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Story: I WANT A HOME- Episode 1


I want a home- Episode 1

Written by

Ireti Adedipe

“No aunty, I can’t marry Steve because he doesn’t belong to my class and I don’t even love him” Vivian disagreed and crossed her hands to show her total rejection in marrying Steve Jones like her aunt wanted her. She turned herself backwards making a frown and tried to face another direction as they continued their argument.
“And what exactly is your problem Vivian? As far as I know, Steve is a good man who cherish and love you than anything else and I don’t quite understand the type of class you are that he isn’t, what class exactly are you that he doesn’t belong to? He owns a car, you don’t own one. He owns two houses, you don’t even own one except the house inherited to you by your late parent and he earned lesser to the salary you’re being paid at work. Vivian what exactly is the problem?” her aunt shouted in anger and walked away angrily to have her sit after seeing Vivian’s mind was set elsewhere and she was still reluctant despite all the persuasion she did.
“You just can’t understand aunty, Steve is not the type of man I desires, we are merely friends alone and there’s nothing that will ever happen between him and I because I love someone else”
“You are still repeating the same thing Vivian, tell me exactly what is wrong in marrying Steve? What has the young man done to deserve the bad treat you are giving him?”
“Aunty, Steve is feeble minded, he isn’t my type. He has a soft spot and I don’t think he’s man enough to protect me like I wanted”
“To protect you !!”
“Protect you from what?”
“Aunty what I meant is that Steve is too slow and he’s not the fun type of man that deserves me. He’s always trying to talk me out of having fun and trying to change who I am, and besides my position at the office is senior to he’s and we have a lot more of differences that won’t make us work out”
“OH Differences huh, the only difference I see between you is Steve being more responsible and well mannered. For goodness sake he acquired all he attained at the same company you work while you lavish your earnings on irrelevant parties and sorts, look here my dear, I see no reason why you should reject a gentleman proposal to marry you”
“Proposal !!”
“Yes proposal, didn’t he propose to you?”
“No aunty, Steve didn’t propose to marry me. He hasn’t” Vivian argued and turned to face her aunt directly, hoping she could persuade her the more, even though deep down she knows her aunt was right and Steve indeed is a good man.
“Wait, you meant to say Steve had never proposed to you?” her aunt asked in shock.
“Move this car faster, move faster man”
“I’m trying my best here man, what else do you want me to do?”
“Move this b**** faster or the cops are gonna catch up with us mehn, Do you want us to get caught?”
“Hey man I’m trying my best here, will you drive the goddamn car then?”
The two men continued their argument in fear as different cop vehicles are now closely behind them and more already coming opposite their direction. They both took different glances at the side mirror to check the little distance between the police behind them as their siren sound so loud in the air.
The robbery they just successfully ended up doing was coming well until the cops suddenly showed up when they were some distance away to the crime scene and the ongoing chase had began 5 minutes ago at the less busy road.
“Stop this vehicle now or we shoot” the cops were shouting repeatedly and was soon to catch up with them.
“Put a damn call to Steve and ask where the **** he went to, we goddamn need him here” the armed robber driving shouted at his crime partner who was seated at the front passenger side and still trying to load a gun with bullets but the fast speed of the car slowed him down longer than he should.
“What the hell are you doing? I said pick up your goddamn phone and call Steve right now, not the guns” he shouted again but his partner didn’t wait to hear the rest, he had started shooting at the police vehicle behind and aimed at their front tire but stopped and step back into the vehicle when the police started shooting likewise. He tried to calm himself and his breathing pace when the police bullet luckily missed him to hit the side mirror and lowered his stands in the car instantly to save himself from being hit by the bullet piercing through the vehicle back glass.
“Call Steve now or we gonna die” the one driving shouted again and turn to another side of the road to prevent the cop vehicles coming forward from stopping them.
“Where the hell are you Steve? The cops are after us bulls***” the second armed robber shouted into the phone immediately the call he dialed was answered.
“I know you are been chased by the cops and I thought you could handled the situation yourself without asking for my help” Steve response came through the phone.
“What the damn are you saying Steve? Your part of the bargain was to drive us safely away after we grab the money, where the hell were you because you weren’t in the car”
“Are you gonna listen to me now or continue complaining and get caught by the police?” Steve asked.
“Start talking now you mother****er, the police are shooting at us”
“Good. Now listen attentively, get to the end of the lane you are taking and turn to the left side of the road immediately you are away from the first bridge side of that untarred road, continue driving in that zigzag pattern and create some distraction for the police driving behind you, I’ll be there to help you escape and make them lose you”
“What the hell do you meant by distraction? How do we distract them when they are closely shooting behind us”
“Just do as I say idiot, I am late for my evening job and I aren’t got more time to argue”
Steve cursed and ended the call immediately, he ignite the car as he threw the phone on the front passenger side and opened the driver side of the car, he stepped out almost instantly and brought out two pistol. He immediately pointed it backwards to shoot the coming cars.
The driving armed robber continued in the zigzag pattern and increased his speed immediately he cross the first bridge and got to the untarred route Steve instructed them to take. The police bullets had totally destroyed their back glass and both side mirror.
“Don’t lose them, don’t lose them” a senior officer shouted at the officer driving the police vehicle as he joined the heavy shooting due to the sudden dust of the untarred road
“I can’t see clearly with the heavy dust, I can’t see clearly sir” The officer driving complained and reduced his driving speed instead.
“Don’t follow the direction of their pattern, just drive straight or you’ll confuse the others” the senior officer instructed as he was trying to aim perfectly at the robbers car tires but the wave they were driving with prevented a good hit.
Steve sighted the men in the first car as the ones he was told to protect and he allowed them have more distance from the police immediately they turned to the untarred road before he began to fire several shots at the police vehicle coming behind them. The first round of bullet pierced the glass and hit the driver who fell back on the front seat dead before the whole car stumbled likewise due to the hit tires.
The heavy dust produced as a result of their driving pattern caused more commotion with the police vehicles coming behind the stumbled vehicle and crashed into it as Steve continue firing to give adequate time for the robbers who are now running to come into the car he parked.
“Holy s***,, move… move now” One of them shouted holding a briefcase as they both entered the back seat of Steve vehicle sporadically before Steve entered the driver side and speed off crazily to cause more distraction.

GMT 03:32pm
The phone began to vibrate again the sixth time as Steve work on a laptop, he felt the need to pick up the phone and answer Alex who just won’t stop calling him but phone calls are prohibited in the entire building and especially prohibited for him as a part time employee under the working hours.
He heaved a sigh and concentrated on the laptop he was working on after making a quick glance at his wristwatch and took a long look around the vicinity. He felt a bit happiness within him realizing he has less than an hour to complete the day job and he has done a lot within the few hours he resumed to the evening job even though he was a bit late.
“Steve, please can you help me work on this file and send it to me when you’re done?” A lady walk up to his desk and stretched an office file forward to him, distracting his attention.
“Which File?”
“This is the stock file with A.A firm, we still have few more corrections and I want you to have a look and figure out what’s left to be added” She replied and dropped the file on his desk.
“Mary I don’t think I can help you with this, I’m almost done for the day already and I have somewhere to go” Steve disagreed and push the file aside as he began to shut down the system he was working on.
Mary was a childhood friend to Steve and they had met some weeks ago when Steve suddenly appeared in their company to work as a part time staff. To Mary, it seemed Steve doesn’t want any relation with any of the staffs as he’s always quite and only Concentrated on his work but she always strive to relate and get close to him no matter how reluctant he may be on some decisions and to Steve who believed getting his job done at the appropriate time sees Mary as the laziest human on earth and one to get others do what she ought to get done herself. He wanted to stop their closeness at first when he was employed as a part time staff due to her talkative act but shrugged it off considering the fact that they were Childhood friends and she wasn’t the one he could easily snub.
“Please Steve, it’s not gonna take longer than you think. Please help me this last time” she begged and moved closer to his desk.
“Mary I’m sorry I can’t help you right now, I have to go somewhere immediately I relay today’s job to your boss”
“Steve please, help me this one last time please”
“I’m sorry Mary, honestly I have something else to do and somewhere to go”
“And where exactly are you going? Can I come along then?” she asked him smiling when she saw his seriousness about not helping out with the files.
“No you can’t, I want to go alone because it’s somewhere private”
“oh ! Are you going on a date with a woman then? Do you have a fiancĂ©e already?”
Steve heaved a sigh tiredly and stands up immediately without answering her questions, he returned the laptop he shut down into the back-bag he came with and re-arranged all the documents he had worked on alphabetically on each other and start to walk away as she instantly ran ahead and stopped right in front of him without minding the stares from the three other staff in the office whose attention were now centered on them.
“OK, Can you at least give me a lift when you’re leaving then? My vehicle had some fault and I hadn’t fixed the problem” She begged and move backwards a bit from him reluctantly after seeing the staffs were still staring.
Steve smiled without looking backwards and nodded in acceptance before she allowed him have his way into the corridor that leads to the boss office and smiled too.

10 minutes later
Steve redialed Alex number immediately he left the company building with Mary sitting at the front passenger side as he drives and connected a Bluetooth with his device.
“Hey buddy, why didn’t you answered your calls?” Alex voice came through immediately the call was answered.
“Sorry man, I was at work and phone calls are prohibited. I’m sorry I didn’t pick up”
“It’s okay. Steve I’m happy to tell you that house now belongs to you, I completed the whole transactions today myself” Alex announced elevated.
“Wow !! Really?”
“Yeah bro, congrats to you”
“How big is the compound?”
“It’s fantastic man, very good like you always wanted it to be, I already sent some pictures to you. Just check them out yourself”
“Wow, I will, I will right now, thanks for your help man, I’m coming over the address you sent already”
“OH are you? And I am just about leaving now”
“No bro, please stay over and wait for me, I’ll join you in 15 minutes”
“I hope you aren’t going to take longer”
“Yeah. Thanks man”
Steve took in a breath immediately the call ended and smiled happily, he noticed Mary was staring him a look but he didn’t bother as he continued shouting ‘yes’ happily and increased the car speed.
“And what is this all about Steve, what’s the good news?” Mary asked with curiosity.
“I finally bought a house Mary, I finally bought the house I’ve always wanted”
“A house”
“Yeah. A house, I finally got it”
“You meant you are this happy all because of buying a house? What of the two houses you already owned?” she asked in bewilderment.
“I still owned both houses, is anything wrong in that?”
“No Steve but why exactly do you need to buy another one for?”
“That’s none of your business Mary” he answered her and increased his speed the more.

“Do you clear off all the necessities before doing the transaction?” Lord Nathaniel asked and made a chuckle after dropping the fruit juice he was drinking as he continued watching the news.
He adjusted himself and sit properly to relax totally on the sofa, he was on a simple shirt with a good trouser that match him perfectly. One could tell from his looks he was in his sixties but he looked agile and healthy like a strong man in his twenties. The sitting room was excellently looking good and furnished with different interior design and decoration with two guards standing alert at the entrance and two body guard behind the chair he sat on as he await response from one of his boys giving him a report.
“Yes sir, the transaction was prepared by Alex and we made sure the house was dully furnished to the taste Steve wanted it but we made sure all the secret exit and entrance in the whole compound are not enlisted among the information giving on the property”
“And are you sure Steve won’t discover all the secrets doors himself”
“No sir, we are sure he will found out in due time but we’d have achieved all our plans totally by then, he won’t get to know on-time because he trust Alex and we made the whole thing perfect without mistakes”
“And where the hell is Alex?”
“He told me Steve wanted him to stay behind but will be here in few hours” the body guard answered all the questions as the entrance door opened almost instantly two masked man entered the main room.
They both took off their face mask immediately they got to Lord Nathaniel position and greeted him after one of them dropped the briefcase he was carrying. He opened it and made an attempt to show Lord Nathaniel but the chief stopped him.
“Is my money complete?” he asked silently and lowered the volume of the TV instantly.
“Yes sir, the whole thing is intact and accurate”
“Was Steve there to help you in the robbery?” the drug lord asked.
“He wasn’t at first, but thankfully he helped us escape the cops”
“Good. We already let him have the house he planned on buying but he doesn’t know the property belongs to me and we will eliminate him immediately the last job is done”
“Can’t we just kill him now? We have enough boys already in place to do this mission” one of the drug lord most trusted man voiced out and walked inside.
“Not yet Sunny, I still have one more thing I need Steve to do for me before he can be killed” the chief countered and nodded to reply sunny greetings.
“Lord Nathaniel I meant no offense but why do you think Steve is more better than any of your men here? Why do you think the rest of us are not capable to handle any of your jobs successfully?”
“And is that a question for me to answer?”
“Yes my lord, your loyal men who are ready to die for you are right here and they need to know if you place Steve more important than them sir”
“Listen up sunny” Lord Nathaniel flared up suddenly and stand on his feet.
“I do know of your hatred for Steve and I hate him too for betraying me despite all the help I rendered to him, as much as I want him dead, I still need him for this last mission and that is exactly when I’ll be giving you the permission to kill him, but right now, we need to make sure he’s under our close watch till he finished this mission for me” The drug lord said and glance a look at each men in the room before he carried the briefcase in front of him and walked out from the room.

To be continued


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