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Godmother-Episode 38

When it was a couple of minutes to twelve mid-night,
everywhere suddenly became pitch dark. He became
immobile. Then, there were glints of light and he saw three
women clad in red clothes that were tied from their chest
to their knees. They were the same women he saw years
ago when he was going through his third ‘test’ with Iye.

The one in the middle spoke. She called his name three
times. ‘Get up from that mat you’re sitting on,’ she

He did not want to answer her. He knew he was just a
minute away from life. He would have loved to ignore her,
but he could not. A force pulled him off to his feet and
away from the mat.

‘That’s good,’ the same woman spoke. ‘She’s waiting for
you. You can now be together.’

The three women disappeared while he fell into a deep sleep.

Rita turned on the bed and briefly opened her eyes. She
could see that her husband had joined her on the bed. He
appeared to be sleeping peacefully. Thank God he was safe
and sound. She did not want to disturb his sleep, so she let
him be and resumed her own sleep.

Specks of day light had started appearing from the sky.

Through the window in the bedroom, it was obvious that
dawn had come and would soon pave way for day light. He
turned on the bed and opened his eyes. He instantly became alert. Where was he? How did he get here? Who
was the lady sleeping with her back to him on the bed? But
first and foremost, how did he get here? He tapped to
rouse the lady from her sleep. When she turned to him, he
was surprised it was Iye.

‘Iye, what’s happening? How did I get here?’ There was an
apparent shock and consternation on his face.

She smiled at him. ‘You’re welcome. Welcome from your

He jumped up from the bed. ‘No, no, no. Don’t tell me I’m

The smile was still on her face. ‘Tope Davies is dead, but
you’re alive.’

‘No, no, no. That cannot be. I’m alive!’ he shuddered to
think that he was dead.

But… he remembered he had been sitting on the mat given
by the alfa. He had been sitting for many hours. Just when
it was a couple of minutes to midnight, or thereabout, he
had seen the mysterious three women. The middle one had
asked him – commanded him, really – to get up from the

Oh God! He was not supposed to get up from the mat. Why
did he do so, when he should have remained seated on it as
directed by the alfa?

She got up from the bed, looking as beautiful as ever, but
he had no time for beauty now.

‘This is one silly joke,’ he said. ‘Listen. We can reach an
agreement. If you want half of all my wealth, I’ll give you.
Let’s settle our rift once and for all.’

She shook her head. ‘I don’t have any rift with you. This is a
new life you’re starting. I know it may take some time for
you to adjust, but I’ll be patient.’ She smiled up at him.

‘You’ve taken up a new image now. A younger, more
handsome image, and you’ve finally come to me. We’re
together now.’

‘What image are you talking about?’

She pointed at the giant mirror in the bedroom. ‘Check
yourself out there.’

He stared at her and then turned his gaze at the mirror,
which was just few meters away. Slowly, he moved towards
it. When he saw the face projected by the mirror, he could
not help letting out a horrified exclamation.

‘This cannot be. This is not me!’

‘That’s you. That’s the new you.’

To be continued

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