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Cassandra-Episode 15

‘’one more thing my dear’’ Cassandra prayed, drawing closer to me. I stared at her curiously, wondering what else she wanted to say.

‘’we wont be seeing each other again till after my exams. I will be very busy with school stuff once I get back to school in two days time, moreover our exams are very tough, and….’’ She tried to explain, but I instantly stopped her, placing a finger on her lips.
‘’I understand dear, no need to explain. Just study hard , your education matters a lot to me. I believe before the last week of march your exams will be over’’ I said softly while she nodded happily.

‘’yes, thanks for understanding and have a safe journey’’ she added sweetly…..


I returned to my apartment a very happy man. All the pains and bad feelings I had the previous day all disappeared. I hoped for best. I prayed for the best. I prayed for a happy ending.

I just couldn’t wait to start up the necessary marriage talks with Cassandra’s family. Easter was even too far to wait for.

Chinedu was extremely surprised when I told him about the trip the next day, of course he never believed Cassandra was going to take me to her home and never hid his surprise and feelings after i narrated everything to him.

‘’hmmmm my guy, I just don’t know what to say anymore. With the way things are, I think she sincerely likes you’’ he ended up saying.

‘’I plan taking Cassandra to see my family this coming Easter. By November , I will start up marriage talks and by December our wedding plans and ceremony will be fixed and ready. I just have to work more hard and make more money bro’’ I opened up to my friend.

‘’hmmm you are really serious brother. I guess it’s time I start making my own plans’’ he joked.

‘’no bro don’t start making plans for the future, continue playing around. By the time you finally get ready to get married my first daughter will be your bridesmaid’’ I joked back, leaving him laughing hard.


The rest of the month was totally uneventful. I concentrated on my business and worked extra hard to make something more out of it. Cassandra never visited like she said , but we spoke on phone every day. I really had nothing against the girl nor did she act in any way to make me doubtful nor suspicious of her movements, though we really were far from each other which made it impossible to watch her like I would have wanted .

Nora on her own part stayed away from me, she never checked up on me neither did I ask of her, however as neighbors we ran into each other occasionally.

March slowly sped by, leaving me more excited and hopeful with each passing day. I just couldn’t wait for Easter to arrive. I just couldn’t wait to introduce Cassandra to my family. I even had to tell all siblings and parents to get ready to meet the lady I was bringing home for them on Easter. I had to ask my siblings, including my sister who got married the previous year to come home for the major event. Of course it was to be a very big occasion in my family, the first time I was bringing home a lady.


Slowly the month of march wrapped up , leaving me high with excitement and expectation. Cassandra surprised me with a visit on Monday afternoon, just six days before Easter Sunday. I really wasn’t expecting to see her and due to that wasn’t at home when she called. I had to direct her to my shop.

She showed up with her travel bag and a big nylon bag she held with her left hand, breathing heavily.

At first glance, I thought she was coming to stay with me till the D day which made me more happy and excited but after welcoming her, she told me she was on her way home for the holiday but just stopped by to surprise me, dashing my hopes with the explanation.

At the end of the day, she ended up leaving with ten thousand naira, which was the amount she needed in fixing her hair, sewing a new cloth and for her transportation to my home town on Easter Sunday…


I returned to my village on Saturday evening to be with my family and wait for Cassandra’s appearance. My sister tried to force me into describing how the person they were all expecting looked like but I had to keep everyone in suspense till Sunday afternoon when Cassandra arrived leaving everyone breathless.

My sister was completely dumbstruck and overwhelmed as she

saw my beauty Queen who equally was her friend walk into the house with a graceful smile.

To be continued

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