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Edna-Episode 7

‘Your dad must hear this’ she said as she pulled me out of the auditorium since I was already becoming a distraction to the church as Pastor Emeka, one of the pastors of the church was busy talking about ‘Obedience’. I no more care.
We met mummy on the way and she just scoffed. ‘Have you seen for yourself now? The girl needs prayers.’ she said as she moved past us. She dragged me on and on and I struggled to get myself freed.
‘It’s a lie o Edna. You were never like this. The devil has failed over your life.’ she said on and on. I saw that she was approaching the pastor’s office and that was where my daddy was. I quickly bit her finger and she staggered backwards as she wriggled in pains. I picked up my shoes and started running towards the church gate. Even I knew that I was becoming troublesome already but I didn’t care. Not at all!
Alice saw me and came running towards me but I was determine to jab her if she ever tried to stop me.
Wouldn’t she just leave me alone? After the incidence two weeks back, she had called my line severally but I had refused to pick up. I had avoided her like a plague, she was a Jesus girl after all. ‘Catch her for me please’ that was dad’s voice.
Oh my God!
I am in serious soup!
The security man and Alice got to me at the same time and held me. Alice looked into my face softly. ‘Oh my God, what is going on with you Edna? You have never been violent. Why would you start within just two weeks? Why? What happened?’ she asked me.
Daddy patted the usher on the shoulder before he started to pull me into his office. Alice looked at me as I was dragged. She looked so caring.
I reached out towards her as I started screaming ‘Alice, save me! I don’t want to go into his office. I don’t want to go please save me’ I cried bitterly but she shook her head. ‘He’s your dad. He knows the best’ she said, tears in her eyes already. The earth stood still, I shook my head in total surrender and regret. Could nobody look past the daddy, pastor thing? Couldn’t anybody feel my pain? ‘God bless you my sister’ he said as he locked the door and pushed me inside the inner office, he looked at me for a moment and I looked at him too fearlessly. ‘You have finally become a nuisance’ he said and I looked at him, shaking my head.
‘And you? You have not only become a nuisance. You are a nonsense, a stupid one for that matter. I said since the incidence, I had lost every pint of respect I had for the once noble personality of my father.
I had lost it all!
He laughed loudly as he slapped me playfully on my face.
‘Stop touching me! would you stop that please.’ I shouted at him, my anger boiling up inside of me. ‘I love you Edna. Don’t see it as punishment or molestation. See me as your husband. I took your virginity. You are mine. I love you’ he said and started coming near me again. Immediately I saw him approaching, I quickly stood from the chair and dodged. I developed a strong allergy from the three words ‘I love you’.
Those were part of the words he spoke to me while he was forcing himself on me. He followed after me and I stood for a moment.
‘What would you gain from all there things Mr. Samuel? Aren’t you supposed to be in the church? Is the sermon of today not to be handled by you?’ I asked on. He nodded like an agama lizard. Dark passion written all over his face.
‘Yes I will go. Only after you have satisfied me. Only after you have said you love me too and you show it’ he said like an evil beast and I loathed him immediately. What could save me from another painful experience today? ‘Remember I have good plans for you, remember I pay your expensive fees. Remember you dress well. Remember everything I did for you since childbirth.’ I laughed at him as he said those words, the only thing I remembered now is how he took away my virginity, how he shattered my soul and how he damaged my heart. If I scream now, you would save me?
Wouldn’t I expose this man after all?
All this came through my mind as I saw him getting close to me.

To be continued


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