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Edna-Episode 8

If I scream now, who would save me?
All this came through my mind as I saw him getting close to me.
He caught me and pulled me down.
His strength over powered me and I could not move again. He held me tight with one hand and unzipped his trouser with the other, bringing his fetus out, he managed to hold me on the table as he turned me around lifting up my skirt and shifting my pant to the left, he positioned me as he thrust into me from behind, I couldn’t cry, all I did was to struggle with him but I couldn’t no longer as my legs became weak as he thrust into me hard, I whimpered knowing that I couldn’t do anything to him. seven minutes later, it was over over and he rearranged himself and went on his knees beside his table to pray while I looked at him with hate and disgust. He picked up his bible from the floor ‘Stand up and let’s go’ he said and I looked at him from where I was with great abhor I shook my head as tears ran down my face. He came near me and pulled me with a hand which I bit as if I was going to chop off a chunk of his flesh.
He screamed ‘I rebuke you in Jesus name.’ he said as he downloaded two dirty slaps in my face. I saw different stars before I tumbled and fell into a settee. He pulled me by the arm again as he opened the door.
He closed the door and locked it.
He left me on the porch of his office as he left for the main auditorium. I was battered!
I didn’t know what could happen next. Is this how this would continue? I cried on, there was nobody available. I tried to sit up but I couldn’t bear the sight of myself.
I couldn’t even forgive myself either. I said I was going to really be a devil, what had happened to my resolve? ‘Should I just go and take the mic and confess to the whole church? Should I tell the whole world how devilish this man I call father is?’ I shouted into the air.
‘No please. Don’t’ a voice said from behind me. I turned back to look at the person talking. Alice! Her fair face was as red as pepper.
Tears kept falling down her face as she got close to me, sat down and hugged me tightly. I was dazed.
What was going on?
What did she know?
Why was she crying?
‘I am sorry. I am really sorry.’ she continued saying as she cried harder.
I had to forget all my worries and focused on this crying woman.
After weeping for a while without me moving, she looked into my face. Her eyes were blood shot. ‘What is it?’ I asked her and her mouth scattered again as she burst into another round of tears. ‘I know. Now I know. . . what was being cooked that had burnt down the whole house. Now I know.’ she said and I looked stunned, I smiled to cover everything up. ‘What do you know?’.
She looked deep into my eyes again. ‘Exactly what is making you cry. Exactly what has made everyone to term you possessed’ she said.
My legs grew weak, she must know.

To be continued


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