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Cassandra-Episode 22

‘’come on what’s up with you?. What’s up with the face?’’ I asked curiously while Chinedu sat up and offered her his chair. My sister stared at me for some seconds before shaking her head softly.

‘’it’s really a pity that you are about losing a noble woman for a worthless girl. I can’t help but weep for you. You are about losing a lady with a good heart. Nora talked me and yes she won me over to her side. I really don’t know if Cassandra is worth the sacrifice you are making. Don’t tell me you feel nothing for Nora. Don’t tell me the thing you had with her was just sex and nothing else?. Don’t tell me you are putting class and power over your happiness?’’ she poured out emotionally, making me very uncomfortable with her question. I scratched my head, saying nothing.

‘’Nora is very serious about moving on with her life. And She’s moving on with the greatest gift of it all. Your baby. Your first blood.” she added, stopping for a few seconds to study my reaction.

” I tried convincing her to be on my side. To be patient and stick with me but no she isn’t ready to bring herself too low fighting for a man who doesn’t love her. Take a deep breathe big brother and think about your future and happiness. A bird in hand is worth more than a thousand flying within your reach. I’m leaving but you should know that Nora is a good lady. She is the woman you are supposed to fight for and not Cassandra. Im leaving bro’’ she poured out, grabbed her bag and walked away.

‘’I hope you knew what you did when you told your sister the truth about Nora?. This isn’t an open secret anymore. Your family may soon get involved in the whole drama’’ Chinedu said immediately after my sister left.


The rest of the day really was awfully bad for me. I couldn’t concentrate on anything nor think properly. Chinedu equally wasn’t helpful, instead added to the tension I was already feeling by coming up with a hundred and one theories of what could happen if I abandon Nora and stick with Cassandra, without even knowing how his words were hurting me.
Later in the night I called Cassandra, to hear her voice and ease out the tension in me. Her voice was one of the things that always had a way of calming my nerves.

‘’hi dear what’s up?’ she greeted happily.

‘’fine my love . i’m so stressed up’’ I confessed.

‘’hmmm , oh no. hope you have eaten for the night?’’ she asked.

‘’yes but what I want is to be with you right now. I’m so lonely. Maybe I should come over to your hostel tomorrow’’ I breathed, expecting her to give a positive answer but she killed my spirit by declining.

‘’no dear, there isn’t any need coming. I can come over on Friday to be with you. Isn’t it better?’’ she asked quickly.

‘’it’s cool but I equally want to know where you live . I just want to know every little detail about you’’ I pushed on expecting her to understand. She instead kept quiet for some seconds before answering.

‘’there isn’t any need for you visiting my school. I don’t understand what you meant by knowing every little detail about me. Anyway I will show up on Friday. So do prepare for me’’ she replied slowly , leaving me with no choice than to swallow my words and accept her choice.
‘’fine, I will wait for you on Friday’’ I breathed and hung up..


Friday soon arrived with a very calm weather. The atmosphere was just cool all through the day with little sunshine and no rain. A very good business day.

I headed home by 4pm in order to be at home when my Cassandra shows up. I whistled happily as I drove through the light traffic to my home. Of course i was happy and excited.

On reaching the gate to my compound , I was surprised to see a big truck loaded with furniture and household appliances. I couldn’t help but wonder who was parking out of the compound as alighted from my car curiously.

On getting close to my flat, I saw Nora’s sister carrying a big leather bag and heading towards the truck. I quickly blocked her.

‘’hey what’s going on?’’ I asked breathlessly.

‘’we are parking out. We are moving to new apartment’’ she answered rudely and walked past me. Her answer kind of left a hole in my heart. I instantly felt uneasy and forced myself to Nora’s apartment to see her busy arranging some household stuffs.
‘’Nora ‘’ I breathed, unable to make out what next to say. She quickly turned to face me as soon as she heard my voice.

‘’why are you here?. Cant you see I’m busy?’’ she asked coldly.
‘’yes I see you are busy parking your things. But why’’ I asked softly, drawing close to hold her. She stared at me silently for some seconds as she felt my touch.
‘’I’m leaving. I don’t want my baby to have anything to do with you nor grow up in this environment. It’s better for us, we stay far away from each other. This is goodbye. You will never see me again’’’ she said seriously , leaving me shaking with great feelings.

‘’no please. Let’s straighten things out’’ I stammered without knowing when I said such words. I really was supposed to be happy that she was leaving for good. That she was disappearing from my life but I just don’t know what made me feel so bad. So very bad.

‘’no lets straightnen things out’’. I stammered again, clasping her cheeks with my palms..

To be continued

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