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Godmother-Episode 22

It was an effort for him carrying the bag. He wished his
Abuja driver was with him to carry the load. He put it in
front of Iye.

‘This is for you, my dear Iye. All is for you.’
She looked at the big bag. ‘All these load?’
He grinned and nodded. ‘Yes, all these.’
She smiled. ‘Thank you.’ She looked at him sharply. ‘I hope
you know that this will not change your punishment.’

His countenance changed. ‘In all honesty, I hope it does.

See, Iye, that punishment is too much. Can you please
reduce it to, maybe, three

She shook her head. ‘You’re not the one to decide that. It’s
three months, and that’s final.’
He looked crestfallen. Iye remained adamant despite his
persuasion. On his way home, he deliberated on many
things. How would he be able
to do this successfully? He knew he dared not flout it as
that powerful Iye would know. Maybe, it was good for him,
he thought. He had been
living life in the last couple of years as if lusts were
essential to survival. Maybe it was good that he would stay
off sex for some time.

The first challenge he had was from Rita, his wife. Rita was
very impressed with his generous gesture of buying another
brand new car for her.
She decided to forgive him his misdeed and to put aside the
wrong-doing. She also decided she would have to please
him in her own way.

That evening, she bought turkey and prepared delicious
meal. She fried the turkey, prepared fried rice and also fried 

some plantain. She knew
his favorite. He was impressed with her cooking. Together
with little Oyin, they had their dinner like one big, happy
family. Not long after the
meal, their daughter slept off. She took her to the spare
bedroom where she normally slept. Then, she changed to a
very sexy, skimpy night
wear she just bought.

That was the problem, as far as he was concerned.

One look at her threw Tope into consternation, but he tried
to mask his feelings.

‘How do I look?’ she asked.

‘Great and gorgeous.’

She came to sit by his side. ‘Baby, tonight, you’re going to
tell me what those ladies did which I don’t do. Is it the way
they give it to you, or
what? Rita here is going to give it to you like never before.’

He became scared. ‘Don’t compare yourself with them,
please. You’re my wife and I’ll forever love you. That one
you saw the other time was a
mistake. It won’t happen again. I love everything about you
as you are, Rita darling.’

She smiled. ‘Good. That means tonight will even be lovelier.

See, baby, I’m ready to have vigil with you over it tonight.’

He became alarmed again. ‘That’s not what I mean. I can
always show you great and greater love even without the
matter of sex.’

She hushed him. ‘Ehn, baby, please don’t talk like that o.

There must be sex in this matter. You know me, now. I will
give it to you anyhow you
want it. That’s my promise to you.’
She came to sit on his lap. She made a face. ‘You did not
even comment about my wear.’

‘But, I did. I said it made you look gorgeous.’
‘Okay, o, I hear you. But no be mouth matter. Prove it.’

He pretended he did not hear her well. ‘Hmn?’
‘Prove it, Tope baby. Prove that your darling Rita, your
lovely wife, is gorgeous.’

He scratched his head. ‘But you’re always gorgeous dear,
and I don’t need to prove anything.’
‘Enough of the talk, please. I want action.’
She was surprised at his reluctance. ‘What are you waiting
for? Go ahead. I’m all yours.’
His hand held her back.

‘I’m even the one prolonging matter.’ With that, she
swopped kisses on his lips.

‘Rita, wait,’ he muttered.

She probably didn’t hear him, as she did nothing like
waiting. She removed her top and flaunted her boobs to his

‘You’ve always said my boobs are the finest you’ve ever
seen. Good. Now, baby, come on sU-Ck them. I know you like
to do that. sU-Ck them the
way you’ve never done before.’
‘Rita, listen,’ he muttered. ‘There’s something I have to say.’

‘It’s no time to talk,’ she countered. ‘It’s time for action.’

She shoved her left boob inside his mouth.
For the first time in his life, the fear of going ahead with
what she wanted made the taste of her n----e be like that
of sour flesh. He quickly
removed it from his mouth.
‘Rita, listen. We can’t do it. I mean, I can’t do it.’
She was shocked by his action. All the while they had
known each other, he had never refused her sexual advance.

‘What’s wrong, baby?’

To be continued

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