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Cassandra-Episode 23

‘’let go of me please. I don’t know the game you are trying to play right now. What is wrong with you?’’ Nora breathed, breaking away from me.

‘’let’s talk thinks over. At least give me the location or name of the place you are moving to?’’ I stammered , drawing close to her once again. She quickly drew back , shaking her head.

‘’hey this ends right now. Go back to your apartment and let me be. Cant you see that i’m busy?. Please allow me to concentrate’’ she said with a raised tone which kind of kept me in check. I took no further step towards her.

‘’fine, now turn and leave me in peace’’ she added, backed me and continued with what she was doing before I walked in. I simply stood and silently watched her, clueless on what exactly to say or do next. I really didn’t want her to leave neither did I want her to stay. In fact I really wasn’t in control of my feelings neither did i know what i actually wanted from her.

I simply stayed back till she finally packed out of the apartment an hour later, leaving with a part of me I knew I would never recover.


My mind was empty and hollow as I nervously waited for Cassandra to show up. I desperately needed her company. I badly needed her presence in order to overcome the pain of seeing Nora leave with sadness in her eyes. I just couldn’t stop thinking of Nora nor stop her image from appearing in my head.
 I finally had to take few shots of whiskey to calm my nerves.
Yes I just wasn’t myself that fateful Friday evening.


Cassandra showed up at exactly 8pm looking so hot and sharp in her denim jeans and blue top. She was all smiles as she gave me her usual heart warming hug .

‘’I’m so sorry for coming late. I had lots of things to do in school’’ she explained as she noticed how colored up I was.

‘’what’s wrong?. You don’t look so well?’’ she asked curiously. I forced out a smile .

‘’i’m just so stressed up, my dear.’’ I stammered softly..


We ended up having a quick dinner before retiring to the bedroom. I really had lots of things to ask her but felt it was wise leaving everything for the next day. All I wanted was just to enjoy her company and make love to her. Having her in my arms was the only way to get Nora out of my head. Moreover I equally had tried, putting up with her for this long without tasting her delicious apple.


I kept tossing on the bed as I thought of the best approach to use in making love to Cassandra. I really was so h---y and desperately in need of sex. Her tempting shape equally wasn’t helpful as I battled with my mind.

‘’Cassandra my love’’ I breathed as I slowly closed in on her.she quickly sat up and stared at me suspiciously.

‘’what is it?’’ she asked curiously. I sat up and held her hand.

‘’’tell me what do you feel when I touch you?’’ I asked.

‘’I don’t understand’’ she muttered slowly.

‘’’do you feel anything when i touch you?’’ I pushed on.

‘’please let’s sleep, I’m very tired’’ I heard her say. But without another word, I held her face strongly, planting a kiss on her lips. She instantly drew back like a scared virgin.

‘’I want to make love to you. I want to be inside you. I want to feel you’’ I opened up courageously while she gasped with disbelief.

‘’I thought we agreed on leaving anything concerning sex till marriage?. Why are you bringing up such topic now. I’m so tired please. If you disturb me one more time, I will leave this room for you’’ she threatened vehemently, shocking me with her cold attitude. I instantly felt very bad.
With deep pain, i came to the conclusion that she certainly had no sexual attraction or should i say feelings for me. It wasn’t the first, second nor third time we were sleeping together, yet nothing. Not even a hot romance. All the things my sister fed me about her slowly came into my head.

‘’should I sleep or are you still bent on disturbing me?’’ she asked to know her position.

‘’you are not a virgin. Are you?’’ I asked , surprising her with the question.

‘’I have met your family. I sponsor you in everything. I’m ready to do much more for you. You very much know my intentions are genuine. Why then are you bent of starving me of the only thing that can solidify our relationship?. I know for a fact that you are not a virgin. I equally have heard stories about you. Yet I shut my heart to the stories and still stayed with you. Anyway it’s all well. There isn’t any need leaving. I will leave the room for you to enjoy your sleep’’ I breathed and stood up to leave.

I meant every word i said to her. I said everything with a clear head and even though I opened up my feelings bravely. I wasn’t really leaving the room with a brave heart but with a failed spirit. I badly needed the sex and I couldn’t afford spending one more night with her without it. Moreover it wasn’t as if she was a virgin or a religious girl.

‘’you don’t have to leave Dave. Fine lets do it’’ I heard her say as I headed towards the door. I couldn’t believe my ears…

To be continued

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