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Story: I WANT A HOME- Episode 11


I want a home- Episode 11

Written by

Ireti Adedipe

“How can we blow up a complete 5 story building just like that? I think I agreed with Target, we should not allow Uzza continue leading us this way else we are on a path of doom” The two men left in the control room continued their discussion as they turned on the connected bombs placed in every corner of the whole building from the control room automatically through the computers.
“What we need to do now is convince more men to our sides, especially those who know the full techniques of the drug business but remember, Neither of us know how its been organized or know any of the links evolved, not even Target himself”
“Yeah. That is exactly why I suggest we tell him to convince Benjie who is more closer to Uzza”
“Oops bro.. Don’t even go there. Benjie will have our heads, We can’t tell him if we want to succeed with the overthrown. Everyone here is scared and loyal to Uzza, they are ready to die for him and that is why we need to be very discreet about it and who we tell”
“I agreed with you, Benjie is such a b****** son of a fish and I think we need to take him out first. He might be there to disrupt our plans” the second man added as his fingers worked swiftly on the keyboard and he stopped suddenly when the system screen turned green and the bomb count down began.
“I think I have a better idea of what we should do” he stood straight and turned to his partner who made a brief glance at him.
“What do we do?” he asked.
“Let’s warn Margot to leave the building and how about we make a deal with her”
“A deal.. What deal?” the first man exclaimed and finally turned to him with a serious look.
“We could help her with what she also wants in exchange for Uzza’s life. Believe me, that’s the best plan”
“Uh.. That isn’t a plan, that’s an act of betrayer Tom, we cannot make a deal with that old witch whatsoever.. She always brings nothing but trouble. My goodness wait for me Tom, where are you going?” he asked immediately Tom made to leave without listening to him.
“I’m going to warn Margot before the bomb explode and to safely help some of the hostages who can help themselves by running out of this damn building before its all in fire” Tom answered him and ran out from the room hurriedly.


FLASHBACK; Some Minutes ago.
“I do not appreciate a distraction during a secret business activities Margot, even though I owe you one, You should quite understand I have a lot to do and I expect you handle any trouble you might have found yourself. I am a busy man for goodness sake” Vladimir said without greetings as different gunmen rushed out behind him from the van and the big jeep he came out from immediately.
“Wie ist es dir gegangen old friend?” ( how have you been? ) Margot greeted him immediately in German language.
“Ich habe meine Fl├╝gel auf der ganzen Welt ausgebreitet Margot ” ( I’ve been spreading my wings across the world ) he replied her back with German and accept her shake.
“Oh.. I can see You’ve grown older Vladimir, thanks for respecting my call” Margot added and smiled. The short part memories she had with Vladimir suddenly flashed through her heart, following a dully side of regrets that surge through her head immediately she sighted the wrinkles on his face. She remembered many years ago when she was deeply in love with him and their short term experience together before they departed due to a profound uncontrollable drug business that almost took their life, she remembered she had loved him wholeheartedly before business came in it forms and led her silly emotions into meeting Nathaniel who betrayed her trust.
Even though they’ve met more than once after each of them became a drug lord, she still sometimes feel attached to Vladimir but she never let her emotions leads her into making stupid mistakes when she knows anyone could turned an enemy anytime and an enemy into a friend or business associates. She smiled again before Vladimir distract her thought.
“I owe you one Margot, so let’s get over this quickly” Vladimir said and released her handshake, bringing her back from the world of her life thoughts.
“Here are my men and the professional hackers you requested. So what’s the plan?
“There’s no other plans Vladimir than to attack the building upfront and bring me the head of Uzza”
“We can’t just attack a building we know nothing about Margot, and who the hell is this Uzza?” Vladimir asked impatiently.
“The goddamn b****** is their drug lord and he has something that belongs to me Vladimir. Fredrick will brief your men about the building while your professional hackers will help and direct their movements from here”
“Good. Let’s get over this quickly” Vladimir said and brought out his gun.


“No. We are taking the back route out of here” Joel repeated and the next punch he sent went directly on the last of the five men he just defeated singlehandedly, he smashed his fist harder on him until he made sure the upper part of his body would not be useful ever for him again.
He dropped his body on the floor and followed the direction he told Steve to take after relaying some messages to him.
“Your hands on your heads, place your hands on your head now” four policemen shouted and surrounded three of Lord Nathaniel’s men who raised their hands nonchalantly after a bullet was fired into the belly of one of them.
“I think I just lost him, he was behind this pillar a minute ago” Detective Louis shouted out from his position, referring to Steve Jones.
“He must have taken the other route, let’s check” Detective Cougar said and moved forward tactically even though the gunshot in the building had reduced and dead bodies were everywhere, he walked carefully and alert to shoot anytime.



“Something is not right your lordship, I’ll say we move our men out now” Fredrick announced through his mouthpiece immediately he and some men got to the third floor hurriedly without a sight of Uzza’s men or anyone, the place was dead silent and nothing was in place.
“Yeah I supposed. This whole building is goddamn deserted” Vladimir added.
“Stone what is your Status? What is happening?” Vladimir also asked one of his men through his communication piece as he stood beside Margot.
“Boss I can’t access any connection from here, its either the building has no signal or its totally secured”
“Fredrick what is going on?” Margot also asked her man as she stopped walking.
“There is no sign of anyone here boss, all the rooms are empty”
“Empty? What do you mean its empty? Which of the floors are you?” she asked repeatedly.
“I’m at the 3rd floor trying to locate the control room, I sent some men already to the 4th and 5th. I think there is no one in here”
Margot heard him and everyone of them stopped.
“Our positions are clear. Boss the entire building is empty” Vladimir also heard his men before they suddenly heard heavy screams of people behind them.
“Tom the bomb will explode in 124 seconds, Uzza and the rest of the men are almost out from the underground passage. Where the hell are you?”
“I just helped the hostages out, I’m at the second floor already and I have to help Margot out before the bomb explode”


Joel followed hurriedly behind Steve as they tried to get out from the building through the back exit Vivian took earlier, they were almost at the exit when they heard a cracking sound behind them.
“Stop right there? Stop now or I’ll shoot” Inspector Kelvin shouted and fired a shot at the small gate that leads outside the building directly before Steve could ran outside, they yield and stopped immediately one more shot followed.
“Drop your guns and place your hands on your head” the inspector added.
Joel dropped his gun following the way he shouted before Steve dropped he’s too and both of them turned after he shouted but the inspector didn’t see it coming when Joel threw the fire extinguisher placed at one corner of passage up his face immediately he turned and charged towards the inspector who unfortunately didn’t expect it.


08:42 am

Mr. Kruger heaved a deep sigh as he brought down the last of the luggage into the sitting room where his wife and Vivian were seated, a small traveling box and a small bag he held. He took a brief look at his wrist-watch, its just few minutes to 9:00am and they had less than an hour to go or miss their flight back to South Africa. Their vacation was somewhat unpleasant and now its time to go back home, he thought.
“I think we have to go now, we can’t miss our flight” He announced and started buttoning up his sleeve but neither Vivian nor Mrs. Kruger responded or even heard him. He repeated himself and looked at their faces when there were still no response from them before he realized their attention was fixed on the Tv.
There were a lot of casualties and 26 people lost their lives as a result of the explosion. The police and some security agencies are already making their findings to know what caused the explosion of the five story building right in the middle of the street. However the minister for Defense has assured all citizens to be calm and cooperate with the security agencies incase any relation members of theirs are…the building which belongs to the BP laboratory” the news on the tv continues before Mr. Kruger distracted their attention.
“We have to leave now darling” He uttered after Vivian and his wife finally turned to him.
“Is Rhoda here?” Mrs. Kruger asked him.
“She isn’t yet, we can’t be waiting for her anymore, we have limited time or we’ll miss our flight”
“She ought to take us to the airport, I’m sure she’ll be here soon. Let’s wait” Mrs. Kruger countered and turned back to the Tv.


“Its impossible to take the drive even for a minute without him knowing”
“Yes but We can still copy the data into our laptop from the program you created and maybe we could retrieve the whole thing even without the tablet”
“Cheng don’t you think this is too dangerous? Uzza will have us killed if he found out about this, remember his eyes are all on us and we are the only ones that knows much about the drive. Its too dangerous” the other Chinese man countered.
“Yes but I think we still have some other easy options and Uzza wouldn’t know about it”
“And what would that be?”
“We can easily access Metlife servers”
“What !! Their server?”
“Yeah. we are talking of billions here man, we can’t miss it too” Cheng answered him and took a glance backwards to check if they were been watched.


“We can help you capture him if you’d accept and help us” Tom finally explained himself better after a bit perambulation.
Margot widened her eyebrow immediately and made a smirk, “I lost a lot of men in that explosion, so why should I help you? Aren’t you just another version of that b******?” She asked.
“We saved your life from burning in that explosion your lordship, that should better convince you this is not a trap”
“Hmm. Really? Are you saying you want to betray your boss for her? Vladimir asked them.
“We are only setting things right, we also want Uzza’s death as much as she does” Tom added.
“Then tell me where he is and how to easily capture him” Margot told them and stands.


“Boss, one of our men confirmed it. Margot was truly attacked yesterday” Benjie walked into the room Uzza was seated and announced without minding what he was doing.
“They saw her been attacked but they didn’t see her move to attack us. That’s absolutely thrilling” Uzza said and closed the laptop after nodding twice.
“And who attacked her?” he finally asked after a brief silence.
“It’s a drug lord that controls the western part.. He’s called lord Nathaniel”
“Nathaniel !! What a fetish name” Uzza called out and smiled.
“And what was the attack for?” he asked again before standing up.
“I don’t know boss”
“You don’t know? How many times have I told you not to give me incomplete irrational information again Benjie? Check properly if Margot burnt in that explosion and relay full information to me when you have them but right now I need you to arrange a flight for us to New York city. I think we need to visit Metlife” Uzza instructed.


Lord Nathaniel made a chuckle and walked out from the bar immediately Sunny walked inside with Steve and Joel, he dropped his drinks and nodded twice to excuse the men standing behind Sunny.

“Hmm. Who do we have here? Steve Jones and the mighty Joel Gray, what are you doing in my territory Joel? Both of you just walked directly yourself into my den. Why are you?” He asked and smiled before he raised a gun on Steve.

To be continued


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