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Edna-Episode 5

I tried to move away as I saw more steaming streams coming towards me. ‘Mummy please’, I screamed as I moved my sore body away from the door side. ‘Open this door, you fool!’ she shouted the more.
I shook my head as I could feel burns all over my body.
My tears continued on there trials ‘Dear, wouldn’t you come and talk to this fish for me? Benedicta’s uniform is inside the room and that the of a girl doesn’t want to open the door’ she screamed to her husband who is apparently nearby, ‘Knock harder’ I heard his voice faintly from afar.
‘It’s 8 O’clock already Mr. Man and your daughter is running late for school. . . the school cus is bready around, can’t you hear the honking? Come and break this door down for me please’ she begged ‘I’m in the bathroom’ came the reply.
‘Oh God! What a mess. Edna just know that you ase dead today, you ase really dead today’ she said in a shaky voice that was determined to do anything. ‘Get me more hot water,’ I could hear her voice once more but I drifted off into sleep, pillowing my head with my hands as more got streams splashed into my rose tummy and legs. I felt it really bad.
But I didn’t care. . . not anymore.
I stretched as I wiped the drool off my mouth. Where was I? Has it all been a dream? A very bad scary dream? The pain from my stomach down my lower rib jabbed me up.
I remembered so clearly what had happened. And it dawned on me that I was in a great huge mess because of what I had done.
I jumped to my feet and though I could still feel the pain, it had reduced. For how many minutes had I slept?
Soup don cook for me!
My heart started beating fast as I walked to door ‘Mum?’ I called out, I heard no response, I peeped through the key hole and it was dark. She must left. I needed to brace up courage and take a bath. I staggered to the adjoining bathroom and as the water from the shower ran through my hair into other parts of of, I wished it could just wash me away too, the entire me.
Minutes later, I mopped my body and wore my school uniform and wear my sandals, there was a soft knock at the door.
They hadn’t left? Oh my God, ‘Edna’ it was a cool voice, whore voice was that? I walked to the door and turned the key twice, I opened the door. Splash! Got water came traveling from the bowl mum held in her hands. Just like in cartoon series, I quickly bowed and turned my side towards her in a movie-like-slow motion.
The look on her face was murderous. As the got liquid washed the outer layer of my right hand, my leg and my side away, fell to the ground with a loud, banging my head on the load. Her revengeful laughter rang on in my ears like a killer before I started drifting away.
I’m gonna die.
I’m gonna die.
I repeated silently as my spirit walked away gently and gradually from my body. I heard the many love bangs at the door ‘Mama Edna’ neighbours called out urgently banging the door.
‘Edna!’ I heard my friend who was neighbour’s maid, Alice call out.
I smiled roughfully, Alice came too late, they came too late. Adieu mon amir, I thought as I slipped into oblivion.
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