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Edna-Episode 3

It felt like the earth was spinning so quick as I saw him removing his trouser leaving only his boxer as he walked towards me with a naughty smirk.
Blood seemed to push into my eyes and nose. “Dad, just kill me, please kill me.” I screamed as he dug his hands into my body. ‘Omo rada rada’ I heard mum say as she walked past the room. She must be on the way to the bathroom, couldn’t she guess what her husband would be doing with a girl blood in the room? Despite the names they called me and the bad reputation they had given me, couldn’t she think deep that I had never raised my hands to beat even Benedicta, talkless of her husband?
“Remove your clothes and let’s pray” I heard dad say but my already heavy head felt dizzy and it became heavier. This couldn’t just be true!
Who do I call on?
Who do I pray to?
Of course not. Not the same Jesus that the Samuel worshiped. “Who is my baby girl?” dad asked. Staring at me with his lustful eyes and when I begged, he laughed devilishly and he looked like a vampire as I beheld him. I was crushed, that was the word to describe how ravished I had become. He covered my mouth with a pillow as he dug at my blouse like a mephistophelian lion. The whole earth ceased moving as I counted my breath slowly as he opened my legs and thrust his **** inside me as pains start wrapping up my abdomen.
I had had really bad days on earth but today was really really worse.
I limped out of the room where my blood had just been shed in pain and agony. I wasn’t crying but tears flowed.
I didn’t have catarrh prior to the beatings before but now, after the forceful intercourse, mucus flowed unstoppably from my nostrils. I was not so surprised that I was maltreated but I was flabbergasted that it could come from the man I thought loved me, the man I called dad, and in that terrible manner I turned to look back at the door and he  wasthere smacking his lips in an ‘I want more manner’. He looked like those hungry blood thirsty vampires and were wolves. My heart was shattered in many pieces. I heard mum’s laughter and I looked towards the bathroom. She had soapy bubbles on her hands as she looked towards me. She was laughing uncontrollably. ‘He has gone to deal with your evil spirit, right?
She laughed on, Evil spirit? Really. . . Was that the only thing she could see? ‘He even broke your legs’ she laughed even harder. Couldn’t she see far beyond that?
What was she whining about?
What was so funny?
Couldn’t she see that I was walking with great difficulty.
Couldn’t she see blood on my cloth? Couldn’t she hear noise from the room wild the deed was being done? Couldn’t she see?
Couldn’t she see that her ‘pastor’ of a husband had just raped me..
Was she that blindly insensitive?
‘I told you that my husband could be more dangerous than I. All his niceness was just a camouflage. He even beats me when I mess up, so who are you?’ she laughed loudly again.
I heard her children’s giggle too.
I turned to continue my seemingly unending journey to my room, feeling the tingling pains in between my legs. As I managed to get inside the room that I shared with Benedicta, I locked the door with finality.
I flung myself to the bed and west frenziedly, what a nightmare as I remembered the things he said as he was thrusting inside me. . ‘I love this, I love that I am the first to you rip you open. I am glad’ he had said like a dramatic fool with such glee. He went on his knees with his fists thrown in the air kick a victorious gladiator in a ring.
I saw it like a CD camera. . . I screamed as if my eyes were being plucked out. I laid on the bed and cried the more as the memories of the five minute thrust haunted me.

To be continued


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