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Godmother-Episode 26

His wife came to sit by his side, finding the whole scenario

‘She told me to observe abstinence for some days for
spiritual strength. She guides me a lot on spiritual
matters.’ He looked at her. ‘It’s okay
Rita, there’s nothing bad in seeking protection.’

She nodded, but somehow, she still felt something was
wrong somewhere.

The next day in the office, Helen could sense that
happiness was in the air as her boss now seemed to be
relaxed and friendly. But she noticed that he would still not
physically touch her. Based on Iye’s warning that he must
never be unfaithful to his wife again, he had decided to
‘adore fidelity.’ That meant it was final bye-bye to all his
call girls. Minutes after noon, Zaynab gave him a call.

‘There’s something I want to tell you,’ she said. ‘Can we
meet in the guest house where we used to meet?’

‘Hope no problem?’ he asked.
‘No. it’s something that will interest you.’

‘Okay. What time?’

‘Let’s meet by six o’clock.’

‘Okay. I’ll be there.’

He stayed in the office till five, so that the driver would
take him to the guest house. Zay was already there, but
instead of meeting in the lobby, she asked that he should
come to her room.

She opened the door for him and he was surprised to see
her clad only in a t-shirt and a bum short.

‘I thought we were having a meeting,’ he said curiously.

‘Of course, this is a meeting.’ She pointed a seat for him.

He sat down expectantly.

‘What drinks do I serve you?’

He shook his head. ‘I don’t need any drinks right now.’

‘Alright, since you want me to go straight to the point, I’ll
do so. I want to start by mentioning a regret I have.’

‘Regret? What regret is that?’

‘I regret marrying the senator.’

His brows went up. ‘Why the regret?’

‘Good question.’ She warmed up to her story. ‘I realized
that the man is very weak in bed. He is a two-minute man.

He is so drab and un-
inspiring. Even at that, sometimes, for two weeks, this man
will not even look at my side. Honestly, I’m getting fed up.’
He looked blank. What did she want him to do about these
very personal problems?

‘Wait a minute, is that what you wanted to discuss with

‘Yes. I want us to reason and find a solution to it.’

He opened his mouth in shock. ‘Your posturing is confounding, Madam Zaynab. How can I be of help in a situation like this?’

‘Very good question.’ She moved closer to him. ‘I remember
you as a great lover who took me to a greater height in
passionate satisfaction.

Her hand went to his jacket. ‘I want us to be back together,

Tope. You’re such a great lover.’

He stood up and moved away from her. ‘You must be
kidding. What we did was before you married. Now, you’re
a married woman. We can’t do that again.’

‘It doesn’t matter. Once we’re discreet about it, it doesn’t
matter at all.’

He shook his head. ‘I’m sorry, I can’t. I can’t do such a thing

She was surprised to hear that. ‘Hey Tope, this is your
Zaynab. Your Zay.’

‘Things have changed,’ he said. ‘I don’t do that kind of thing
again. If there’s nothing else to discuss, I’ll like to take my
leave now. Thanks for
remembering me, but no thanks.’

With that, he left the room and the guest house, to her
shock. Was this not Tope Davies, the one who jumped at
her offer with so much zeal?

On his way home, Iye called him.
‘Promotion will soon come your way,’ she said.

‘Thank you, Iye. Thank you very much. May you live long.’

‘Keep up your devotion.’

‘Thank you.’

Just as she said, a week later, the Sectary to the Central
Government (SCG) informed his that his name would soon
be announced and
forwarded to the national assembly as Minister of State to
replace a resigned holder.

Rita was overjoyed to hear the announcement. She hugged
him lovingly.

‘My darling, the Honorable Minister,’ she said, laughing.

‘That’s me.’

He was indeed amazed by the growing influence, power and
authority that he had. In the last two and half years, he had
risen from a Program Officer in the NGO run by the First
Lady to become Senior Special Assistant and now he would
become a junior Minister! Everything had been so meteoric!
It was an amazing phenomenon of life. His mind went to
Iye. She was his pillar and his strength. In fact, she meant
everything to him. He must strive never to do anything that
would hurt her again.

To be continued

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