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Godmother-Episode 28

He nodded without saying a word.
‘There’s also a discovery I’ve made.’

His brows went up. ‘What discovery?’

She took her time before she answered him. ‘I’ve
discovered that I feel relaxed and at ease whenever I chat
with you.’

He smiled briefly. ‘Is that so?’

‘Yes.’ She stared into his eyes. ‘I miss you, Tope. I miss you
the way I’ve never missed a man before.’

He sighed and was thoughtful. This could be dangerous.

‘Zay, I think there are numerous other men who are better,

more politically connected
and richer than me. Let’s remove sentiments.’

‘I’m not talking about wealth or power here. I’m talking
about feelings. I’m talking about friendship and

‘Tope is married. He should be devoted to his wife,’ he
pointed out.

‘Yes, yet I have feelings too and I have the right to express

She moved closer to him and placed her right hand on his
lap. He did not remove it nor move away from her. He only
pretended he didn’t see what she did.

‘Let’s be good friends. Very good friends,’ she offered.

He wanted her. By Jove, he did. But what about Iye’s

She rubbed the hands on his thigh. Maybe, he should be
discreet. Maybe, he would plead with Iye to overlook his
lasciviousness. It was funny
he was not really thinking of trying not to cheat on Rita.

Rather, he was concerned about how Iye would feel and

‘The short time we were together was the sweetest of my
life,’ she said. ‘Of what use is this big house if I own it but I
live in unhappiness?’

Slowly, her hand crawled on his thigh to where the zip of
his trousers was. It then lingered there.

Be a man, his mind said. Be a man.
‘What makes you think I can give you the happiness you
crave for?’

She smiled. ‘Because you have done so before, although
briefly. I cherished the moments we used to have together,

He studied her face and features more. Apart from the fact
that the face was prettier and younger, she had shed
weight a bit. Then he could see that her boobs appeared
firm although she was braless. She must have done some
b----t-firming uplift job there.
‘I know what you’re thinking about,’ she said, smiling.

‘What’s that?’

‘You were wondering about my boobs. Yes, I did some
uplift work on them. I did them for you.’

He shook his head. ‘That can’t be true.’

She held his left hand. ‘It’s true. When I went to do the
work, I was thinking about you.’
He stared at her chest again. The boobs seemed very firm.

Whoever did the work did a very good one.

‘Why don’t you feel them?’ she told him.


She smiled again. ‘Go ahead and feel them. They’re for you.’

He hesitated briefly. There was no way he would touch
those things and the action would not lead to something
else. What about Iye’s warning?

What about what Iye had said about fidelity?

It was funny that he was not even thinking about not
hurting Rita his wife. Rita was certainly playing a minor role
as what he was concerned about was not offending Iye. But
what about if he was discreet about it? Even if Iye got to
know, he could always plead with her that he was pushed
into it. Zay was looking at him in that daring way. The ball
was in his court.

His right hand went up to the boobs. He rubbed them very
gently, as if he was handling something so fragile. Zay
closed her eyes. After a couple of minutes, he stopped.

With a knowing smile on her face, she stood up and held his
left hand.

‘Let’s go to where you can do it very well,’ she muttered.

He followed her to the stair case and to her big bedroom.

She closed the door behind them. His hands went to the
boobs again. He removed the camisole and stared at the
b-----s. It was amazing. They looked jaunty now. He ran his
tongue over the n-----s. She must be starving for it, for
she unbuttoned his shirt in a haste-like manner. It was like
a prompt. He quickly removed his trousers and other wears
The boobs were his center of attraction, as if he had never
touched them before. She allowed him some minutes to
sU-Ck them, but she wanted more than that. She lay on the
bed and he collapsed on her. His d--k was fully erect, and so
was her honey pot. She spread her legs wide for him and
the penetration was easy. Zay wiggled her butty and waist
to respond to his stimuli. In the next two hours, they had
three passionate rounds. He was exhausted by the time it
was over.

In Rita’s shop, the sales girl was rounding off her sales
records for the day. It was just few minutes to six o ‘clock.

It had been a prosperous day as sales boomed. Surely, her
madam would be impressed with the day’s proceeds. She
counted the whole money and handed it to her with the
ledger book. In the small space she had a desk and a swivel
chair, and which served as her office, Rita was glad about
the sales. She counted the money to be sure it was correct.

‘Alright, Amina. Good night.

‘Good night, ma’am.’ Amina left the shop. Rita would have
been very happy but a matter had been nagging at her
mind since morning. It
concerned her husband although she had not discussed it
with him. She had a dream last night, a terrible dream. In it,
her husband was put in a coffin and was about to be buried.
It was a very bad dream and she intended to tell him
tonight unfailingly.

She hardly took cognizance of her dream. But this one
looked different. Apart from the fact that it foretold evil,

the way she had been thinking about it since morning
meant there was more to it. No, this one was not just like
the other dream that she would discard. This one was

She put the proceeds in her Gucci handbag and decided to
go home too. She drove the car herself as she had told him
she would not need a driver. Close to their residence was
the day care center where she normally put her daughter.

She drove to the place to pick her and they were soon at

Later that night, after she and her husband retired to bed,
she discussed the big issue.

‘Honey, there’s the issue I wanted us to discuss,’ she

He was already in his pajamas and lying on the bed. The
‘exercises’ he had done with Zaynab had drained him and he
only wished he could have a good sleep.

‘What matter is that?’

‘Hmn, it was a most terrible dream. Even relaying it is a

‘What dream?’ he asked.

‘Eh, I dreamt that I saw your enemy in a wooden box that
looked like a coffin.’

‘My enemy? Well, that’s a good dream. You should be glad
about that.’

She was confounded. ‘Oh, dear, when I said your enemy,

don’t you think I was actually referring to you?’

‘But you said my enemy, now.’
‘I mean you.’

He shook his head. ‘Is that why you looked bothered? Don’t
worry, nothing bad will happen to me.’ He turned on his
side and closed his eyes.

‘Is that all you will say to it? Aren’t you going to do
something about it?’

‘Something like what?’

‘Don’t you know that your enemies will be up in arms
against you? Look at your ever-rising profile. This is
enemies at work and they must be fought spiritually.’
‘Alright. I agree with you. Tomorrow morning, I’ll tell my
spiritual guardian about it.’
With that, he closed his eyes and soon slept off. Rita
remained confounded. Why was he so nonchalant about it?
This was a very serious issue, but look at the way he had
responded! Anyway, he said he would see his spiritual
guardian. Good. On her part, Rita too decided she would

make moves.

To be continued

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