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Cassandra-Episode 30

‘’anyway relax bro, I’m not here to fight you, rather I’m here to discuss things with you’’ the young lawyer suddenly added, forcing out a smile that made me relax a bit. Nevertheless I still stared at him suspiciously, wondering the type of game he was trying to play with me.
‘’before I continue , you should know that Nora has no hand in this meeting. She clearly kicked against it but I had to force her into giving me your details. Nora means a lot to me. I’m much more than a cousin to her. Her problems are equally mine and I wont take it kindly with anyone hurting or causing harm to her happiness’’ he said calmly, stopping to see if his words were registering. I kept my eyes on him, not blinking even for a second.

‘’I was with Nora yesterday and believe me, she is just a shadow of herself. She is suffering in silence. Her heart is totally broken, thanks to you. Seriously I’m very unhappy with you. I’m not here right now as a lawyer but as someone who wants his sister’s happiness. Why are you doing this to her?. Don’t tell me you don’t love her please. I know it’s about the new girl in your life. Yes she told me everything about Cassandra and i came to the conclusion that you probably abandoned her because you felt she doesn’t deserve a man like you. You felt her level in society doesn’t meet up to your taste?’’ he went on and on, throwing me around with his words. I never said a word until he was done.
‘’you know at first I thought all you wanted to do was to threaten me but I’m happy you are matured enough to know that things don’t work that way. You see Nora and I were never in a relationship. Yes we were close to each other but as neighbors and nothing else. It was unfortunate that a night of careless abandon ended the way it did. I never denied her pregnancy. I even offered to assist but no she wont hear of it. Nora wants us to be together as a couple and nothing else, something that can never happen because I’m in love with someone else. I’m so sorry for being so plain and honest with you’’ I muttered seriously. The young lawyer stared at me silently. The look on his face clearly showed that he was disappointed with my reply.
‘’Nora is a great woman, no doubt. She will make a good wife and mother but I don’t feel strongly or feel the way I feel for Cassandra towards her. You got to understand please’’ I begged desperately.

‘’how are you sure the love Cassandra has for you is greater than that of Nora’s?. have you tested Cassandra for once?. You see one thing we guys don’t know is that it Is better to move on with a woman whose love is greater than ours than moving on with a woman whose love is way much lower than ours. Think of it bro. Think of it. Nora needs you , here is her new house address’’ he said softly, fetched a pen and a piece of paper from his pocket and wrote than Nora’s new address which he gave to me.

‘’I want us to be friends and the only way it can happen is by you getting back to Nora. I have many ways to go around things but I pray this issue ends well between us’’ he said with a cold smile, shook hands with me and got up, leaving me with my imaginations.


I had great urge to drive over to Nora’s new apartment to surprise her with a visit but after thinking about it for some minutes I decided to go home instead. I just couldn’t imagine how my Cassandra was feeling after being left alone on a Sunday when we were supposed to be together.

I hurriedly drove home, forming an apology In my mind as I drove. My Cassandra was someone I couldn’t afford to hurt and I kept checking my watch as I cursed and speed home.


On getting to my compound, I spotted Cassandra in front of the gate seriously arguing with a young man whose dressing portrayed as a rough person or should i say a rough student. The young man was on black jean trouser, black top and a black face cap, also probably in his mid twenties.

Quickly parking my car, I rushed forward to see what was happening. I drew back Cassandra and stared at her with great worry.

‘’whats happening my dear?, what going on?’’ I asked but she couldn’t answer, instead nervously looked down.

‘’so you are the guy huh?. You are the old man deceiving my Cassandra?’’ the young man suddenly barked, drawing out a pen-knife from his pocket as he advanced towards me murderously.

To be continued

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