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Story: I WANT A HOME- Episode 6


I want a home- Episode 6

Written by

Ireti Adedipe

GMT 6:34 pm

Charles phone began to ring after serving the couple the drinks he went to get for them.
“Please make yourself comfortable sir/ma” he told them and moved backwards to receive Steve call after making an excuse.
“Are you with them already?” Steve voice sounded.
“Yeah. We just entered about 5 minutes ago but I’m not quite feeling good with staying with them Steve. Where exactly are you? Is anything wrong?” Charles asked worriedly.
“Nothing is wrong Charles and I’m somewhere I can’t disclose to you for now. Just make sure those two are comfortable and give them whatever it is they demand”
“Answer my damn question Steve, Where the hell are you? I can’t keep covering up your duty with mine at the company, it’s too damn stressful for me to handle alone and now you are adding to my troubles by asking me to take care of two old Chicago” Charles complained and manage to low his voice when he glance back at the couple who were already checking out the designs In the room.
“I’m sorry Charles, Okay. I appreciate your efforts by helping me but right now, I can’t tell you where I am”
“Then Are you really in some kind of s***? What’s with the trending pictures of you kissing a man? Steve what is really going on?”
“Charles you can’t understand even if I tell you now but I’ll explain everything when I’m back”
“Excuse me Charles” Mrs. Kruger interrupted after Charles asked Steve what was going wrong with him.
“Charles right?” she asked when he turned with the phone.
“Yeah. You’re correct ma” Charles nodded after he whispered into the phone.
“And when will you be back?” He asked Steve and fully turned to face the woman.
“Where is the kitchen in here?” She asked him after he turned.
“Uh the kitchen?”
“Yes, I need to move this away from here and prepare something for us to eat, including Steve when he returns”
“OH feel free to walk down the whole place, I uh… okay let me show you the way to the kitchen. Please follow me” Charles said and end the ongoing call with Steve.


“So Detectives, what do you suggest we do now with the empty drive?” Steve asked them immediately the call with Charles ended.
“I don’t think we have a clue yet Steve but we’ll take this tablet and the drive with us if we could find something useful with it” Detective Cougar answered and stands up after his partner with the tablet device.
“Does it mean there’s no drive?” Steve questioned.
“The drive exist, and I think the only way we could find out accurately is through Abdul Rauf henchman”
“Henchman !!”
“yeah. He’s called by the name Uzza and I found out he manages Abdul Rauf illegal business and associates. We are definitely sure he must know about the drive and everything else we need” Detective Cougar explained and kept the tablet before Steve phone began to ring again.
“Excuse me” Steve pleaded to them and moved back a bit to answer the call.
“When will you be back here?” Charles voice came through almost immediately.
“I will be there with you in few minutes Charles, I already said I am coming”
“Yeah you did and I do not expect you to take longer, I’m already in a hurry to hear what you have to say”
“I will Charles, okay? Just make sure all the doors are locked and attend to Vivian’s parent for me till I’m back” Steve said and hung up on him instantly before he could say anything else. He turned back to face the detectives after he made a sigh in frustration.
“is there any problem?” one of them asked him.
“Uh No, nothing to do with this but I think this is what we gonna do” Steve said and returned the phone into his left pocket as the detectives listen to him.

5 minutes later

The two Detective walked out from the hotel completely with Steve walking behind them. He had a face-cap on to cover his face from the hotel cameras as he followed their steps and proceeded to where his vehicle was parked. Detective Cougar made a signal to him as he and his partner also walked towards the car they came with.
Steve nodded understanding what the detective meant and entered the driver side of the car he just unlocked. He ignite his car and moved after the Detectives towards the big gate of the hotel.
The two security guards at the gate opened up for the coming cars to get out after a brief security questions they answered.
The Detectives moved out totally from the compound and Steve followed after them before two strange car moved in after Steve.


The heavy noise in the club was definitely up to make an amateur clubber ear deaf, the heavily crowded hall added to the trouble and the bad smell of cigarettes, alcohol and smokes added more to the trouble water even though smoking was prohibited in some sections of the club, some people still disobey the rules and walk around with cigarettes in some of the sections with the pretense of dancing.
Vivian was getting drunk where she was seated as she poured herself more drinks despite Margaret reluctant to stop her, she gulp down the whole content left of the alcoholic drink and gasp. She closed her eyes and opened them as she suddenly began to whisper some words Margaret could not hear even though she was sitting next to her.
“OH my God… Vivian you’re drunk”
“No.. No Margaret.. I’m not drunk.. I’m absolutely alright you know.. I need more drinks here”
“No more drinks here again Vivian, I think we need to leave now and I’m taking you home” Margaret countered her.
“Hi Damsels” A light muscular tall man suddenly walked up to them and greeted. He smiled and took a look at Vivian who responded to his greetings and at Margaret who didn’t.
“HI handsome” Vivian greeted back.
“I’ve been watching you pretty ladies sitting and drinking alone over there despite the mood in the club right now and I thought maybe we could have a dance together?” He asked, directing his question to drunk Vivian.
“No I’m sorry she can’t dance with you right now, we are both going already” Margaret rejected and grabbed the two phones they placed beside the alcoholic bottles as she tried to lift Vivian up.
“No girlfriend, he just requested to dance with me and I’m gonna dance with him, I want to dance huh” Vivian said and tried to lift herself up.
“No you can’t dance with anyone here Vivian, we are going now”
“Why not Margaret… why are we leaving so quick when we just came in few minutes ago?”
“Vivian you are drunk and we have to leave here now.. Just listen to me and stop walking. We have to go now”
“No Margaret, I’m not leaving yet.. The party just started and I really felt like dancing” Vivian disagreed and manage to take a step forward even though she could barely walk due to her drunken state as she took the strange man arm.
“Let’s dance er…”
“Simon, call me Simon”
“OH Simon, let’s go dance”
“Wow this is my fault and I just made a big mistake here. I shouldn’t have suggested clubbing again to Vivian or letting her take any drinks” Margaret said as she saw them walk away and Vivian’s phone began to ring thereafter, Steve was calling.


Charles rushed back in fear immediately he heard the shrink sound the second time. He managed to stop halfway and tried to fathom where the sound was coming from but it seems from the ceiling and from the wall at same time.
It’s been more than 20 minutes he spoke with Steve and he had just directed the couple to one of the best rooms in the house when he suddenly began to hear strange sounds from the second corridor that led to the kitchen. He jacked off with extreme fear suddenly when two men appeared behind him and both were with heavy guns.
“Shh…” one of them said and pointed the cold weapon directly on his cheek and stopped him from shouting.
“How many of you are in this house?” the second gunman asked emphatically as Charles leg vibrated where he was at their sight instantly and his legs failed him in an attempt to move.
“Answer the goddamn question he asked you mehn”
“We’re…. 3 we’re three” Charles replied stammering.
“Where are the couples?”
“Couples !!” Charles rephrased in fear.
“Yeah. Where are the other two people”
“They’re in one of the room upstairs, please don’t kill us…. We don’t have money.. Please don’t kill us”
“Will you shut up? What about Steve? Where is he?” one of them shouted angrily and the other landed a slap on his face.
“Take us where the couple are” he shouted and slapped Charles harder in the face.
Charles turned backwards immediately with panic and began to walk forward but just as he never expected himself, he suddenly picked to race all of a sudden and rushed into the kitchen when they were out of the corridor so fast the men didn’t anticipate his move quickly as gunshot followed him towards the kitchen almost instantly.


“Boss, I think I just saw Steve car moving into his compound now” a voice sounded into the ringing phone Sunny answered.
“What are you talking about? We are already in the hotel” Sunny asked in confusion and took a brief look at Alex who was working on his phone.
“I just saw him entered the compound undisguised in a car”
“Are you sure you aren’t mistaken?”
“Yes boss, I saw him clearly when he entered”
“Where are the other boys with you?”
“Three of them already entered the building with Kyle through the secret entrance”
“OK. Make a call across to Kyle and instruct him not to make any move yet. I need to confirm what you just said” Sunny ordered and hung up.
“Steve already left the hotel, he’s not here anymore” Sunny announced to Alex and the men in the room.


Charles was fortunate the bullet missed him and hit the door as he rushed inside and pull the door forward. Urine ran across his bladder instantly and he had no control of himself as he stared behind the door.
“God please come to my aid, holy one come to my aid.. Holy one, holy one” he start to mumble repeatedly as the gunmen began to smash the door forcefully open.
He tried to pick out his phone but he wasn’t with it, he knelt down immediately when he couldn’t control the urine from coming out as the door finally opened and he was shocked to core to see the two men fell dead at the entrance and Steve was right behind them with a gun.
“Steve…” he called out when the door smashed open.
“Where are they?” Steve asked and adjust the silencer on the gun as he drag the dead men inside.
“They !!”
“Yeah. I mean Vivian parent. Where are they?”
“They are both in one of the rooms upstairs” Charles answered silently almost in a whisper and attempt to stand up with fear and shock At what Steve just did.
Steve ignored his stares and rushed out from the kitchen as he quickly made for the stairs, he was almost at the hall way when he saw another two intruder about to enter one of the rooms. They got distracted when they sighted him behind them and tried to shoot immediately but Steve already fired several shots both on their chest. He made sure they were dead and began to walk towards their bodies.
He was few meters away from the bodies when one of the door opened suddenly and Mr. Kruger peeped out to check what was happening due to the heavy noise he heard but the whole light in the hall way suddenly went off almost instantly he peeped.
He stepped back without closing the door and saw the room light on, he took another glance at the hallway and the light was still off. He finally stepped backwards and closed the door before his wife spoke In the room.
“What is it?” She asked him.
“I think I heard a heavy thud at the hallway just now and I tried to check but the whole light there went off almost immediately I peeped and the light here is on” He answered her and walked to get his smart-phone where its was kept.
He switched on the flashlight and walked towards the door in order check what was happening but the door didn’t suddenly gave way, it’s has been locked from outside.

“Steve what is happening here?” Charles asked immediately he stepped out from the kitchen with shock after seeing Steve dropped off two dead bodies on the ground.
“Charles are you okay?”
“OH my God Steve I just asked you what is happening here?” Charles said with panic.
“Hey relax okay. Cool down first and tell me how this men entered… relax man”
“I don’t know how they did Steve, I had the whole doors locked as you instructed”
“Charles… Charles.. Breath in and out slowly,,, relax and calm down” Steve Managed to say, following the breathing pace of Charles.
“I said relax Steve, we have to clean the area and dispose the dead bodies without letting Vivian’s parent know what is happening here” he added when it seemed Charles wasn’t going to calm down any moment more.
“Dispose them !! What the hell are you saying Steve? Aren’t We ought to call the police now”
“Charles, relax first so you can hear me out and listen to me, I’ll explain everything to you but not after I dispose them okay? Just calm down”
“Buzz off Steve, stop telling me to relax. Disposed the bodies? What is happening and who are these men? How are you this much relaxed?”
“Charles listen to me. Okay”
“Wait a minute, have you done this before? Why are you so relaxed? Steve who are you?”
“Charles I need you to concentrate now and stop asking me stupid questions” Steve shouted loudly when Charles proof reluctant.
“I already said I’ll tell you everything, I’ve hidden so much from you and I’m sorry there’s more to my story”
“He doesn’t need to know about you Steve, what’s the usefulness telling him if you are already a dead man? I’ve come here for lord Nathaniel drive, give me the drive and let’s end this once and for all Steve”
Sunny voice sounded startling them behind interruptedly and five gunmen appeared behind him, including Alex.


Mrs. Kruger watched her husband struggled with the door close to one minute but it didn’t gave way. He kept pushing it and tried to open the door from inside but its was all futile.
“Is the door locked?” Mrs. Kruger asked him.
“I don’t know what’s wrong darling, I think I opened and closed it just now but it’s wouldn’t open again” he replied and drag the knob but it didn’t Give way still.
“Maybe it’s a tech door like the one we have in South Africa, why don’t you call Charles to help”
“Okay.. Let me put a call across” He added and dialed Charles line which rang severally without it been answered.
“he’s not answering the call”
“Then try again if he isn’t”


“This place is filled with flowers, plants and fountains. Is there even a darn dog here just like your cheap dreams? Sunny added and moved closer to Steve before his men followed.
“You use to be the wise action hero but now you have become homely and everything around you sucks old boy”
“Sunny I think there is a mix up somewhere, I’m sorry but the drive you’re dying to have is empty, There is nothing in it”
“uhm.. Steve this is a long fight that needs to end between us today and I’m not gonna make things easy for you this time around so do not test my patience now. Give me that drive and the tablet now or we make this the hardest way”
“I told you already Sunny, the drive is empty. There is nothing particular to the access Lord Nathaniel want in the drive or the tablet. Abdul Rauf only wanted to deceive Mishra initially and I don’t think he even has what you’re looking for”
“Uh really Steve…is that it? then give me the empty drive and the tablet. Let me confirm the emptiness myself” Sunny widened his brow in anger and brought out his gun after walking to sit down.
“I’m sorry about that too Sunny, I don’t have the drive or the tablet likewise”
Steve said and Sunny made a wicked smirk immediately, he made a chuckle and nodded thrice before he stands up and brought out his phone. “I think you want this the harder way then” he whispered silently and concentrate on his phone for a moment before he raised the device up and a live stream loaded within seconds.
Vivian hands and legs were extremely tied to a chair and a man was behind her, holding a pistol. The gunman cocked the pistol and pointed the cold weapon straight at Vivian’s forehead.
“What have you done Sunny” Steve suddenly shout with rage and rushed forward to attack stupidly but the men stopped him halfway and a bullet was fired in-between his legs to stop him from the struggle to fight.
“Give me the drive and the tablet or I kill her and the couple you hide upstairs, including him” Sunny added mischievously pointing to Charles.
“Sunny we do not have to deal this way, it doesn’t have to be like this, both of us are getting deceived by lord Nathaniel each and every day and he’s only using you as much as he can”
“Yeah. You are right Steve, I concur” Sunny said and nodded with a smile when a big mug was suddenly smashed on Steve head from behind unexpectedly by one of the boys as he fell unconsciously on the floor.
“Where are those couple?”
Charles couldn’t comprehend what he was seeing as he stared at Steve body on the floor, he felt very scared and his heart beat was out of normal. He closed and opened his eyes if everything was only a dream he should wake up from but it wasn’t when a heavy slap Landed on him.
“Didn’t you hear him ask where the couples are?” the same gunman who made Steve unconscious shouted and landed another slap on him.
“upstairs… they are in one of the room upstairs” he repeated stammering.

“Alex, go with him upstairs and bring them down here, I want to know who they are” Sunny instructed.

To be continued


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