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Cassandra-Episode 26

‘’Cassandra’’ I breathed with great surprise, staring at the girl before me with disbelief. Of course she was the last person i was expecting to see that day. I couldn’t imagine what made her come back.

‘’Yes I changed my mind. I’m back’’ she said with a smile while studying me with her eyes as she waited for me to let her in.

‘’so what’s up, seems like you are not happy to see me or what?. You look so tensed?’’ she asked as I made way for her to enter the sitting room. I forced out a smile saying nothing.

‘’hmmmm I don’t understand you’’
 she murmured, freezing with surprise as she saw Chinedu who quickly stood up with a smile.
‘’wow I’m really glad to see you, welcome’’ Chinedu greeted politely, leaving a smile on her face before facing me.

‘’I have to go brother. We will continue our discussion tomorrow’’ he said, shook hands with me and left, leaving Cassandra and I all alone.


I stared at Cassandra for some seconds, not knowing what to say to her. A part of me wanted me to confront her over the pictures in her phone while another part of me kicked against it. But the surprising thing of it all was that I still felt something for her. The pictures I saw never affected my feelings greatly, all it did was just to create a little doubt in my heart. A doubt which a well made explanation could easily erase .

‘’what’s up with you?. You are acting so strange. Are you not happy to see me?’’ Cassandra asked again, breaking my thoughts. I silently fetched a glass of water which I drank before sitting beside her.

‘’Cassandra my love. I do love you very much. I’m very willing to do a lot more for you and In return I need your full love, support, respect and faithfulness. I know I’m no saint but my conscience is very clear when it comes to you. I expect the same from you. Tell me, do you love me with all your heart?’’ I asked curiously, expecting an honest answer from her. My heart pounded furiously in expectation and fear. Yes I really needed an honest answer from her but I equally was scared of hearing a negative reply.

She breathed deeply, leaving her eyes on me for some seconds before looking down.

‘’you want an honest answer?’’ she asked, leaving me very nervous with the question.

‘’love isn’t a one day thing. It’s a continuous process. Yes I like you. Yes I’m slowly growing fond of you. Yes my feelings for you are developing strongly. Yes I wont do anything to hurt you. Yes I can do unimaginable things for you. I don’t know If all these put together can be termed love. Maybe it Is, Maybe it isn’t. Love is really something I’m still to get a clear definition of.’’ She muttered, taking me aback with her answer. I really wasn’t expecting an answer like that and I must confess, I really was confused and relieved at the same time.

‘’well I’m glad you feel something for me’’ I breathed, fetching out her phone from my pocket. Her eyes instantly fell on it, growing dim with surprise.

‘’I picked your phone and saw pictures I never expected to see’’ I muttered with great pain.

‘’pictures?. What did you see?’’ she asked, acting surprised. I switched on the phone, opened the picture gallery and showed her the pictures one after the other.

‘’so what do you have to say?’’ I asked when we got to the last picture. She shook her head and laughed coldly.

‘’I cant believe you acting like a little boy. What’s wrong with the pictures huh?. The first picture was taken in a friend’s birthday party. Yes a guy was carrying me in the picture but that’s students life. It was just a picture pose and nothing more. The second picture where a guy was spoon-feeding me was taken in a hostel party organized for new students. The last four pictures were taken when we did our departmental award night in a hotel. I’m really so annoyed right now. I cant believe you went through my phone just to search for my pictures. You see that’s something I’m scared of in this relationship. I don’t think we are even compatible. Your reasoning and mine is not the same. I guess you have already concluded in your mind that I’m a cheat. So there is no need staying here or explaining anything’’ she fired angrily, grabbed her phone and bag , stood up and headed to the door.

I couldn’t believe my ears, i couldn’t believe the things I just heard her say.

In her anger she threw out her mind and said how she really felt about me but instead of taking a clue from it, I blamed myself instead. I felt I was wrong to judge her with mere pictures which never really portrayed anything indecent in respect with our modern day society. My heart was really heavy with regret and I couldn’t afford letting her leave the second time.

‘’’I’m sorry my love. I’m really sorry for judging you wrongly’’ I quickly apologized, stopping her with my words. She turned and faced me, searching my eyes as if she really wasn’t just sure of my words.

There wasn’t any doubt she was scared of losing me and I felt it was a great attribute of love.

”My love’’ I breathed once again as we hugged each other tightly.

To be continued

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