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Godmother-Episode 20.

The door to the bedroom was suddenly opened and
someone barged in.

‘Oh, my God! What is this?’ the intruder said.

He quickly opened his eyes to see who had come in.

‘What! Rita, what’re you doing in Lagos?’ He swiftly
grabbed his boxer and used it to cover his J0yst!ck. Linda
was not that fast. She looked too
stunned to get up and pick her clothes.

‘And what are you doing with this useless girl?’ Rita
demanded, glaring at them.
He quickly removed part of the bed spread and threw it at
Linda’s body. She became responsive and covered her body
from the bust down.

‘So, this is what you do, eh? This is what you do any time
you come to Lagos for business!’
The shock of her coming had made his p---k to go limp. He
quickly wore his boxer.

‘It’s not what you think,’ he said.
‘It’s not about what I think,’ she replied heatedly. ‘It’s
about what I’ve seen. So, what I’ve been hearing about you
is true? What I’ve been
hearing about you carrying girls up and down.’ She turned
to Linda. ‘And you, you’re just a useless s--t! You should be
ashamed of yourself.

See what you were doing to a married man!’

Rita made for Linda aggressively. Tope jumped up to his
feet and held her.

‘Leave me alone!’ Rita hollered. ‘Leave me to deal with this
useless girl.’

Holding her the way he did provided the leverage Linda needed. Quickly, she wore her skirt and her blouse.

There was no time to wear the bra
and the pantie. She stuffed them inside her hand bag,

picked the hand bag and her shoes and hurried out of the

‘Just look at her! Useless girl! Ashewo! LovePeddler!’ Rita
spat out. Tope ensured that he continued to hold her until
Linda was safely out of the way.
Rita turned her anger on him. ‘Shame on you, Tope. Big
shame on you that you’re still doing this kind of thing.
Leave me alone.’

He slackened his hold on her.
‘Just look at you. A whole Special Assistant to a Minister,

still patronizing prostitutes. A married man for that matter!’
He did not say anything. His mind was busy. Who could
have told her about his sexual escapade? Then, she left
Abuja for Lagos all because she
wanted to catch him red handed! Someone must be spying
for her. Maybe his security guy. He could have called him to
warn that his wife was
around. Then, he remembered that his phone was ringing at
a time. He went to check the caller ID and realized that
indeed, it was Emma, the
security man, that called him some minutes ago.

‘D--n!’ he muttered.

‘I’m so disappointed in you,’ Rita was saying. ‘How could
you do this? You always claim to love me, but, see what
you’re doing.’

‘Rita, take it easy. I can explain everything.’

‘What is there to explain? Don’t I try to please you? Don’t I
try to give my best to you?’

To his surprise, she broke down in tears.

‘I’m sorry, Rita. It’s a mistake?’
She cried the more, and he really had to console her. He
kept saying he was sorry and that it was a mistake.

‘And you brought her to our home. You brought her to our
matrimonial bed!’
‘Sorry,’ he muttered. After some minutes, he was able to
calm her down.

‘It was a mistake, darling,’ he tried to assure her. ‘It won’t
happen again.’

He was later to learn that Rita had arrived in the house from Abuja hours before he came. She had checked into the
house with a threat to the
security man not to reveal that she was around to anyone.

That meant as at the time Linda came, Rita was already in the house! She had bid
her time and had caught them pants down.

That night, they remained in-doors, but her fears remained,
despite his numerous assurances that such an incident

would not happen again.

To be continued

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