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Cassandra-Episode 19

‘’this is unbelievable. D--n’’ I breathed, standing up with great frustration. Chinedu silently watched me for some seconds, breathed deeply and shrugged.
‘’by the look of things, it seems all of Nora’s friends are already aware of this. I heard she isn’t hiding her condition nor ashamed of it. I just had to let you know about it because I know you wont be happy with me if I should keep such news away from you and you later discover it’’ he summarized while I shook my head with great wonder. The news was just too odd to be true. I only slept with Nora once moreover supposing I was the person responsible for her pregnancy she would have told me first before any other person.

‘’no this isn’t real’’ I stammered nervously.

‘’well I have done my part, believing it or not is your own cup of tea’’ Chinedu added, standing up to leave. I quickly sensed that my reaction was annoying him.
‘’come on bro, where are you going?, don’t tell me you have started going to Church’’ I joked, leaving a smile on his face.

‘’i’m not doubting the credibility of the news. It’s just that i’m shocked. Why hasn’t she breathed a word about it to me?’’ I asked my friend who simply shrugged.

‘’what do I do now?. Do I have to sit and wait or should I confront her?’’ I asked curiously.

‘’well if i’m in your position, I will definitely confront her, to know the truth. Though I will have to be very diplomatic with it. You know women are very sensitive, moreover your relationship with Nora is a strange one’’he answered. I rubbed my face with frustration. I instantly regretted sleeping with Nora.

‘’what will be the fate of my relationship with Cassandra if this news turns out to be true?’’ I wondered with great fear. I just was totally confused and scared.

‘’but supposing this is true, why will Nora keep it away from me?’’ I asked Chinedu once again.

‘’well it could be that she is scared of telling you about it or maybe she doesn’t want you to have anything to do with her baby since you don’t want her in your life. Besides you know she is is very comfortable and independent.’’ He answered intelligently.

‘’I will take your advise of confronting her. I need to know the truth’’ I stammered anxiously.

‘’so what if the baby is truly yours. What will you do?’’ he asked curiously.

‘’I don’t know brother. I don’t just know. The lady I want to be with is Cassandra. I’m so scared and confused right now’’ I confessed.

‘’I think you should do the right thing and confirm the truth from Nora first, afterwards we can figure out something’’ he advised, leaving me with a little hope.


Chinedu left my apartment after staying with me for about an hour. I was left all alone to struggle with my thoughts. My head was just filled with lots of strange thoughts, yet I couldn’t figure out a d--n solution or way to how handle the situation if eventually the pregnancy story turns out to be true. I was in this state of mind till 2pm when I summoned up the courage to head to Nora’s apartment.

I walked to Nora’s apartment with prayers on my lips.Of course there was no way to know what to expect from the poor girl. I very much knew i did her wrong but then it wasn’t entirely my fault and it was good things ended the way it did between us.

I nervously knocked on the door, uncertain of what to expect. So scared and shaken i was. The door soon opened to reveal Nora who froze with surprise on seeing me. I quickly forced out a smile, trying me best to appear calm.

”hmmm what a surprise” Nora breathed curiously, searching me with her eyes.

”please can i come in?” i asked politely. She drew back and let me in.

Walking into the apartment, i turned and faced her, carefully taking me time to study her appearance. There wasn’t any doubt she added a little weight. she appeared bigger than she used to be, even though i couldn’t make out her real shape because she was putting on a native gown.
”now cut the suspense and tell me what brought you here?” she asked seriously, taking a step towards me. I breathed deeply and hesitated for a second.
”come on what brought you here?”‘ she demanded again.

”i really don’t know how to say this. I apologize if it sounds offensive but i have been hearing rumors that you are pregnant and i just want to know if it is true?” i nervously asked, leaving the girl before me extremely furious. My question sent a great wave of anger over her. She instantly pounced on me, pushing me out of her apartment with great force.

”what an insult. I cant believe my ears. So you just came to my apartment after four months of avoiding me to ask if I’m pregnant. Are you blind or dumb?.. What an attitude. Get out” She screamed at me like she had never done in her life.

I really felt so bad over her reaction but unbelievably i kind of felt a strange sensation as she laid her hands on me that very afternoon. The feeling was something i just can’t describe but i had no doubt she was actually carrying my baby.

To be continued

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