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Cassandra-Episode 16

The look on everyone’s face as I led Cassandra into our old sitting room was quite revealing . The smile on my parents face made me proud and happy, my brothers equally nodded in admiration but my little sister simply stared at us as if she couldn’t believe what she was seeing, leaving me a bit worried with her shocked expression. I instantly regretted not carrying her along and letting her know on time about my relationship with Cassandra. Moreover the girl in question was no other person than her school mate and friend.

However my failure in telling my sister anything concerning my relationship with Cassandra was firstly because she was my junior in every aspect and I couldn’t bring myself to discuss such issue with her even though as a married woman I wasn’t supposed to be seeing her as a kid anymore but i still did.

‘’Cassandra!’’ my shocked sister finally exclaimed, leaving my parents more surprised and curious.

‘’you know her?’’ my mother quickly asked. She nodded quietly.

‘’yea she is my school mate and friend but I’m just surprised because I never suspected nor excepted to see her with my brother’’ she quickly answered.
‘’well I wanted it to be a surprise to everyone’’ I intelligently cut In, smiling as i tightened my grip on Cassandra who looked a bit nervous…

”wow such a beautiful girl. welcome to the family” my dad smartly added, killing the little tension in the room.

We all relaxed as everyone finally accepted and treated Cassandra as a member of the family, apart from my sister who still behaved strangely.


Cassandra spent close to four hours with us, charming everyone with her behavior and manners. My parents quickly fell in love with her, same as my brothers who congratulated me in securing the heart of a very educated and sophisticated girl.

My sister was the only person whose cold attitude disturbed me. She simply kept to herself and only spoke when spoken to. I really couldn’t pick out what made her so cold and gloomy, a behavior she wasn’t used to. I equally was more disturbed due to the fact that Cassandra was her friend. A girl who equally attended her marriage ceremony the previous year.

My sister’s behavior really disappointed me and it was with utmost restraint that I held myself from pouring out my frustration on her.

Cassandra on the other hand, pretended not to notice my Sister’s behavior, instead acted so cool and mature like a very good actress, impressing me a great deal.


‘’ I hope you will visit us as often as possible. I cant believe I have gotten fond of you in such a short time” mum begged as Cassandra got ready to leave. She smiled gracefully,

‘’yes of course, I will always visit to see you. I feel so happy being here with you’’ she answered sweetly. My mother hugged her happily.

‘’such a wonderful lady she is. Hmmmm she’s lovely’’ I overheard dad say as I escorted Cassandra out of the house.
I was a happy man. So fulfilled and contented.

‘’thank you for making me a happy man. I just cant describe how I feel right now. Listen, from this moment you will be my responsibility, my sole responsibility. You made me happy and proud. You will never lack a thing. You deserve all the good things in the world’’ I promised my beauty queen as soon as we were all alone in my car. She beamed with joy, smiling deeply as she reached out with her hand to touch my cheek.

‘’come on why are you being overly nice?. It’s not as if I did something extra ordinary. Your family were very nice to me and that made my visit so memorable’’ she replied like an innocent little girl. I stared deep into her eyes with so much love.

To me Cassandra was everything. Pure, beautiful, awesome, sophisticated and polished. My love for her kind of increased with every passing minute.

‘’but your sister. She’s my friend but there is no doubt she isn’t happy seeing me with you. The reason for such behavior, Is what i don’t know’’ she added, looking down like someone who just received a terrible punch on the face. I slowly held her hand.

‘’I will talk to my sister. She’s a small girl’’ I murmured nervously with a fast pounding heart. She breathed deeply and raised up her face.

‘’well it’s very common. Most girls don’t like seeing their friends hanging out with their brothers. It’s quite understandable’’ she breathed.

‘Please say nothing more” i begged, clasping her hands.


I finally dropped Cassandra off at the village motor park where she took a bus heading back to Owerri. I returned to meet my sister waiting for me in front of our house. But before I could even say a word, she surprisingly confronted me, leaving me extremely shocked and stunned.
‘’come on big bro, what the the hell are you doing with Cassandra?, of all the girls in the world, you picked Cassandra. Are you so blind?, cant you see she is so fake?. What did she do to you?’’ she asked, grabbing my right hand strongly.

‘’you know, I don’t just get you. If there is anything you need me to know about Cassandra better spit it out now?’’ I barked, drawing the attention of everyone in the house as I stared down on my sister, expecting an answer…

To be continued

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