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Godmother-Episode 31

He felt encouraged by that, but how would he say it? He must not reveal too much about Iye, just as he had done to
Rita. He told Zay about his ‘spiritual mother’ and how she
had warned him to desist from extra marital affairs.

‘I couldn’t resist you. With you, I’ve been having the extra marital affairs, and now she’s threatening to deal seriously
with me,’ he concluded.

To his utmost surprise, Zaynab looked at him amusedly and
burst out laughing.

‘Hey, it’s not funny,’ he said. ‘Believe me, this is very
‘Really? You looked so pathetic when you were saying it.’

He shook his head. ‘It’s because you don’t know the woman.
She’s a very powerful one. If you know her, you wouldn’t
laugh like that.’

‘Alright, I’m sorry if it looks like I’m trying to trivialize the
issue. But, really, you don’t have to look like that. This is a
very simple matter that has a simple solution.’

He looked intently at her. ‘You think it has a simple

‘Of course.’ She smiled warmly to reassure him. ‘Look,
there’s an alfa I can take you to. He is a specialist in
matters like this.’

He became very interested. ‘Really?’

‘Yes, Alfa Ousmanou will handle a case like this with ease.’

‘Then, you have to take me there as soon as possible. I just
have to stop this woman’s breathing down on my neck.’

‘Taking you there is no problem. Just create a time. When
you’re ready, let me know.’

‘Tomorrow, I’ll let you know when we’ll go. There’s no point
in wasting time. This is an urgent matter. I’ll definitely give
you a call to arrange for
going there.’

The following day, he called her that by four o ‘clock, they
should go to the place. Of course he would be going only
with his driver and a police orderly. They went to Zay’s
office to pick her. She instructed her driver to drive the car
home. The Alfa lived in one humble bungalow at Kubwa.

The man listened to Tope well, occasionally nodding his

‘You have come to the right place,’
 he said. ‘What you have
said is quite tough, because I can see that the woman is the
one controlling your destiny. All the same, we can do
something that will break you away from her yoke. Listen
to me very well. You’re to bring seven black she-goats. In
addition, you’ll bring seventy thousand naira on each of the
goats. Then, you’ll pay seven hundred and seventy seven
thousand, seven hundred naira. That is all.’

‘Are you sure once I do all these, I will be free from her grip

‘Don’t ask questions like that because it means you’re
doubting. Do what I say and you’ll see the amazing results.’

‘I shall do what you ask for without delay. Tomorrow, I will
bring all the requirements to you.’

He had departed the place a happy man. Zaynab played
pivotal role in getting guys that would buy the she-goats.

The afternoon of the
following day, they were back to the alfa’s house. The man
was impressed with the alacrity of Tope’s response.

‘Ah, my friend, your job is already done. Wait.’ He went into
an inner room and soon emerged with a piece of cloth.

‘Take,’ he stretched his hand to him.

Tope took the piece of cloth, staring at it.

‘For the next three days, make sure you sleep on it. You can
place it on your bed when you want to sleep. When she
appears to you in dream, don’t be afraid. Tell her boldly
that you have severed your ties with her. That is all.

Congratulations for your victory in advance.’

To be continued

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