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Story: I WANT A HOME- Episode 7


I want a home- Episode 7

Written by

Ireti Adedipe

The main entrance to the building were taped along the sitting room and kitchen where two dead bodies lay on the floor along with some other parts of the building. The whole setting of the sitting room has turned to a total mess and beyond recognition as chairs were placed against another, the whole rooms in the building wasn’t left out as different papers, documents and cloth were scattered out everywhere.
In a nutshell, the whole house was now under police investigations.
Mr. And Mrs. Kruger was rescued out from the room as the police began to ask them several questions. The door was filled with different dims of bullets and the lock destroyed already.
“Who owns the house?” the inspector asked one of the officers as he walked away from the dead bodies he went to check.
“He’s a man called Steve Jones and he bought the building recently”
“Steve Jones” the inspector rephrase, sounding as if the name rings a bell.
“Yes inspector”
“Looking at the way the whole rooms and the house looked like, I think those criminals are in search of something”
“Yes inspector, that is exactly what I thought too”
“What about the victims?”
“Mr./Mrs. Kruger, they are outside sir, the metal door was just opened five minutes ago and they’ve been rescued”
“Five minutes ago”
“Yes inspector,
“Okay, let me check on them” the inspector said and walked out after a glance at the four corpse and the officers snapping pictures to check for evidence or clue on their bodies.
Two police officers were already interrogating them by the time he walked over and he wait to hear what they were saying before he interrupted.
“I heard a loud thud at the hallway and I decided to check the heavy sound when the light totally turned off and the room we stayed wasn’t. Due to the darkness, I decided to get my phone and used the flashlight to check what was happening and by the time I turned, the door locked and refused to open”
“I thought you said you were three in the building”
“Yes, Steve friend. He was sent by Steve to take us inside when we arrived here”
“And did you contact him when the door didn’t open?”
“Yes, my wife and I called him differently but there wasn’t any answer, disappointedly we saw his phone ringing on a shelf at the same room with us. He might have forgotten it when he walked into the room to show us what we need”
“Excuse me officers, Mr. Kruger. I’m inspector Kelvin and I’m gonna need to ask you further questions now” the inspector said interruptedly and the officer in front of them moved back for the inspector.
“Can you remember the exact time you heard the sound and how many times you heard the gunshot before you called the police?”
“I can’t remember the time I heard the loud thud but I think the gunshots followed thereafter less than 10 minutes later and before we knew it, gunshots were fired at the metal door of the room we stayed but the door didn’t Give way surprisingly even though the lock was destroyed” Mr. Kruger answered and took a look at his wife who he could still feel the shock overwhelming her.
“Yes the door is bullet proof and can’t be broken by just any kind of bullets, that is why the gunmen couldn’t have access inside and it must have been locked automatically by someone”
“Who is the owner of the house to you?” The inspector asked another question.
“He’s a friend to our daughter”
“A friend of your daughter”
“Yes. Vivian”
“And where is this Vivian?” He asked them.
“That reminds us inspector, she went to the club yesterday night and we’ve not been able to reach her now for hours” Mrs. Kruger answered him as she stared a look at a coming car behind the inspector who also turned to see what the woman was looking at.
“Isn’t that Rhoda?” She whispered to her husband as a lady came out from the car.


Steve finally opened his eyes after few minutes of becoming unconscious again, his vision was blurred at first but became clearer the more he opened and totally clear when he opened it and broadly. He saw Vivian tied to a chair at his left side and Charles who was still unconscious at his right. Both were tied with a rope against the chair.
He looked at his left and right hands, both legs and the way the chain used on him was tightened, it was so firm and accurate he couldn’t have the chance to move any part of his body except his head. He felt extremely angered at the whole situation and more crazier seeing Vivian and Charles tied before he began to stretched the chains without minding the pains.
“Steve… Steve, hey Steve” Vivian whispered when she heard his movement and likewise shouted before she was able to get his attention. She was shocked to the core some minutes ago when Steve and Charles were brought unconsciously inside the dirty room and tied like she was tied, but Steve’s was so perfect and tightened with a chain on both hands and legs widely when they were tied with a rope. She couldn’t fathom the cause for her kidnap earlier when two men entered with a gun and the other with a phone. The video they made without talking and the moment they brought in two more of her colleagues at work only means to her that they want something from the company by kidnapping the staffs. She wasn’t herself and was going crazy as different thought ran through her mind before she remembered Margaret telling her she was drunk and they should leave the club but she hadn’t listen and went to dance with a man she also told her not to dance with, despite that she was so drunk.
She remembered moving to the dance floor with the strange man she couldn’t even remembered what he called himself. How she left the club and the whereabouts of Margaret was totally out of sought and what she could remember. She suddenly woke up extremely tied to a chair and a man standing right in front of her.
“What happened to you? We’ve been kidnapped” She whispered terribly in shock when Steve turned to her.
“I should be asking you such question instead Viv. How were you kidnapped? I thought I told you not to go night clubbing again”
Steve asked and turned to his right side immediately he heard Charles made a sound and was now conscious. The both of them took a long look hopefully to ask him if he was okay but he never opened his eyes than make a faint sound in pains.
“I think Margaret was kidnapped too, we both went to the club together” Vivian interrupted and immediately both of them turned to face the loud sound on the door that just gave way. Lord Nathaniel walked inside along Sunny and Alex walked behind them.
The drug lord cocked the pistol he held almost immediately he took some steps forward to them and pointed it straight at Steve. “Where is my drive?” he asked without wasting time.


Margaret and Vivian’s aunt both came down from the car Mrs. Kruger sighted, the two of them rushed down to the couples position along with the inspector and the two officers.
“Rhoda” Mrs. Kruger called out and met her niece embrace before she went into Mr. Kruger’s arm likewise.
“Vivian is missing” Rhoda announced after breaking from the quick hug.
“Yes Mr. Kruger, I can’t find her anywhere”
“What do you mean she’s missing?” Mrs. Kruger asked and widened her brow with shock.
“This is Margaret, her colleague at work and I think she’s the perfect person to explain better”
Rhoda added as they turned to Margaret, including the inspector.


Alex stretched his right arm again and sent another round of punches into Steve belly and other part of his body, he tightened his grip and landed different punch on his face right and left until he got tired of punches. He looked around him and saw a small rod on the floor when it seemed Steve was still acting strong despite that his face and other part of his body had turned blue bad.
Lord Nathaniel and Sunny stepped backwards as they watch silently with anger and observation. Sunny walked forward instantly Alex walked to take the rod, he landed an heavy slap on Vivian who was shouting before he picked one of the little ropes left to cover her mouth and pointed a pistol on her head straight forward.
“You don’t have to use the rod on him Alex, Steve will not be moved or talk if he do not wish to. He’s a trained handyman and well experience strong man than you think and I ask you to torture him because I know he trusted you and he never expected any Betrayal from you” Lord Nathaniel said loudly in anger as Steve raised his brute face to look at Alex and saw Sunny pointing out a gun on Vivian.
“Now I’m gonna ask the second time and don’t test my patience or I’ll blow off their goddamn head this minute, starting from her” the drug lord shouted referring to Charles and Vivian before the door opened suddenly and one of their men stepped inside.
“Sir, I think you need to see this” he uttered as he walked towards the drug lord.


Two suited men stood akimbo at the back of the van as they await the three suited men coming forward and one of them was carrying a brief case.
Detective Cougar placed his hands carefully behind him and held unto his revolver at alert if eventually the plan change or if any of the men recognized him. He studied the walking steps of the first man and was about to bring out his gun when the two men behind Uzza raised theirs.
“Hey… hey,,, uh. Are you scared?” Uzza smiled mischievously seeing their reactions and asked immediately he got behind the van where detective Cougar and another officer stood with the boot opened widely.
“huh.. I thought you are..”
“Yeah, I wasn’t. You’re dealing with a good business man here and I don’t compromise on any of my business Kieran. You work for the department of defense right?” Uzza smiled and take his hands for a shake.
“Yeah I do and I hope we could come up with a good grand price” Kieran said and shake him back.
“Of course we will, So without wasting more time, what do we have here?” Uzza smiled again and sighed as they all turned to the van before Detective Cougar who was disguised as Kieran opened the big bag in the van to display the guns and began to point them out.
“This is AR-15 Selective fire rifle, designed specifically for the US armed forces and this three are Mark18 short barrel with modified bolt carrier and gas block. This one here is military A-2 birdcage flash hider and”
“What about the fouling of the A-2? The one with Piston operated, that’s my best gun” Uzza interrupted him.
“The Fouling is minimized, piston can cause carrier tilt not with manually modify variants, the guns are perfect without it”
“Good, you have lovely guns here. Now let’s talk price first” Uzza nodded and one of the men with the briefcase walked forward instantly without wasting time.
“2 Grand a pop” Detective Cougar answered.
“2 grand what !! What the bulls***, That’s too much Kieran, I’m not authorized to make such kinds of deal with anyone, my boss will be mad at me”
“Your boss?”
“Yeah. I have a boss and I can’t do it on my own, It’s either you reduce the price or take what we have here in the briefcase or I’ll walk away” Uzza said and pocket his hands as Detective Cougar already start closing the bag.
“I’m sorry Uzza, I can’t reduce the price than 2 grand likewise, it’s either that price or we have no deal” Kieran said in disagreement as he finally closed the van.
“Okay then, I’ll have them if you insist. Tonight at 9pm, I’ll text you the location. This guns are lovely and I can’t miss them, I’ll talk to my boss about it”
“Good” Detective Cougar said and shake him again before Uzza turned and leave along with his men.

8 minutes later

“If truly Uzza now has a boss other than the late Abdul Rauf like he claimed, then that means he must have betrayed Abdul Rauf for him”
“Yes, that’s exactly my thoughts. We need to find out the identity of his boss” Detective Louis commended on the ongoing call.
“I thought you said he was Abdul henchman and he manages all of Abdul Rauf illegal business”
“Yes he does, I made my findings and I discovered that all the major properties of Abdul are gone, including some documentation and some of his illegal casinos. That surely explains the latter that he truly betrayed Abdul Rauf and he should know something about the drive”
“I think I now understand his urgency to buy heavy guns, he wants to start a war”
“A war”
“Yeah Louis. I think there’s more to this drive than we thought we do and whoever has it in possession is ready to destroy this balance. I think only Lord Nathaniel knows the dead end”
“Wait, did you say Uzza asked to meet you today at 9pm?”
“Yeah. That was what he said and that should be our best chance to apprehend him, we need to contact Steve”
“OH I was just about to tell you… I think we may have a little problem, Steve is In a little bit of trouble” Detective Louis announced
“What happened?” Detective Cougar questioned.


Alex walked back into the hostage room after 15 minutes he went outside along Sunny and Lord Nathaniel. He peeped outside and closed the door after Steve raised himself up along Charles and Vivian who stopped talking when they heard the sound of the door.
“Are you back to hit me again Alex?” Steve asked and made a weak chuckle immediately he began to walk closer.
“I trusted you because you were my childhood friend but you betrayed my trust, don’t think I’ll ever forgive you for this” Steve whispered and made a smirk as blood weave down his nostrils and mouth. His whole face has swollen and out of sought.
Alex ignored him and took a look at his wristwatch, he walked closer to Vivian and began to loose the ropes she was tied with and the one covering her mouth.
He walked to Charles too by the right and loose the rope on him before bringing out a metal key from his pocket to loose the chains on Steve without a word to any of them as they all stared him a look except Steve.
“Lord Nathaniel will not forgive this if you set us free Alex and I’ll never forgive you for betraying me even if you set us escape, it’s a grievous offense to him and you know it’s not wise to betray him. I’d advice you not to do this”
“What !!” Vivian and Charles both exclaimed in shock.
“Are you crazy Steve?” Charles asked and manage to be on his feet weakly.
“Lord Nathaniel will kill all your loved one’s if you can’t provide his drive starting from this woman you planned on having a home with Steve” Alex said and totally loose the chains on Steve legs after a glance at Vivian. He stands up and began to loose the hands too.
“Yeah. Like he already killed her parents”


Uzza smiled mischievously and fired the gun with him twice into the chest of one of the boys standing in front of him without waiting to hear more report.
He sat back and pulled the Chinese prostitutes sitting beside him to continue what she was doing beneath his trousers when he was interrupted and the two guards behind him walked over the body to dispose it immediately.
The place seemed like a hall and a swimming pool of 12.5meters was designed and decorated separately from one quarter of the hall. There were different prostitutes round the illegal casino table who gang up around Uzza’s boys and gun men.
A long rectangular back bar filled with different alcoholic drinks and men who gang up to the pour, the whole place was full of prostitutes and sorts of activities that are against normal human acts and morals.
“Boss, the men you are planning to make a deal with tonight are truly Detectives. I confirmed it myself” The other man standing announced without trying to look at Uzza and the way he played with the prostitute.
“And what if they are detectives?” Uzza asked him.
“That means we can’t deal with them”
“And why can’t we make a deal with them? I’m I not the one choosing the location and how the exchange works”
“Boss, Margot has arrived, should we let her in?” another gunman rushed in interrupting them and announced before the man standing in front of Uzza could respond.
“OH common, please do that faster already” Uzza answered immediately and make a mischievous laughter, he pushed the prostitute giving him pleasure away instantly before he zipped up his trouser.
“Everybody listen up, Margot is here and I want you all to get ready for business” he announced loudly as the whole place went silent before they all began to pick their guns one after another.
“Remember, do not give a chance and always be ready for any attack. Margot probably may not have to leave here alive if need be” he added before they start hearing foot steps very close towards the hall.
“Uzza… how have you been?” A middle aged woman greeted immediately she entered the hall with five suited men to meet Uzza where he was seated.
“I’m very much fine Margot, how have you been likewise”
“Con, we’ll discuss the chill chat later, we’d talk the greetings some other time. let’s get to business for now. Where is the drive? I’m here for it”
“OH not Margot, it’s necessary for close business partner like you and I to bother and talk about things that should not cross against our path in the near future. There’s absolutely nothing to worry about, why don’t you have a seat first and let’s drink to success” Uzza smiled and pick up an alcoholic wine.
“Uzza I just said I’m here for the drive. Give me my drive and we can both sit and drink then and maybe determine we can do more likely business in the future” Margot moved closer to him and emphasized.
“OH the drive !!” Uzza exclaimed playfully and stands up.
“Margot, I’ve been thinking and trying to get how important and why you desperately want this drive so bad I had to betray Abdul Rauf just for this goddamn thing you promised me”
“Uzza we had a deal. I fulfilled my part of the bargain and I expect you do too, do not let us start a war you won’t like” Margot shouted and widened her brow unsurprised like she had expected.
“But I’m sorry Margot, the drive is with me and I can’t give it to you, our deal is off” Uzza said like a command as she expected and her men draw out their guns immediately he walked closer to her almost instantly Uzza’s men also pointed theirs on Margot and her men.

“Wow, what a fast move Margot, You just made the biggest mistake of your life and I’d advice you tell your men to lay down their weapons now and listen to the interesting offer I have for you instead of your plans to have the drive in my possession” Uzza smiled and walked more closer.

To be continued


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