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Cassandra-Episode 35

Getting the courage to visit Nora really wasn’t an easy task. Firstly I definitely had nothing more to say to her than the things I told her in the past. Secondly I knew nothing much would be achieved with it but I had no choice than to drag myself one more time to her house in other to appease my conscience..

‘’why are you here?. What is it that you want to say this time?’’ were the exact questions Nora asked the moment she opened her door to see me standing with a nervous smile on my face. I swallowed hard as I studied her for some seconds before answering.

‘’I came to see you. I came to see how you are faring’’ I breathed, waiting for her to let me into the apartment but it looked as if it was the last thing on her mind because she blocked the door with her body as her eyes searched me curiously.

‘’I’m not dead yet. You can leave now’’ she answered coldly, forcing me to draw closer to her.

‘’please let me in. There are some things I also wish to tell you’’ I begged solemnly, trying my best to look innocent. She hesitated for some seconds before making way for me to come in.

‘’thanks’’ I breathed as I slowly made my way into the apartment, but Instead of sitting down, I turned and faced her, holding her right hand with a quick reflex which surprised her.

‘’Nora’’ I breathed, looking into her eyes. My action kind of took her by surprise. She blushed, looked down for some seconds before raising her beautiful eyes to meet my gaze.

‘’you know whenever you look at me this way; my heart always overflows with happiness. You look like a morning rose smiling to the sun’’ I confessed, making her very uncomfortable with my words. I couldn’t help but see hope in her eyes. Not only hope but wishes. There was this fire of want and desire in her eyes that engulfed me for some seconds. I couldn’t help but imagine what she was thinking that moment.

‘’I really don’t want us to live like enemies or hate each other because of our misunderstandings. No matter what happens, you will still be the mother of my first son. The mother of my first child . It means a lot to me. Yes I’m very serious about it’’ I breathed, feeling her stomach with my left hand. She breathed deeply, her eyes melting with tears.

‘’allow me to support you. Allow me to play the role of a father to my child. Allow me to be by your side’’ I prayed solemnly. She nervously looked at me waiting for more words.

‘’we can start all over as friends. Let’s just be happy with each other. Please for the sake of this little baby’’ I begged, caressing her stomach with great care.

‘’But you are still with Cassandra?’’ she quietly asked while I nodded in agreement.
‘’you always torture me whenever you visit. You always wound me with all these things you do. Please let me be. Allow me to heal my wounds and move on with my life. You know I can never be happy seeing you with another woman. As long as you are still with your Cassandra don’t ever come here to disturb my peace. Let me be. I can’t just act as if I’m fine with what you are doing. So please just go. Leave me alone. I’m hurting’’ she poured out, pushed me backwards and made to walk away but I quickly grabbed her, drawing her to my body and hugging her tightly as I breathed in the scent of her hair.

‘’I know. Yes I do understand but what can I do?. My heart is with Cassandra but I equally feel something for you. We have something in common which you know. We are also having a baby together and I believe things happen for a reason. Perhaps I don’t just know what I want but the last thing on my mind is letting you bear the pain of having this child alone’’ I whispered to her, deeply shaken with emotions.

 Yes I really felt something for her but it wasn’t as strong as what I felt for my Cassandra, nevertheless I had a duty to play in my child’s life. I equally knew Nora would be a great mother.

‘’how about Cassandra, does she know about my pregnancy?’’ she suddenly asked.

‘’no she doesn’t know yet, but I will definitely tell her at the right time’’ I answered.

‘’this isn’t just the life I wished for myself. This just isn’t the life I want for my child. I can’t bear seeing you living with another woman and coming here every day to see my son’’ she cried, her body shook with great grieve. I held unto her strongly, not risking setting her free in that state. I just didn’t know what to say to sooth her and I couldn’t even tell if my visit did more harm than good to her.

Just that moment, her little sister walked in and froze with surprise as she saw us holding each other. She stared at us with disbelief before smiling.

‘’dear big sister, this is the time to fight for your man. You can’t just let another woman win over your happiness. You have to fight’’ she bravely said without reservation while Nora broke free from me, wiped her eyes and stared at her sister with a deeply colored face.

To be continued

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