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Story: I WANT A HOME- Episode 4


I want a home- Episode 4

Written by

Ireti Adedipe

Three guys sat closely inside the moving car including Sunny at the back seat. Two of his men were both at the front seat and the third man seated beside sunny who looked extremely furious, he had the pistol he used to kill Abdul Rauf earlier still with him and he badly wished he could have shoot Steve along the Arabian man but he never wished to disobey Lord Nathaniel orders.
“Boss, but we could at least tell Lord Nathaniel there was some piece of s***s and Steve was killed by Abdul Rauf, we can’t just let him go” One of Steve men seated at the front passenger side stubbornly argued after the short silence they had in the car since they left the crime scene and the two others nodded in agreement.
“Yes Boss, this is an opportunity to finally kill Steve. We can’t lose this chance to end him miserably and we might not have another way else to eliminate him” the one seated beside Sunny added in agreement.
“This mission was too easy and we handled it well enough, Lord Nathaniel will not believe the story that Steve died, he knows how hard Steve can be and he would know we killed him after the mission” Sunny finally answered them after the whole silence since they entered the car.
“But what exactly do Lord Nathaniel wants from Steve? Don’t you think he is only deceiving us? He wanted Steve dead two days ago and don’t want him dead now anymore. Why does he believe Steve can handle all of his jobs and we cannot? I believe he is only using us and we can’t allow this to happen boss, let’s get this done once and for all or Steve keep getting the glory for himself” The driver added to the conversation.
“We can’t disobey Lord Nathaniel orders guys. Stop blasphemy things about him. Yes, he wanted Steve dead due to some reasons before now and didn’t want him dead any longer, there’s nothing we can do about it”
Sunny said without minding the quick glance they made on him with bewilderment as they remained silent and stopped disagreeing with him. He knew they were saying the truth but he doesn’t wish to disobey Lord Nathaniel orders not to kill Steve anymore, he had fought the urge to shoot Steve first immediately he saw him and Abdul Rauf coming to the last floor with the package they wanted but remembered lord Nathaniel orders and stopped. He knew lord Nathaniel had more terrible plans for Steve but its doesn’t seem to him that the drug lord wished to have him dead yet or implement any of the plans, he tried to fathom what the drug lord really wants with the reluctant he has in killing Steve, despite all the threat like one of his men just said and he couldn’t find any reasonable reason why the drug lord doesn’t want him dead all of a sudden again. He became angered at once when he felt a sharp pain on his chin as a result of the punch Steve gave him earlier and he tightened his grip on the gun he held immediately.
He became more angered when he remembered Lord Nathaniel always call him to make sure he stay in position for Steve and be the back-up man after every successful missions and not to kill him yet because of one thing or the other. He suddenly felt betrayed by lord Nathaniel and felt like he was useless to the drug lord who had been deceiving him all long and Steve was always there to take the glory and appraisal of every job. He suddenly wished he could shoot Steve directly on his chest once and for all and he agreed to the decisions without proper thinking and let the anger part of him took his sense of reasoning.
“Turn the car around and let’s do this” he finally agreed startling them and re-cocked his gun.
“What !!” the men exclaimed startled.
“Let’s kill Steve, he should be coming this way by now and it’ll be easy for us since the cops can’t show up here. We’ll meet him up before he can get to Bourne Voil industrial site” Sunny added and take a glance at his wristwatch to check for the time as the car was crazily turned around.
“Good. Thanks boss” the one seated at the passenger side said and quickly brought out a gun, likewise the one seated beside sunny.
Steve heaved a sigh as he took his time to check out four different pictures of him kissing Mishra on kipwriting.com. His pictures had started going Viral already on the gossip category and he took few moments to read some embarrassing comments on the pictures before he exited the website and took a brief forward in disgust.
He wasn’t disturbed at the pictures or the rate its was trending but somehow regretted having to do all he did in the first place. He should have looked for another alternative to distract Mishra and planted the keylogger instead of getting snapped at the club but somehow there was no way he could have done that without Mishra seeing him or getting caught by any of his guards who were watching him closely. He was more worried about what Vivian and every other person who knows him will say and having to be a topic of gossip at work and everywhere else.
He rested himself fully on the driver side and closed his eyes for a brief moment when he suddenly heard police siren coming opposite the road he parked. He opened his eyes immediately and saw a vehicle coming behind the police vehicle making the siren and both cars stopped at the exit of the building he just came out from.
He watched them afar and ignite the car immediately he saw the two detective who meet up with him at a restaurant few days ago came out from the second vehicle after the officers who came out from the police car. He turned on his light indicator at once and move into the main road as he speed off instantly.
He remembered he hadn’t taken proper time to make his findings on the two detectives and wonder how they were at the place that short time. If they’ve really been keeping tabs on him like they said and he hadn’t realize he was ever been followed or anyone was digging information on him, then it means he has been more careless recently and needs to buckle up himself quickly.
His thoughts were distracted again by his ringing phone after he was about 1.8 kilometers away from the crime scene and Vivian was displayed again on the phone screen. He took in a breath slowly as he reduced his speed and decided to hear her out by answering the call this time even though the ringing was about to stop before he answered it.
“Hey Vivian” he called out.
“Hi Steve, where are you?” Vivian asked him immediately.
“Is anything the matter again?” Steve widened his brow and asked as if she was in trouble with the cops again due to her urgent tone.
“My Foster parent are on a trip into the country and I need to pick them up immediately they get to the airport, can you help me out?”
“Your foster parent” Steve rephrased.
“Yes Steve, they are both here to visit me for a short vacation and you know I can’t call my aunt for help, I need to pick them up before they’ll miss their way and that’s why I’m calling you”
“Em, OK. Where are you now?” Steve glance at his wristwatch and made a slight sigh, thinking she wanted to talk about the gay thing earlier.
“I’m on my way to the airport and their flight here is just in 30 minutes from now”
“OK, I’ll join you there in few minutes”
“Hope you won’t disappoint me?”
“No Vivian, I’ll be there with you soon” he assured and the call ends.
Steve increased his speed immediately the call ends, he drag down his device notification bar instantly and saw another missed calls from Charles, his office co-mates and different other contact including Mary. He knew and was certain almost at once they’ve all seen the viral pictures and could only be the reason they were calling but he was never disturbed except for Vivian who didn’t ask him about it.
“Boss, that’s his car coming ahead” one of Sunny boys reported in their parked vehicle as soon as he saw Steve’s car coming and Sunny opened the back door at once in anger. He stepped out before his men did likewise all holding guns.
Steve stepped on the car brake immediately he was almost near Bourne Voil industrial site when he suddenly saw gunmen on the main road, he saw the first Gun man who appeared from one angle of the road and quickly recognized him as Sunny but he wasn’t faster than he should when a bullet hit the left front tire of his car.
Sunny rushed forward and fired another shot immediately Steve’s car instantly responded to his attack and stumbled over four times due to the speed he was coming with before his boys started shooting likewise. The car had stumbled more than twice and rolled over downwards before he ordered them to stop and he marched confidently forward after the car stopped at the fourth time in few meters away from them, he raised his gun to check if Steve was dead or still alive while the three of them followed behind.
But like Sunny expected, they heard Steve still made a faint sound in pains and he ordered one of them to help him out from the driver side he was stuck.
“Bring him out” he ordered as one of them quickly drag him by the waist after breaking the remaining pieces of the glass door.
Detective Cougar began to load bullet into his gun instantly due to the sound of the gunshot they heard as Detective Louis increased the car speed. They had followed Steve secretly earlier without his knowledge when they saw him move the car.

“He is slowing down again” Detective Louis said and slowed down his speed too, he was sure Steve will never discover they had seen him even in the tinted glasses of the car he was seated earlier when they arrived with the police officers and won’t know either if he was being followed due to the perfect distance maintained between their cars.
They had seen him move his car immediately they came out from their vehicle earlier and followed after him, following his driving pattern by increasing their speed and slowing down whenever he does.
“OH my God, what the goddamn” Detective Cougar exclaimed startled immediately Steve car suddenly stumbled four times on the road all of a sudden and different gunshots followed.
Detective Louis stepped on the car break instantly as they saw Gunmen shooting upfront, he stopped the car at once and they stepped out immediately with their guns in shock.
“What do we do?”
“Detective Louis asked immediately they stepped out.
“We do nothing but shoot”
“What !! Shoot who?”
“Yeah Louis, just shoot first” Detective Cougar said and cocked the gun he loaded at once.

Steve managed to rest himself on some part of the already destroyed car after one of Sunny men helped him out. The accident was so quick and unexpected he couldn’t make more counter movements.
“What a very terrible fate for you today Steve” Sunny remarked with anger and pointed his gun directly below Steve heart.
“s*** !! Sunny, did Lord Nathaniel ordered you to do this?” Steve asked helplessly, realizing the situation and stared a look at Sunny and his men.
“Don’t f****** ask me such question Steve” Sunny shouted without wasting any time and fired a shot at Steve but he missed his targeted point as two of his men suddenly fell dead right in distraction beside him when he fired the bullet that luckily missed Steve who made a quick move through the help of the distraction but the bullet went into his left shoulder when he tried to run almost instantly.
The two detectives began to fire their guns without stopping from their angles as Sunny unexpectedly began to shoot too when he saw Steve ran and made to quickly get cover from the sudden shooters.
Steve ran opposite direction of the road at once and luckily he saw the car Sunny and his boys were earlier into, he ran towards the driver side and opened the door. He got inside and ignite the car to move at once as a bullet hit the front glass at the passenger side.
“s***, we got to move out of here now” Sunny instructed the last standing man and fired another shot forward after seeing Steve was escaping with their car and he was so swift and quick.


Vivian went directly into the welcoming hands of her foster mother and the long hug made her foster dad cleared his throat when they seemed not to be letting go of themselves any time soon. They all burst into laughter and she went directly into her foster father’s arms happily.
“Wow, you are highly welcome back to our country dad and mum” Vivian greeted them.
“Thanks Vivian, even though there are lots of silly things we wouldn’t like to see here, this country is cool and nice atleast” Her dad said in his South African accent and her mum smiled.
“You just don’t go there again dad, this is no South Africa” Vivian countered and smiled.
“Darling we are here on a short vacation and I don’t think it’s time to compare countries now, let’s get some rest at least” her foster mum countered knowing fully they might start arguing right where they stood.
“Yeah you should go and rest now, how was your trip sir/ma” They heard someone said behind Vivian and Steve showed up.
“Sorry who are you young man?”
“Hey Steve, he’s my friend dad. Meet Steve Jones” Vivian answered him after she took a look backwards to see Steve walking up to them.
“OH wow, what an handsome young man. How are you Steve” Her foster mum said and smiled.
“I’m fine mum, how was your trip?”
“It was gorgeous” her foster dad answered instead and made a funny looks at Vivian.
“Vivian I’m sorry I came too late, I had some personal issues I need to..” Steve turned to her and apologized when she interrupt him.
“OH you don’t need to apologize Steve, I understand you have personal issues. Yeah I do.. And I uh.. I mean their flight was delayed more than the scheduled time unfortunately and fortunately we are still right here, so we are all good right?” she asked and made a face back to her dad.
“OH I see, let me help you with the luggage’s then” Sunny said and tried to lift one of the luggage but he dropped it straight away when he felt a sudden sharp pain from the bullet wound he had already bandaged and had a new cloth put on after the fast treatment he made on the wound.
“OH let me help you with that son, I think that is the heaviest among the luggage” Vivian Foster dad suggested when he saw Steve dropped it.
“No Dad, let me have them. My car is near here so I’ll just dropped it off quickly” Steve disagreed and managed to carry the luggage with both hands.
“OH thanks Steve, that is very kind of you” Her foster dad said as he carried it and started walking away while he carried the two left bags and followed behind him.

“No mum, he’s only a friend and that’s all, stop giving me those stares” Vivian whispered back into the woman’s ear as they also followed behind.

To be continued


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