh Chief, thank you.
Chief: She’s probably in the summer hut. Go get her
Barrister: Okay Chief, thank you
Barrister saw Dorcas sitting in the summer hut, He joined her and within minutes they were engulfed in a lengthy chat, darkness soon took over, and the two couple in the making were soon discussing on when and where to catch their first date.

To be continued

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