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Godmother-Episode 25

For the next six days, Tope was able to maintain his
abstinence, though with great difficulty. He had cut off his
links with his regular gals, including Lagos-based Linda. His
greatest challenger was his wife.

‘It’s a week now that you have been keeping to yourself,’

she said. ‘Maybe you’re tired of me and you want me to go.’

‘No, no, Rita. I can’t be tired of you, dear. Don’t talk like

‘So, why’re you treating me like an abandoned rag? Why?’

‘You’re not a rag, and you’ll never be. This thing is just for
a little while. It will soon be over.’

‘It’s only a week out of three months. It’s still a long way to

His mind was swirling with ideas. ‘Can I suggest

She looked at him suspiciously. ‘What?’

‘You can get yourself intimacy gadgets. Get yourself the
best of them. I’ll give you the money for that.’

‘I’m married, for God’s sake! Why should I seek desire from
toys, when my husband should be there for me?’

‘But, it’s just for a while.’

‘No, I won’t take that. I don’t want it!’

He became exasperated. Just then his phone rang. It was
Iye on the line.

‘Good evening, sister,’ he greeted. That was the normal way
he addressed Iye any time she called and his wife was

‘Good evening. I can see that you’ve kept to my words in
the last one week.’

He nodded. ‘Yes, sister.’

‘I can also see that your wife is seriously becoming
uncomfortable with your abstinence.’

‘That is very true. That is very true.’

‘Let me sound this warning to you: never in your life must
you sleep with any other woman than your wife again.’

He nodded. ‘That is taken, sister.’

‘I’m very serious, mind you.’

‘Of course, I know.’

‘Remember to treat your wife with utmost respect.’

‘Yes, I will. No problem with that.’

‘Alright. For her sake, your abstinence is hereby lifted.’

‘Ah, that is wonderful. Thank you, my great sister.’

Rita had been studying him in puzzlement. She could see
how his mood transformed from soberness to that of

‘And who was that you were speaking with?’ she asked as
soon as he dropped his phone.

‘Oh, it’s my sister, now,’ he said, beaming in smile.

‘Which of your sisters?’

‘Ah, forget it. You don’t know her. She’s based in Yobe

‘How come I don’t know her as she has never visited us?’

He shrugged. ‘Don’t worry, very soon, she’ll pay us a visit.’

She still looked at him critically.
 ‘Then, your mood has
changed. What’s happening?’

He came to her and lifted her. ‘Why is my darling Rita full
of questions today?’

‘Because your darling Rita is concerned about you.’

‘Thanks for your concern.’

He surprised her by kissing her. This was the same man
that had virtually been avoiding close contacts with her in
the last few days.

‘Has your “sister” lifted your abstinence?’ she asked.

He was surprised by her question. ‘What do you mean?’

‘Before you received the call, you were very sober. In the
last few days, you did not touch me. All of a sudden, after
receiving the call, you
came alive and hugged me. Is it not obvious that she was
the one that changed your mood?’
‘I’m happy because she gives me good news’

Rita smiled. ‘What good news?’

‘Oh come on, Rita. Enough of your questioning. Let that one

‘Is she the one you called the prophet?’

For many seconds, there was silence. Her questions were
so striking and he wondered why.

‘Alright,’ he finally said. ‘She is the one.’

She nodded. ‘Who is she to you? Don’t tell me that “sister
stuff” because it’s not true.’

He sighed and went to sit on the sofa. Just how much could
he reveal to her? He thought fast. He must be very wise.

‘Well, all I can say is that she’s like a prophetess, and she’s
more like my spiritual consultant.’

His wife came to sit by his side, finding the whole scenario

‘She told me to observe abstinence for some days for
spiritual strength. She guides me a lot on spiritual
matters.’ He looked at her. ‘It’s okay

Rita, there’s nothing bad in seeking protection.’

To be continued

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