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Godmother-Episode 32

Tope took the piece of cloth, staring at it.

‘For the next three days, make sure you sleep on it. You can
place it on your bed when you want to sleep. When she
appears to you in dream, don’t be afraid. Tell her boldly
that you have severed your ties with her. That is all.

Congratulations for your victory in advance.’

With all these assurances, Tope left the place a contended
man. That night, he told Rita he would like to sleep alone in
the guest room for the next three days. She had no choice
than to acquiesce. It was the third day that Iye appeared to
him. She was in a flowing white dress.

‘Why are you fighting me?’ she asked. ‘Of all the things I’ve
done for you, why do you choose to fight back?’

‘I’m not fighting you,’ he replied. ‘I just want to be free
from you.’

She gazed at him. ‘You think that’s possible? You think you
can break away from me?’

‘Yes, I can and I will.’

She shook her. ‘Tope, you can’t. Stop wasting your time and
resources trying to do so. You can’t. You’re mine.’

‘I want out,’ he insisted. ‘I want out of the relationship.’

Iye shook her head and disappeared. When he woke up, he
was happy he had stood up to her. He was free, he decided.

He was free from the
grip of Iye.

Later in the evening, he and Zay popped champagne to
celebrate the successful outcome.

‘Dear Zay, I’ll never forget you for this thing you have done.

You have been such a good help and I’ll never forget this
that you have done.’

‘You’re welcome, my dear. What are friends for?’

‘That alfa is really strong. I won’t stop patronizing him,

‘That’s good. He’s very powerful and reliable.’

‘And thank you so much for your connection.’

‘We thank God.’

They wined as if indeed there was something worth
celebration. Later, they ended up in bed.

‘You won’t stop amazing with your sexual prowess,’ she

‘The feeling is mutual,’ he replied. ‘You won’t stop amazing
me too.’

On his way home later that night, he got a call from Iye. At
first, his response was to ignore it. She however kept
calling and he finally decided to pick it.’

‘So, it has come to this,’ she said in agitation. ‘It has come
to you ignoring my calls.’

‘What do you want from me?’ he asked listlessly.

‘Okay. Listen well to me. What I want is that you should
honor your words and to stand by our agreement.’

‘I don’t have any agreement with you, lady,’ he said.

‘Let me warn you that you’re playing with fire,’ she said in
agitation. ‘That woman, Zaynab, will lead you to your doom.

You’re warned!’

‘I have nothing more to do with you,’ he said and cut the
line. He went on to block her number.

Things had changed, he decided. How long would it take
Rita, or Iye, or whatever she called herself to realize this
fact? He would not only
indulge in his new lifestyle, he would do it to the maximum.

On that basis, he decided he would give Zaynab, his new
found love, a great

The following day, they met again in her house about five
p.m. it was becoming more regular and a routine.

‘I have a surprise for you, dear Zay.’

She smiled warmly at him. ‘A surprise? What surprise could
that be?’

‘Well, it depends on whether you’ll accept it or not. But it’s
a good and wonderful surprise.’

‘Give it to me, my darling. What surprise is that?’

‘Well, the first thing is you have to close your eyes.’

She closed her eyes, wondering what could be the surprise
he had for her.

He removed a small package from his pocket. It was a

diamond-studded engagement ring.

To be continued

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