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Cassandra-Episode 42

‘’so what do you think about the two ladies?’’ I suddenly asked mum as we headed to my house minutes after the touching scene with Nora. She shrugged and breathed deeply.

‘’I like Nora very much and you are going to do the right thing with her. As for Cassandra, I really don’t know but she also acts like a nice girl. However your sister isn’t saying the same about her and you know she knows her much better ‘’’ she answered.

‘’I told Cassandra about Nora earlier today. She didn’t break up with me instead understood all I said to her. I really see that girl as a level headed person. Moreover she is very educated and beautiful. She will soon be a doctor and you will be her proud mother in law ’’ I said with a smile, forcing my mum to smile as well. Yes I believed Cassandra’s education was the only thing probably gaining my mother’s respect but then her new found motherly friendship with Nora was something I was intelligent enough not to overlook. At the end I knew I was the one to make the final decision but then in Africa we all know that family support or a mother’s support is very essential in a relationship.

‘’mum you know I couldn’t finish my education because of financial reasons. You also know that I’m ambitious and a good business man. Marrying a doctor will be good for the family and also good for business. I need your support’’ I appealed softly.

‘’supposing Cassandra isn’t educated, would you have noticed her?’’ mum suddenly asked, surprising me with the question.
‘’I really don’t thing you love that girl, because just like you said, you are simply blinded by what she is going to become in future and how good she will be for business’’ she added annoyingly.

‘’come on mum, don’t be like that. I love Cassandra. I know what I feel for her is strong to be called love’’ I defended quickly.

‘’how about Nora, what do you feel for her?’’’ she slowly asked, giving me a quick look. I breathed deeply, keeping quiet for some seconds.

‘’I really can’t answer that easily. I feel many things for Nora. I feel sympathy, respect and admiration but I don’t think I have enough love for her. No I don’t’’ I breathed slowly. My mother shrugged, saying nothing more.

My head really was filled with many thoughts as we silently made the rest of the journey back to my house. I couldn’t help but wonder what mum’s plans were. I couldn’t help but imagine what she could be thinking.


On getting to the gate, I stopped my car , alighted and tried to open the gate. A man instantly appeared from nowhere, taking me by surprise as he grabbed me from behind. My heart instantly stopped with fear.

‘’where is my Cassandra?. Where did you keep her?. Talk to me or I will slit your throat’’ the young man threatened loudly as he softly pierced my neck with the tip of a small knife. I instantly knew the fool trying to scare me was no other person than Edwin. I desperately struggled to free myself while my mother jumped out of the car.

‘’you are taking this too far. Let go of me Edwin’’ I barked, struggling with him.

‘’who is that old woman?, Is she comi8ng to fight me or what?. I guess you have lots of loved ones and yes I will destroy them one by one before killing you. Cassandra is my wife , let her be’’ he threatened, threw me forward towards my mother, and faced us with a defiant posture. The neighborhood was very dark and less busy. The noise also coming from hundreds of generators inside the surrounding buildings greatly added to the noisy evening.

‘’my son are you alright?,who is he and what did he say to you?’’ my mother asked breathlessly while I stared back at her unable to say a word because I was deeply shaken.

There wasn’t any doubt that Edwin could kill me and destroy my family.

‘’ahhhh I see she is your mother. Hmmmmmm’’ Edwin quickly chuckled while I stared suspiciously at him, wondering what his next move would be.

The guy was really, really sick in the head.

To be continued

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