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Story: I WANT A HOME- Episode 3


I want a home- Episode 3

Written by

Ireti Adedipe

Steve looked round his environment and kept his car key into his left pocket jacket immediately he came out from his car. He made a sigh in frustration the moment he sighted Lord Nathaniel under the shade in his big compound and began to walk towards him with three boys standing behind him along Sunny.
He couldn’t believe he was really in the drug lord compound despite his strong decision to leave the line of work and was about to do what was asked of him by lord Nathaniel forcefully.
“Welcome back Steve, it’s really good to have your old self again” Lord Nathaniel said and smiled happily as Steve close-by the shade. The three boys standing beside the drug lord greeted Steve by making some gestures silently except Sunny whose hands was folded.
“You made the right decision by doing this last job before we are both done for good. That’s was excellent of you Steve” the drug lord commented and smiled in mockery as Steve was now directly standing opposite him.
“If anything ever happens to her, it will be a bad war for you and I lord Nathaniel” Steve made a frown and made himself clear fearlessly as a warning and threatened.
“Nothing will happen to your girlfriend since you comply by my rules Steve but I’ll make sure I have my men monitoring and closely watching her” Lord Nathaniel said and stopped Sunny who was about to react to Steve threat by waving to him.
“And are you threatening him?” Sunny stubbornly spilled it out despite Lord Nathaniel attempts to stop him.
“Hey Sunny, stop right there and let me handle this now” the drug lord interrupted.
“No Boss, I need to know if Steve really just threatened you”
“I said let me handle this” He shouted again and made a brief glance backwards at Sunny.
“My men will monitor her Steve”
“No lord Nathaniel, I want your men totally away from her or any of her friends and relatives” Steve countered him immediately.
“Okay Steve, I know that girl is the reason you agreed to do this and I can see you’re only trying to protect her” Lord Nathaniel answered and raised his left finger to show his agreement immediately without a second thought about it.
“Good. So let’s get straight to business, what’s the plan?” Steve asked immediately and drag a chair from one of the angles to sit before sunny replied him impatiently after he moved closer to lord Nathaniel.
“The target arrives into the country tomorrow at noon and he’s possibly heading for an official meeting immediately. We are to apprehend him after the 1 hour meeting and collect the information we need by staging our men around him secretly as security officials”
“And who is the target?” Steve asked and pocket his hands.
“He’s an Arabian business man called Abdul Rauf and he’s majorly here to meet a man called Mishra who struck a deal with him”
“Mishra !!” Steve exclaimed and widened his brow In confusion as he suddenly remembered something about the name.
“And have you found out the kind of deal between them?”
“No. That won’t be necessary, all we need to do is to clear off any physical problems ahead the time to attack Abdul Rauf”
“Isn’t Abdul Rauf going to be fully guarded?”
“He will be, he’s surrounded by six highly trained professional guards who will kill even a flie at the slightest sight”
“What about Mishra? What have you found out about him?”
“Mishra is one of his illegal business dealers, his identity is unknown to us but we found out he back-up every deals involving the target, that is all we know about him” Sunny replied somewhat already frustrated with the questions and made it clear with the way he answered.
“We have to change that plan Sunny” Steve said and took out his phone instantly as sunny exclaimed and the guards with them widened their eyebrow including Lord Nathaniel in confusion.
“What !!” Sunny exclaimed in annoyance, he knew from the start something like that was bound to happen and that make him more annoyed.
“That is a good plan Steve, why does it need to be changed?” Lord Nathaniel asked.
“It has to change because Mishra isn’t just an illegal business dealer like Sunny said, he is very much connected and has a lot of dealers working secretly for him. I did a background check on him sometimes ago and I found out he was responsible for the recent attack on Lord Baaji business dealing three months ago and If he surely struck a deal with Abdul Rauf, that means there is a perfect plan ahead to stop any physical attack”
“Then are you saying we shouldn’t attack him?” Sunny asked.
“We can’t attack Abdul Rauf upfront successfully, that is absolutely impossible especially when they are surrounded by professionals and we don’t know the plans they have in place but we can get him through Mishra somehow without a gun battle or killing anybody and losing any men”
“How” Lord Nathaniel asked.
“I discovered something intriguing about Mishra” Steve answered.

GMT 02:08pm
“I am going into the club now, target is on a white shirt and black trouser, a black Italian shoe and wears no tie” Steve said into the wireless talkon as he walked inside.
“Copy that” a response came through the earpiece.
“One guard at the entrance, two standing guards adjacent to my position and target seen. Do you copy?”
“Copy that”
“Good. I’m moving up to target position now, stay focused” Steve said and walked directly beside the bar Mishra was seated after he took note of all the standing positions of Mishra guards.
He walked towards the target who was on a drink and sat beside him, removing his eye glasses.
“Why do Mishra guards always have to stands some distance away from him?”
“Of course to let whoever wants to attack him thinks he’s alone, it’s seemed stupid hearing it but he’s really the safest” Steve heard the two guys monitoring and directing his movement discussed as he greeted the target who was seated alone on the long roll.
“HI” he greeted and sit some meters to him.
“Hi” Mishra greeted back him by raising his right hand and smiled.
“What are you drinking?” Steve asked him smiling and move closer to him.
“it’s Mojito, want to have some?”
“No, that’s too sweet. I prefer Whiskey” Steve answered and smiled again.
“Hey, A bottle of Whiskey for the strong boy here” Mishra told the bartender and smiled again, giving Steve the chance to move more closer to him without considering he was speaking with a stranger.
“So what’s your name strong boy?” Mishra asked.
“I’m Steve, what about you?”
“I’m Mishra, son of the devil” he whispered into Steve right ear and burst into laughter.
“So are you waiting for someone here? You seemed more handsome to just be alone” Mishra began a conversation as Steve was now totally close to him, leaving no distance between them. He took a brief look around in pretense to appreciate the environment and the cool atmosphere of the club to still confirm the position of the guards but made sure he prevented making any eye contact with them.
“Yes I am here alone to drink” He replied after turning back and stylishly brought out a tiny device with a flat shaped cover mouth from his jacket. He sighted Mishra phone beside the glass cup he was seated and took the champagne the bartender dropped.
“Wow, as handsome as you are, don’t you have a girlfriend?” Mishra smiled again and asked Steve
“Oh I don’t, I am huh a..” Steve said trying to stammer
“Gay?” Mishra asked.
“Yeah. I know it’s sound ridiculous but I”
“I am also a gay too Steve, and I prefer handsome men like you than a woman”
“Really !!” Steve exclaimed as if he didn’t know already and didn’t see it coming quick when Mishra suddenly placed a kiss on his lips. He was shocked and wanted to jerk off straight away at first in surprise at the ridiculous act but returned the kiss reluctantly in seconds instead before Mishra broke away and smiled seductively.
“I was actually here to meet Brian, my gay partner who called to meet me up here this morning and I’ve been waiting for 2 hours now but I don’t think he will be here any time soon because his phone isn’t going through anymore. I think I like you Steve” he commented without shame and smiled without minding the stares from some un-lookers unlike Steve who found it disgusting but didn’t let it show on his face. He knew such occurrence was bound to happen when he attacked Brian some hours ago and used his phone to contact Mishra for a meeting but was surprised Mishra easily let his guard down than he expected.
“I like you too Mishra, and I like your dress” Steve whispered back and tried to faint a smile, he touched the collar of the cloth and smiled the second time as he used the distraction to check what he had done fast on the man’s phone when they were kissing earlier. The loading process was still at 75% and that made him finally concluded that the type of security on the phone was good, it was accurately protected like he thought and must be the only reason he was denied access when he had tried to hack it some hours ago but using a direct log will give full access.
He suddenly grab Mishra by the time he raised up his face and placed another kiss on his lips to give the keylogger he planted access to break down the phone full security silently despite that the guards fixed gaze was on him and some of the un-lookers has started minding their business in disgust. He cling unto the kiss without blinking but stopped after he removed the tiny device from the phone when the process finally loaded successfully.
“Wow huh can we go somewhere private now? It’s seems we need to do this” Mishra said and touched Steve shoulder seductively.
“No Mishra, I think you need to attend to your ringing phone first, you have an incoming call”
“What call?” Mishra asked him and took a look at his phone but it wasn’t ringing neither was there any missed calls as he doubled tap the screen. But before he could take a look back, it’s started ringing truthfully and Abdul Rauf was boldly displayed on the screen. He took it up quickly and smiled.
“Sorry I have to answer this private call, I’ll send someone to hook you up with me soon” he smiled and started walking away to answer the call.
“I planted a keylogger and Abdul Rauf just called him now, monitor their conversation and trace Mishra movement with the tracker I put on the collar of his shirt ” Steve said into the talkon receiver as Mishra left him and the three guards standing some distance away followed behind him out of the club.
“Copy that, we saw the log-on already and we broke the security signal” another response came through his earpiece.
“Good. Connect me with Sunny straight away, I have some instructions to give him” he order and drank the full content of the champagne left in the glass cup as few people in the club who saw him kissing Mishra earlier was still staring at him with disgust
“OK boss”

“Steve, Abdul Rauf is out of the meeting location and I think he’s headed to meet Mishra now. He’s already entering the car with his escorts” Sunny said watching Abdul Rauf coming out from the building with heavy guards around him as soon as he was connected to Steve.
“OK Sunny, I think you don’t need to track or follow them any longer. I am monitoring Mishra movement from here and I am closely behind him likewise, they just communicated 45 seconds ago and I’ve discovered their exact meeting point. All I need you to do is to locate your boys and tell them to kidnap Mishra immediately he get to the parking garage of the building he’s headed while I’ll meet up with Abdul Rauf disguised as Mishra to make the deal”
“Haven’t they met before?”
“It’s their first meeting together and I don’t think one recognized the other”
“What about the guards? How do we handle them?” Sunny pointed out.
“I think their guards aren’t going along with them according to their conversations, they are to stay in different position few meters away from the building under an agreement that both parties should not come along with any weapons, so that makes it easier for us than having to fight with them upfront”
“Ok then, how do I get the location of the meeting?”
“I’m sending it already into your phone, you can check it out” Steve answered and ignite the car he was inside before speeding off and end the connection with sunny temporarily

Mishra drove carefully inside the parking garage without any of his guards escorting him as he looked left and right the garage for empty space to park his vehicle.
Luckily he spotted a space beside a Van in less than three minutes of driving and parked the vehicle. He took out his phone and came out from the car first before selecting the message application of his phone after locking the car door to sent a quick text to Abdul, informing him he was already in the building.
He hadn’t taken four steps away from the driver side of the car when the Van door beside him opened and two of sunny’s men suddenly rushed out, one of them immediately sent a punch into his belly and the other one covered his mouth with a tape straight away to prevent him from shouting. Mishra wanted to counter the swift attack but they were stronger and easily apprehend him before he was pushed into the van hurriedly after another blow landed on him.
“Mishra is handled, Abdul Rauf will be in the building in 5 minutes. I have spotted his car entering the garage and he will possibly use the elevator” Sunny’s voice came through Steve talkon as he began to walk to the meeting spot.
“What about the package? Is it with him?” Steve asked as he began to walk slowly knowing fully he still has 3 minutes before Abdul Rauf could get to the roof of the building where they are ought to meet before he noticed his phone was vibrating and there was an incoming call from Vivian, he took several looks at the screen without answering the call because of the ongoing mission but hoped she hasn’t put herself into another trouble again, knowing she only calls when she needs his help.
“He is holding the tablet device, I think he has it” Sunny answered him.
“Good. I knew I was right about this but I want you to stay in position incase Abdul Rauf might want to act dumbly”
“He is already walking closely behind you” Sunny’s voice interrupted again as Steve rejected Vivian’s call and returned the phone into his pocket when he heard the target footsteps. He turned back and faced him directly.
“HI, I’m Abdul Rauf, are you Mishra?” Abdul asked and extend an handshake to Steve who was disguised as Mishra.
“HI, I’m Mishra” Steve replied him confidently and smiled after extending an handshake to him likewise.
“OK. But I thought I was expecting a middle aged man”
“No you aren’t, Strong boy” Steve said and added their identity code name he discovered from reading most of Mishra conversations. He repeated ‘Strong boy” but Abdul still looked confused and asked for the pass pin number.
“What’s the pass pin number?”
“It’s not a number, it’s Mojito and I love the chess” Steve answered him correctly and smiled.
“Oh, sorry I doubted you. I had to be sure I am with the right person”
“It’s okay, did you receive the payment?” Steve asked.
“Yes I did and I have the package at the last floor” Abdul Rauf answered and made a gesture backwards.
“Okay, let’s go get it” Steve said and nodded before he felt his phone vibrating again but he didn’t bother taking it out.
They got to the last floor in five minutes and Abdul brought out a tablet device and a small bag from the car. He stretched both to Steve and handed it over after putting off the device password.
“Cool?” he asked Steve who nodded after confirming the contents of the tablet and the small bag.
“Thanks” Steve said and smiled to receive Abdul hand shake when a bullet suddenly went into his skull suddenly.
Steve stepped backwards instantly with shock and got annoyed when he saw Sunny was the shooter.
“What did you do? We already received the package, what was the need to kill him” Steve shouted in annoyance and flared towards sunny immediately.
“Because that was the real operation Steve, that is exactly what should be done to keep off Lord Nathaniel from future crisis and I just did the right thing” Sunny replied but wasn’t fast to see it coming and dodge Steve attack as a blow landed twice at his cheek.
“Listen up. I’m the one giving orders here, who the hell are you to decide anything?” Steve shouted and grab Sunny’s shirt in anger after he dodged the third attempt but Sunny too retaliated immediately and punched him.
“Your damn operation has ended and mine begins now idiot, have you forgotten your time has expired and the job is done”
“But why didn’t lord Nathaniel tell me this?” Steve shouted on him and released his shirt.
“Because he knows you don’t have the courage to kill, you have become weak Steve. Just go to your mansion, listen to your wife blabber and be ready to change the kids diaper like you wanted, you are definitely fit to do just that” Sunny replied panting and straightened his shirt before his men in the Van showed up behind them.
He winks and walked away from Steve who still looked annoyed but knew his job was done and Sunny actually said the truth.
“Clean and dispose the two bodies” Sunny ordered the men as he walked towards the tablet and the bag Steve dropped on the floor.
Steve closed his eyes to think and reopened it when his phone vibrated again but the vibration ended quicker. He took out the phone and tried to calm himself as a message was boldly displayed from Vivian.

“What’s up with the gay of a thing? Is that what you wanted to tell me about you earlier because there are pictures of you kissing a man and its trending on the internet right now. Are you really a gay?” the message says.

To be continued


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