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Story: I WANT A HOME- Episode 2


I want a home- Episode 2

Written by

Ireti Adedipe

“But you could at least tell her and faced the rejection bro” Charles burst into laughter as Steve narrate exactly what happened when he wanted to propose to Vivian, even though he knew Steve felt hurt with his immediate remark, he made clear mockery of him as he dropped the cup of juice Steve offered to celebrate the new house he just bought.
“I felt embarrassed that day Charles, I was already on my knees with the ring case tightly in my fingers and I was about to say the most magnificent qualifications before she told me to stand up and stopped me, she actually said don’t do this please”
“Wait Charles, you meant to say she said that loudly in public?”
“Yeah she did. It was as if she knows what I’m thinking already and that got me confused if Vivian really cherished me like you all assumed, I am definitely on the lost track Charles”
“Of course you are mehn, what do you expect already when you took her on a date at a place famous for proposals? Are you going to get married to her easily like that?”
“Charles, I am in love with Vivian and I want her to be my wife”
“Of course I know bro and I’m not disputing it, that is why you bought this house to be together with her. Who wouldn’t know that huh? But luckily you got your answers without the questioning”
“But she doesn’t want to…”
“At least a trail is enough, who knows if she’s pretending? I know and I’m sure Vivian loves you, especially whenever she looks at you” Charles said with a chuckle and walked away toward the kitchen immediately leaving Steve standing.
Steve stood akimbo in few minutes and started looking all around the neat sitting room and the decorations he had done all round the room as Charles walked towards the kitchen. He loose his tie and made to sit down on one of the chairs when his phone began to ring out and to speak of the devil, Vivian was boldly displayed on the screen.
“HI Vivian” he said immediately he answered the call.
“Hey Steve, please come and help me out here. I’m in a little bit of trouble with the cops”
“The cops?”
“Yeah. I was charged with a lots more offense I didn’t commit, please come over” Vivian begged.

An Hour later;

Steve thanked one of the cops and headed out of the station with Vivian who was some distance away already looking for Steve car as he gave assuring look to the officer.
“Hey let me open that for you” he said immediately he left the cop and rushed down towards his car when he saw Vivian trying to forcefully open a locked passenger seat door. He used the car key remote control to unlock the doors as she entered before he also entered the driver side and ignite the car.
“Seat belt please” he said slowly and began to put on the driver seat belt.
“Common Steve, will you always abide with rules all your life?” she asked and made a frown.
“Seat belt please” Steve repeated before she reluctantly use her seat belt.
“I know I went against the road traffic rules Steve but that shouldn’t give you the audacity to force me on anything. My goodness, how can I be charged with different other offences” Vivian complained as if Steve asked her any explanation even though she knew that will be the third time he’ll save her ass up from the cops.
“You were driving at a fast speed and you slapped a police officer who told you to turn over when you know you’ve disobeyed the traffic rules”
“I’m sorry Steve, I’m really sorry okay. And thanks for saving my ass today again. You are the only one I could call to help out knowing fully my aunt isn’t going to show up”
“Thanks !!” Steve exclaimed in surprise and shock
“Yeah thanks Steve, I really appreciate you”
“Wow you do?”
“Yeah. Of course I do”
Vivian answered and took a brief look at him immediately he began to drive, she caught him smiling even though he acted not to when she looked at him.
“What?” she asked and widened her brow
“What’s what?” Steve asked too and made a brief look at her as he continued driving slowly.
“You seemed surprised I’m thanking you”
“Of course I do Vivian, that’s a word you’ve never ever said to me for years”
“Oh !! Is that really true? I’m sorry Steve”
“Huh You don’t need to be Viv” Steve smiled and made another glance at her as she also looked at him. They both suddenly burst into laughter for some seconds before Vivian speaks.
“And Steve I… I want, to.. To” she stammered trying to show some gestures.
“You want to what?” Steve helped out when he stopped laughing and saw her stammering lips.
“I meant about our last date together”
“Our last date?”
“Yes, did you… I mean huh.. Do you want to propose to me that night at the restaurant?” she finally spilled it out stressing the propose.
“What did you say?” Steve asked and turned to her.
“You were behaving so weirdly the other day at the restaurant we went, did you”
“No” Steve interrupted her before she could complete her words.
“Are you sure?” she asked.
“Yeah I am”
“Wow thank God”
“Thank God !! Why are you happy about it Vivian?” Steve asked her.
“No it’s not that I’m happy.. Uh I’m just sort of happy that…. Yes, like thank God”
“You still haven’t answer my question Vivian”
“I just did so Steve, what else do you want me to say? I’m just sort of happy honestly”
“You are just happy I didn’t” Steve said and stopped, he made a chuckle and concentrated back on the road as there was silence between them for about five minutes before he broke the silence again.
“Anyway listen up Vivian, I think it’s been more than 31 months now we’ve been together as best friends”
“31 months !! Oh my Goodness. Have you been counting?” Vivian exclaimed weirdly even though her mood already changed.
“Yeah it’s 31 months already, and i huh wish to tell you something about myself”
“Something about you?” she asked.
“Yes. About me, something I’ve been wanting to tell you”
“Oh Okay. I’m listening” she urged and turned to face him even though she seemed somehow irritated with his slow driving and she doesn’t suddenly understand how she feels within.
“Huh… I think you should not bother, I’ll tell you about it when I come back” he said instead and took a look at his beeping phone.
“Wow, here comes Steve my best hand man” Lord Nathaniel announced loudly and dropped the cup he was holding.
“I’ve been waiting for you Steve” he greeted and made a chuckle.
“If it’s a must you kill me lord Nathaniel, please let it be upfront and direct if you really want me dead. That way you’ll gonna earned my respect” Steve said with annoyance immediately without returning his greetings.
“Hey relax Steve, I would have killed you if I wanted to and I would not have sent just a man to do it, come and let’s have a seat first, I know how strong you are and I know you better than yourself boy” the drug lord said and Steve followed him as he walk to have a seat.
“What do you want from me again lord Nathaniel? I’ve done all you wanted me to do and I’ve told you I’m no longer interested in this line of work. Why the hell do you need to sent one of your boys to kill me?”
“Calm your nerves Steve, it’s all because I know you’ll come looking for me if you ended up killing the assassin I sent to kill you like I wanted, I saw the dead body and I’ve been wanting to ask you if you had roast him in fire”
“What is it you want from me Lord Nathaniel?” Steve raised his voice and stood up with confidence without answering his remarks.
“You’ve asked me same question multiple times now but the way you asked them only makes the difference my boy” Lord Nathaniel answered him and raised his hand to signal to the two guards standing behind him. The guards turned and both walk away before he continued.
“Do not forget where you came from and who made you this strong Steve, it’s very difficult for me to let you go because you think you’ve been reformed but do this last mission for me and I’ll let you go finally”
“No Lord Nathaniel, I am not doing this anymore for you. It’s just enough between us and I’m done doing your jobs” Steve strongly disagreed and made an attempt to leave instantly before the two guards who left earlier suddenly dragged along them a tied man who was pushed forward and forcefully made to be on his knees immediately. Steve stopped walking and took a look at the man’s face with the way he was handled by the guards, the strange man didn’t seem familiar to him or if he’d seen him anywhere but he had to stop when the drug lord brought out a pistol and pointed it at the man’s skull.
“Nathaniel we can sort this out between us, you don’t have to do this to me please” The man begged and made few gestures to apologize.
“You committed a sin against me and you expect me to let it go just like that huh? Why the goddamn are you begging me after what you did” Lord Nathaniel flared up and cocked the pistol instantly.
“Please Nathaniel, think of our mother if not anything and forgive…” he couldn’t complete the words when the drug lord shoot and sent a bullet directly through his skull.
Steve stood akimbo in surprise as he suddenly remembered the man’s identity, he stared at the lord who returned the gun back behind him before the guards made to clear off the dead body and he took a longer look at Lord Nathaniel who made a wicked smirk at him.
“He deserves death for disobeying and going against my orders even though he is my blood brother, what difference will you make Steve? You have no option than to obey my instructions and get me what I want else I’ll go after your loved ones” he added and smiled wickedly before walking away as Steve watched the guards still struggling to carry off the corpse. He made his fist and controlled the urge to hit the drug lord angrily.
The whole atmosphere was cool as Steve sat quietly in the restaurant with a fruit juice placed on the table. He seemed busy with the phone in his hands as he began to view the pictures of a man boldly displayed on the screen. He had access full details and all the information he needed about the man when two men suddenly approached him and took their seat in front of him without him permitting them.
“Hey Steve, I’m detective Cougar and this my partner detective Louis, sorry we are gonna take few of your time”
One of them mentioned as Steve kept staring at them before they both show their identity cards.
“How do we get down Lord Nathaniel?” the detective started in assumption that Steve had already given the permission.
“What !!”
“The drug lord you worked for and his operation you’re trying to quit now, how can we arrest him?” the detective hit the nail directly after Steve exclamation.
Steve widened his brow immediately but he wasn’t scared, he took a strange looks at the two detectives and examined them in 2 minutes if they were truly detectives.
“How do you know I’m quitting” he asked them.
“Leave that to us Mr. Steve, we clearly follow all your tracks despite that you are extremely good at erasing all the captured footages before we get to see them, we know the operation you work for and your drug lord identity but we can’t arrest him without evidence, we need your help”
“I’m sorry detective, I don’t know what is it you’re saying. Perhaps you met the wrong person”
“Please help us out Steve, we know you and lord Nathaniel are presently on bad terms and threat to kill yourselves, why don’t you help us capture him instead?”
“Excuse me, I said I don’t know what you’re saying nor do I have a proper idea of who you men are” Steve denied and stands up to leave immediately.
“You can contact us anytime you change your mind Steve, you are our only hope to get down Lord Nathaniel for good” the second detective said before he could walk totally away from them.
Vivian sat on her office desk as she discuss with Margaret, her office colleague who was seated adjacent her desk. They both smiled and she looked back end the whole office to see Steve concentrating on the project the company manager assigned to him that morning when they were called for a brief meeting.
“He’s always concentrating on his work and he’s such a feeble boring gentleman to me” Vivian smiled as she complained.
“You meant to say he bought another more beautiful house?”
“Yeah. He furnished the whole compound and building excellently, my goodness, Steve is too neat and too composed for my liking”
“OH my bad, but he’s handsome and richer than he looks Viv, you’ve maltreated that gentleman longer than you should Vivian”
“Hmm. I know he wanted to propose to me that night at the restaurant but I wasn’t myself that very night”
“Hmm. You weren’t yourself?”
“Yeah Margaret, I told you about our last date didn’t I? and I asked him about it some days ago when he came to save my ass from the cops but he said No”
“He said No !!” Margaret exclaimed.
“Yeah. He denied on proposing but Margaret, the truth of the matter is I think I love Steve”
“You love him?”
“Yeah. I think I do girlie”
“Oh my God since when Vivian?”
“I don’t know Margaret and I really want to get off this feeling within me since he wasn’t proposing in reality” Vivian answered and turned her gaze back to her friend.
“But you said he indeed went on his knees the night at the restaurant and your saw something between his both palm”
“Yeah I did”
“Then how did you react to him?” Margaret asked and crossed her legs as she asked and smiled.

“I told him to stand up and not to do it”
“Wow, right there at the public? Oh my God, how must he have felt? He must have been embarrassed my dear.

To be continued


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