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Godmother-Episode 33

She smiled warmly at him. ‘A surprise? What surprise could
that be?’

‘Well, it depends on whether you’ll accept it or not. But it’s
a good and wonderful surprise.’

‘Give it to me, my darling. What surprise is that?’

‘Well, the first thing is you have to close your eyes.’

She closed her eyes, wondering what could be the surprise
he had for her.

He removed a small package from his pocket. It was a diamond-studded engagement ring.

‘You can open your eyes now.’ Her eyes were filled with

‘I think we should consummate our relationship by getting
married,’ he continued. ‘What do you think?’

She looked at the ring in bliss. The truth was in her previous relationships, no one had offered her anything like

‘Oh, it’s a beautiful ring,’ she exclaimed.

He put it in the appropriate finger.

‘And it looks perfect on my finger!’
‘So, what do I take your answer to be?’

‘Yes, of course!’ She clung on to him and they went on to
daze each other with kisses.

Tope Davies decided to brave the odds. While Zay was about to be married the third time, Tope would be taking a
second wife that was about
five years older than him. He did not hide that fact from anybody.
As a matter of fact, he told Rita his wife that he
would soon be taking another wife.

‘Another what?’ Rita exclaimed.

‘Another wife. I’m taking a new wife.’

‘You’re joking! This must be the joke of the millennium!’

‘It’s not a joke. I only want to let you know so that it would
not come as a surprise.’

‘It’s that woman, isn’t it? It’s that woman you spend
quality time with every day when you leave your office. So,

it is not enough that you’re
spending time with her, you want to go ahead and marry

He did not say anything again. Rita was heart- broken.

Surely, this was not the Tope she had married. The man she
married was very compassionate and considerate. The man
she had married would not be taking selfish and blind
decisions such as this.

She hardly slept that night. The following morning, after
dropping Oyin with the nanny, she went to meet the pastor
of her church again.

‘It’s my husband again o. This time around, I don’t even
understand him at all. Can you imagine he’s planning taking
a new wife?’

The pastor tried to calm her down. Then he prayed for her
that the good Lord will intervene and bring Brother Tope
back to the path of
rationality and faithfulness.

‘Please, pastor, I want you to keep praying for me on this
matter. He must not marry that woman o. By all means, he
must not marry her.’

‘The good Lord will intervene,’ he assured.

Despite the assurances of the pastor, Rita remained
agitated. Why was her dear husband giving her such
heartache? Why was he hell bent on
ruining the love they had and shared for each other? She
had known that after the close of work, he had habitually
been seeing the woman.

That was bad enough. But to say he would go ahead and marry
her was outlandish. That would just not happen!

There would be no much ceremony. They would just go to
the registry and formalize the whole thing.

‘I feel so excited as if it’s my very first experience,’ Zaynab
exclaimed. ‘Just a few days more. A few more days and I’ll
be your wife.’

He practically lifted her and took her upstairs. ‘Let me give
you a preview of what I’ll be giving you as your husband.’

‘Okay, my darling.’

He undressed her slowly until she was completely unclad.
‘Should I do the same to you?’

‘Oh, no. Do not stress yourself. Let me do it with all pleasure.’

He undressed himself to her delight.

‘This thing seems to be getting bigger,’ she said, holding
his p---k. ‘Yeah, the bigger the better.’

‘And it’s not fully erect o.’

‘No, it’s not. I will help to make it so.’ Her fingers ran over
it in a teasing way.

‘Why don’t you lie on the bed?’ she asked. He did and she
was by his side. She gently rubbed his manhood until it
became fully erect.

‘Whosh!’ she exclaimed. ‘Here comes Mr. Big.’

He grinned at her. ‘Let’s go conservative. Let’s do the
‘bishop’ style.’

‘Anything my love wants.’

He was on top of her for another passionate intimacy. They
held each other as if their life depended on it.

Inside her big shop, Rita was seriously agitated. Despite her
standing and aversion, her husband seemed hell-bent on
marrying that other woman. The mere thought that she
would be sharing her husband with another woman brought
the bile to her heart. It was repulsive to say the least.

She just had to do something about it. That marriage must
not come to be. Never! The pastor he had consulted on the
matter seemed to be
taking things ‘too easy’ for her liking. He had said if it was
the will of God that her husband would not take another
wife, it would not happen. in
other words, if it was the will, then it would happen! Rita
did not like that statement. She had come to realize that
she could not rely on the
pastor to achieve her aim on this matter.

So, what could he do now? She just had to do something.

On the spur of the moment, she decided to call Wunmi, her
confidant, though the
latter was five years older.

‘This my challenge I’m facing from my husband, I can’t just
bear it anymore.’

‘What do you mean by that?’

‘I can’t bear him marrying another woman. It must not

‘I quite agree with you. That will be the beginning of him
abandoning you and your child.’

‘Oh, God, I can’t bear to see that happen. please, Aunty
Wunmi, is there no way to prevent him from going on with
his plans?’

‘Well, it depends on what you mean by preventing him.’

‘I don’t want that marriage to happen. I want to stop it by
all means.’

There was a brief silence from the end of the line.

‘Well, I have an idea, but I don’t know if you can take it or

Rita became interested. ‘Please, tell me. Tell me anything
that can stop his mad quest.’

There was yet another pause. ‘Well, the thing is there is
one baba that we can consult on this matter. All you have
to say is you want your
husband to only love you and love no other woman.’

Rita suddenly felt elated. ‘Aunty, you know somebody who
can do that?’

‘Yes. He is here in Abuja. I know women he has done it for
and the thing is working very well for them.’

‘Oh, aunty, why didn’t you tell me this since all these days?’

‘How would I know you would welcome the idea? You kept
on saying ‘pastor this’, ‘Pastor that.’ Anyway, it’s not too

To be continued

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