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Cassandra-Episode 41

‘’Cassandra please say something’’

I pleaded miserably my dear Cassandra stood, facing me with a deeply coloured look. I just didn’t know what to make of her silence or what else to say to her. I equally couldn’t help but wonder what was going through her mind that exact moment.

‘’what do you want me to say huh?. How do you expect me to react?. How do you think I feel right now?’’ she suddenly poured out while I stared at her nervously.

‘’I feel so awful, so bad, so surprised, so confused. I’m still in great shock. Believe me no woman will be happy over what you just confessed. Gosh this is so terrible’’ she breathed colouring up more. I stared at her with great fear. I was scared of losing her. I was even scared of breathing.

‘’oh Cassandra’’ I stammered softly, keenly watching her with all my heart and soul. She covered her face for some seconds with her palms, breathing heavily as she probably pondered over everything. I prayed inwardly, begging God to help touch her heart. Cassandra definitely meant everything to me and losing her could destroy the remaining part of my sanity.

‘’okay fine, I believe things happen for a reason. Let’s look towards the brighter side of life’’ she suddenly said, surprising me greatly. I quickly drew close to her, staring deep into her eyes to be sure of what I just heard. She smiled, took a step forward and hugged me strongly, melting my heart with that singular gesture.
‘’I’m willing to make this sacrifice for you and I hope you will reciprocate by making me more happy?’’ she asked softly while I eagerly nodded without thinking.
‘’yes yes yes. For this singular act, I’m willing to do anything for you. I’m willing to do anything you ask for in appreciation. Just name it’’ I breathed with great happiness, breaking free from her to stare into her eyes once again.

‘’that’s okay. I believe we are cool with each other’’ she muttered, rolling her eyes seductively. I breathed deeply, planting a kiss on her forehead.

I really was extremely proud of myself for getting the courage to tell her the truth and equally very happy that things ended in my favor. Cassandra’s action to me was a very great sign that she really was in love with me. She could have walked away but no she stayed put.

‘’oh Cassandra’’ I breathed again and again.


My mum called at exactly 6:30pm, asking me to come over to the hospital which I did without wasting time. The happiness on my face was very obvious that my mother and Nora exchanged quick glances as soon as I showed up at the hospital like a happy school boy.

‘’Nora has been discharged. We have to take her home first’’ mum ordered while I nodded in agreement.

‘’so how are you?’’ I asked Nora who breathed deeply, saying nothing.


Fifteen minutes later, we arrived at Nora’s apartment. Mum stayed behind in the car while I went into the building with Nora and her sister. It really was the only way I could show a little bit of care to the girl who I knew was suffering greatly.

‘’please just take care of yourself and our baby. Please don’t ever over stress yourself again. If it’s about money, I can easily provide your needs. Just be careful okay’’ I pleaded to her when we got to her room. She smiled and nodded.
‘’thanks for your care. I appreciate a lot’’ she breathed and blushed. I drew close and touched her stomach, trying to see if I could feel my baby. She stared at me with surprise before holding my hand and smiling.

‘’you know this is my first time. We are carrying this baby together. I can’t wait to see him’’ I breathed with all sincerity. She simply held my hand, saying nothing.

‘’you are going to be a good mother, that I’m very sure of but as for me I do know that no matter how hard I will try to be there for you and for our child, I will never always be there and he may grow up to hate me’’ I stammered softly, bringing down my gaze and breathing deeply.

‘’you know things really shouldn’t turn out like that. Do you think being with your Cassandra is worth losing the great family we can have together?’’ Nora softly asked, closing the gap between us as threw her body on me. I held her strongly, breathing in her scent and saying nothing for some seconds.

Of course I wanted a happy family. I wanted a great home filled with kids but with my Cassandra and not with Nora even though there wasn’t any doubt that Nora would be a good mother.

I couldn’t get myself to look at her face as I broke free and walked out of the apartment without another word.

To be continued

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