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Cassandra-Episode 25

‘’come on Cassandra dear. This isn’t the right way to display your anger?’’ I stammered, trying my best to make her have a rethink. She sighed and continued with what she was doing, leaving me with no choice than to reach forward and grab her from behind.

‘’I’m so sorry about last night. I’m really sorry. I promise to make it up for you. Just relax please.’’ I pleaded desperately. She shook herself off me, grabbed her bag and faced me defiantly.

‘’I’m leaving . my mind is made. I owe you no explanation, no nothing’’ she breathed and headed to my sitting room while I ran after her like a terrified child. Of course I was extremely terrified and scared. I have never experienced such attitude from a woman in my entire life. I just didn’t know what to do or how to pacify her.

Her body language clearly showed that she was very serious with what she was doing.

‘’Cassandra my love. Don’t leave me in such manner. You are breaking my heart. Please just calm down and let’s talk things through. I beg of you’’ I desperately pleaded as she grabbed the knob of the exit door. She hesitated for some seconds, giving me the opportunity to get closer and hold her bag.

‘’this isn’t the way a responsible and well mannered lady like you should act. I’m very close to being your husband. I can even start the marriage rites from tomorrow if you permit me. Why are so being so uptight and unforgiving?. Is it a crime to love. Is it a crime to love you so unconditionally?. You are taking this too far’’ I pleaded one last time. She stared at me for some seconds, for the first time appearing a bit indecisive.

I couldn’t believe the whole scene was real. It was very shameful and disheartening seeing a big boy like me begging like a street tout. That was exactly how low love brought me, yet the girl before me was still unforgiving and indecisive.

‘’just calm down Dave. Allow me to go and think thinks through. You will hear from me tonight or tomorrow morning’’ she finally muttered before disappearing unceremoniously, leaving me so uncertain of the future.

‘’oh Cassandra’’ I moaned as I dragged myself to my room with a very broken spirit. I just didn’t know what to think or believe. Cassandra’s action clearly showed that she was yet to fall in love me .

‘’supposing she is in love with me, she wouldn’t have reacted this way’’ I reasoned with regret as I remembered Nora.


I was busy comparing Cassandra with Nora when my eyes fell on a Nokia phone lying on the floor. The phone instantly got my attention because it wasn’t mine, neither have I seen Cassandra with it. I curiously picked it up and examined it.

The phone was switched off and with little effort I switched it on , checking the files in it which soon led me to the picture gallery. I saw Cassandra pictures which instantly settled my doubts as I came to the conclusion that she must have dropped the phone when she was packing her things when we were arguing. But instead of dropping the phone, I continued checking the pictures in it and soon got to the pictures that shocked me.

I saw pictures of Cassandra in numerous bad postures with different guys and the more I went through the pictures, the more angry I got.

There was no unclad picture in the phone but then the way and indiscriminate manner she posed with guys in the pictures, clearly showed that she wasn’t the saint she was claiming to be. There wasn’t any doubt in my mind anymore that all my sister told me was true. Cassandra was definitely living a double life.


I just didn’t know how to take the things I saw her do with guys in the pictures. Perhaps supposing I passed through the university it wouldn’t have been a new thing to me. But I never attended a university and the pictures really were so horrible and disgusting to be discarded easily.

I picked up my phone and called Chinedu, inviting him over to my house but unfortunately he told me that he was engaged that morning and promised to show up in the evening.

I had no choice than to wallow in self misery. I couldn’t even go out nor do anything. My heart was just so bitter and heavy. It really was by God’s grace that I was able to survive till when Chinedu showed up by 5pm.


I wasted no time in showing my friend the pictures. He smiled as he went through the files and when he was done, gave me back the phone which I switched off and threw in my pocket.

‘’so what do you think?’’ I asked with a heavy mind, but before he could answer, the door bell rang, leaving us with no choice than to suspend the discussion while I headed to the door to check who rang the bell.

It turned out to be no other person than Cassandra.

Oh Cassandra.

To be continued

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