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Cassandra-Episode 20

‘’come on Nora, you shouldn’t be worked up over my question’’ I pleaded as she pushed me out of her apartment. On a very good day I would have stood me ground and stopped her from pushing me violently but I knew better than to act In such way.

‘’don’t ever disturb my peace again. I beg of you’’ she screamed at me as she shut her apartment entrance door on my face. I stood outside for a moment, clueless on what next to do.

‘’Nora please be civil. Let us talk’’ I pleaded as I knocked on the door once again.

‘’leave me David. Go away. I don’t want to see you ever again’’ she screamed from inside.


After knocking for some minutes , I picked up myself and returned to my apartment to continue my thinking session from where i stopped earlier. Supposing she had at least answered my question I would have known the direction to focus my thoughts on.

‘’dear Lord. I need a way.please open my eyes. Lead me to the right path’’ I prayed miserably.


I had a very sleepless night. I couldn’t even sleep for an hour and the next day I headed to my shop with a very weak body. Chinedu was the first to check up on me the moment he noticed I was around.

‘’so what’s up?’’ he asked, expecting a story. I shrugged and breathed deeply..

‘’my brother Nora threw me out of her house the moment I popped the question. She couldn’t even tell me if she is pregnant or not, talk more of discussing anything with me. I’m so totally confused. What if this is a ploy to get me confused and make me lose focus in my relationship with Cassandra?. What if this is part of her revenge?. Tell me is there any reason why a sane lady wont tell the guy who got her pregnant about her pregnancy before spreading the news outside. I just feel so empty’’ I poured out my frustration and feelings to my friend who nodded with great understanding.

‘’I do understand how you feel right now brother. Of course she has every right to tell you the truth unless maybe she isn’t pregnant after all or perhaps you aren’t responsible for the pregnancy. You know at first I thought maybe she was scared of telling you about it but now it seems to me that she has something up her sleeves. Though I’m really surprised because Nora looks like a level-headed girl to me. I think I should talk to her. I believe she will talk to me’’ he suddenly offered while I shook my head.

‘’no no no. this is my problem and I will handle it myself’’ I breathed strongly..


By 8pm that Monday evening, I once again made my way to Nora’s apartment. Yes I looked brave on the outside but deep within, I was nervous.

Nora soon opened the door to see me standing at her doorpost. She drew back with surprise. She just couldn’t believe her eyes.

‘’I thought I told you not to disturb me again?’’ she fired instantly while I nodded pleadingly.

‘’yes I know but please listen to me. Two wrongs cant make a right. Don’t be like me. Don’t be clouded or let your feelings speak for you. I beg of you’’ I pleaded with all my heart, melting her mind with my plea which touched her a great deal. Her face changed as she stared at me with sympathy.

‘’okay yes I’m pregnant and the baby is yours. The baby is the result of our first time together and that night still means a lot to me. I’m keeping the baby and I will raise him all alone. I will never disturb nor ask you for anything. Just see him as a parting gift you left me.So don’t be scared about anything. Enjoy your life with Cassandra. I’m not a woman who will force a man on myself. So you are free just like you have always been. Good night. I just pray Cassandra makes you happy, just like God is making me happy’’ she poured out and shut the door on my face, not giving me a chance to say a word.

Oh dear and I would have told her a lot of things that very evening supposing she gave me the chance. Yes I’m a very strong guy but I headed to my room after her speech with tears in my eyes.

There wasn’t any doubt Nora was a wondrous and virtuous lady. She plainly was sacrificing her own happiness and dreams just for me to be free and happy, something I never expected from a lady like her and that probably was the reason she failed telling me about her pregnancy .

To be continued

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